Rothschild’s Reassembled Nazi I.G. Farben In China, Now They’re Making The Worlds Vaccines!

IMV Inc. will start COVID19 testing on humans. Saying of the vaccine “It’s entirely synthetic, easier to make”.

They are partnered with MERCK Pharmaceuticals.

Merck world’s oldest Chemical and Pharma Company. During WWll Karl Merck, member Nazi party, appointed military leader of manufacturing biocides, war chemicals using slave laborers most women.

Merck’s Center torn down because of being controversial. Look familiar?

Merck has Partnered with Thermo Fisher.

Rothschild owns Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher SAME Company collecting DNA using Saliva Test Kits for Covid-19!

China has collected the DNA of 70 million men and small boys. If they refuse, the police list you as a blacklisted household and you can’t travel or have any medical treatment, yet they say it’s voluntary.

The DNA kits are provided by none other than Rothschild’s owned Thermo Fisher which states they are proud to provide the tools to stop criminals. The question is, who do they consider to be a criminal, anyone who defies them?

This is very dangerous since China has been used at the testing grounds for which to model the society the globalists plan to export to all other nations during the Great Reset.

Health Canada Approves Rothschild Funded, China Produced, COVID-19 Test Kits That Collect DNA!

Bayer Pharmaceuticals also owns Merck!

Here’s the Evil Vaccine Web: Bayer Pharmaceuticals owns part of MERCK & MONSANTO

As well, Bill Gates owns MONSANTO

But Who also owns Bayer? Rothschild Corporation’s THERMO FISHER!

Here’s some Dirty Secrets About Bayer!

  • Created Mustard Gas and Heroin
  • Formed IG Farben Co.
  • manufactured Zyklon B for Hitler’s gas chambers
  • performed experiments on humans
  • Joseph Mengele also used their drugs on humans

In 1918 Bayer was accused of spreading the Spanish Flu to Increase Sales! The United States military was the first target.

Many DEATHS associated with the Spanish Flu were caused by overdoses of Bayer’s Aspirin since drug was new and doctors didn’t know how much to give! Fast Forward: Trillion Dollar Gold Mine: COVID-19!

Who is the Company Behind the Vaccine being used on American Soldiers?

Milvax: US enlisted soldiers to be among the first to receive the [DNA, mRNA, nanotech] COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ [gene therapy injectable] Corona War Syndrome?


Probably MERCK VACCINES! MERCK Part of Atlantic Council’s Executive Circle along with General Dynamics, George Soro’s Open Society Foundation. This is the NWO War Machine’s Think Tank!

Defense Health Agency Immunization Branch formerly Military Vaccine Agency (MILVAX)

In 1997 Clinton mandated US military personnel vaccinated with MILVAX Anthrax Vaccine: caused serious side effects.

Congress investigated.

The military will make these vaccines mandatory… this will destroy national security worldwide… leading to kaos which will allow the UNs army to step in called R2P consisting of 90% Chinese troops! UN Forces are training in China as we speak!

Operation Sidewinder: The Chinese Invasion of Canada

Leaked Government Document: Lloyd Axworthy, The Chinese Militarization of Canada

NIH Clinical Trial for COVID-19 Vaccine will be testing Moderna Inc. who is collaborating with MERCK and funded by the Vaccine King himself…. Bill Gates!

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine induced adverse reactions in ‘more than half’ of trial participants!

FYI: Bayer Purchased Monsanto!

All agriculture now under the control of a Nazi-Inspired Pharmaceutical Company!

Start Saving Heirloom Seeds!


Moderna Vaccine will be the poison they have chosen for Canadians! Moderna: formerly German Chemical Co. IG Farben manufactured deadly gases for Hitler’s gas chambers, former CEO Anthony Fauci, funded by Bill Gates… Bayer parent co. also owns MONSANTO.

Bill Gates Funded CanSino Biologics in China. SAME Chinese Company making the Canadian Vaccine!


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  1. yes.. the nazis never went away… true! Watch, share; https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=9NS89U5H9RMN … video from LifeintheMix was removed from youtube and a channel strike.. worth watching it!
    The Magnetofection™ reagents and all of its components are developed, designed, intended and sold for research use only. They are not to be used for human diagnostic or any drug intended. : http://www.chemicell.com/products/Magnetofection/Magnetofection_separation.html
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    Duration: 11:34 Date: 2021-06-10 13:32:16
    Tags: wheat germ agglutinin, sialic acid, nutrient deprivation, cell metabolism, glycosylation sensing, metabolic glycoengineering, apoptosis

  2. Excellent work.. thank you.
    Fourth reich nazis are winning with little pockets of resistance here and there .. CIN is doing a great service to Canadians! Bravo!
    The woman that answered the phone at Illuminultra Fredericton certainly sounded like she had a Chinese accent to me… https://www.bitchute.com/video/41ymA2bAqUtM/

  3. Source Confirmed: IG Farben: Official Records from the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials


    This Swedish or Swiss gold fiasco also has official records.

    (1999) Nazi Gold: The Merkers Mine Treasure, National Archives

    (1997) Nazi Gold Was Recast And Issued In the U.S., NYT.

    (1997) Paper Trail of Nazi Gold Leads To US and Canadian Banks

    Law-Related Resources on Nazi Gold and Other Holocaust Assets,
    Swiss Banks during World War II, and Dormant Accounts, UChicago

    Swedish/Swiss Gold History Notes, British Archives

    Under Secretary Stuart Eizenstat
    Closing Plenary Statement at the London Conference on Nazi Gold, December 4, 1997

    Information held in the BIS Archive on gold looted by Nazi Germany during World War II, BIS

    Swedish, Swiss, Portuguese gold, the story goes cold. -DJC

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