Settler Colonialism: An Attack On National Cultural Identity

March 11, 2020

Anthropology is a very young social science, and calling it a science at all is rather generous. True, derivations of the word from Greek roots may be traced to German and Romance language experimentation of the 1600s. Think Merovingians. Yet constructing exotic new words from Latin and Greek or appropriating the cross of Lorraine were the warlike fashion of the period and certainly not of this one. It was the Renaissance after all. 

Merovingian Script

Adorning one’s thoughts with richly evocative, or garlanded, made-up Greek words, like Ephesian stone marquetry, is reminiscent of current efforts, however weak, of the latest diversity inclusion and equity (D.I.E.) ideology. The former stands the test of longevity, with respect to the ancient cultures that formed our times, while the latter falls far too short, in its own brief, bastardo attempt to gild an overtly self-destructive tendency. 

Canadian English Is A Bastard Language.

Namely, the aims of the current rash of new words seems far from rebirth; there is the unpalatable stuff of cultural nihilism, oppression and Marxist critical theory, yet again in the reiteration of ever failed attempts at rewriting the English language an already well-tailored, evolved, trained, and formed bastard. This iconoclastic and brute reordering of the language does not seek to suit the needs of the many, but the petty complaints of an increasingly antidemocratic and thoughtless few. A whole new set of idle thinkers who might call themselves scholars, yet in reality rudimentary grifters, are all busy making up new words, such as “settler colonialism” to slake a bored and cruel nature. 

Yet these new terms are deliberately harder to fathom than ancient languages, without any roots in particular to Canadian or even English cultural identity or speech. They crave irrelevance. Worse, legally-enforced pronouns which have no grammatical basis in reality, or history of the language are an insult to human thought, physiology, anatomy, and genetics, let alone the maturity and free spirit of the language. An entire social sciences academy is seen readily throwing itself over the cliff, like ideological lemmings, for fast foreign cash they have not earned and without just cause. This is anti-Canadian thought, a thievery of useful communications; this indicates a lack of robust thought, or respect, for the roots of the study of social sciences itself. That’s an insult to the educated mind. Spare us the bullshit.

And it’s an insult to Canadians. 

The deliberate misappropriation of the grammar and diction of a culture and language, that is already finely and well-categorized, already finely and well-defined, is akin to destroying the art of communication. It’s akin to attempting to destroy our Byzantine proxemics. Such maligning of science and logic, provokes a literal thirst for common sense from readers or thinkers, upon a bastard language as it is, such as English. So poorly attempting to colonize a bastard language, and act as its overweened, pompous Québécois settler, this really does not help in the interests of civil communication, either here in Canada or anywhere else. 

We are not peoplekind. We are a northern people. 

This Canadian language, this English, which often lacks a logical categorization in grammar or lexis alone, has charmed and vexed foreigners for centuries in acquiring its truly unique devices. Forcing any kind of common usage is neither the natural nor historical way of the English language, as Baugh and Cable can attest. Or the way of Canada. Anyone who has deeply studied the evolution of either would already know that. It’s a rules and non-rules language, with often illogical rules, which often perplex the learner. This can be clearly revealed in any edition of Quirk and Greenbaum to any Québecor.

These grammarians have long ago proven, English is the last language that ought to be suitably tested or so treated, to such ridiculous terms as for the ludicrous concept of legally-enforced speech. That is preposterous. And only pompous, underread followers of Marxist ideology, the undertrained, the mentally compressed, the barely literate or the most inchoate minds, dressed up as Trudeauian or Juche or Maoist Thought, would even ever dare to attempt it. Such attempts are a perpetual downward road to a monstrous hell of civil disorder. Stop going there.

Dynamic overconfidence is not uncommon among those elevated beyond their ability.

So let us rescue Canadian discourse, for those who can barely iterate it, and treasure Canadian discourse, as it is, and where it is found, for its functionality and vitality, rather as the world’s leading business language. That is the point of communication. Brevity. And anthropology has been but a brief issue, it is a recent, junior usurper of a rich artistic and creative intangibility. Same for Trudeau Foundation. An audit is overdue for its activities to circumvent the very constitution of the nation. 

Canadian Discourse

Destroying Anthropology: The Trudeau Legacy

The term anthropology itself began to gain favour in reference to ethnology in the 1800s. Yet it was not until the late 1800s in Europe, and until 1902 in the US, that research cliques of any great relevance, such as the American Anthropology Association, gained any real traction at all, and means to form some immature stubble of scrubby yet ill-kept establishment.  

So too, not until the later in the 20th and 21st centuries, with researchers such as Franz Boas, Clyde Klukhohn, Geert Hofstede or Fons Trompenars, were a greater semblance of the truly scientific, or social scientifically useful, relevant theories of comparability, not relativism, extracted from the anthropological discipline. These yet still yield well and perhaps the finest flowering of the sociological realm upon the nature and benefit of comparative cultural research. Wise consensus remains abiding those comparative waves of culture, that wisdom clearly takes centuries, not a few short years. That wisdom does not fade, and remains richly the credit to the discipline despite the ponderous nature of its current, self-destructive demise.

Birds of a Feather

Boas was among the first to have provoked theoretical frameworks useful and practical to most, to attempt to define cultural identity itself. Not an easy or complete task. This might explain why non-productive anthropological theories have also proliferated throughout the history of anthropology’s brief science, much as a fig-like branch of an equally dubious root in certain corners of the genocide discipline. There are many dead-ends to anthropology without a tentative or considerate nature; such sociology loses its countenance without provoking wonder, and joy in new learning. 

This appears the case in Canada today, where the social sciences have become shrew-like, and enforced to be a branch of a poisoned and stolen Lorraine tree used to demean, devalue, and discredit that unifying concept of national cultural identity itself. Rather too few Canadian academics seek to elucidate or edify Canadian culture as Canada’s most valuable product. To fail to do so is lunacy. Canadian thought remains a unique contribution to the old world, and to improve for the nation its quality of life. That is the original intent of university research, to edify the old in the new. 

With Trudeau, that careful craftsmanship is lost.

The authoritarian political license to do so grievously with such bounty, appears to trace to an unaccountable set of foreign foundations, imposed and squeezed upon Canadian society without grace, without its consent, and epitomized by a cruel, utilitarian form of Benthanism. This devaluation of the culture and identity of this nation is financed with tax dollars by a guttural, inarticulate leader such as Chrétien, again without consent of the crudely-governed. It is a paradox; organizations such as Trudeau Foundation would so claw and exemplify the worst kind of colonialism, upon what is widely seen as the most tolerant of national cultures in the world. 

To claim Canada to be anything other than that is a falsehood against the nation.

Sadly, it seems the joy of anthropology has been so subsumed by a bitter, caustic, nonproductive ideology as settler colonialism, and not only at that foundation. Countless others of similar wicked-bent, and similar fruitless, foreign socialist fig tree planting have proliferated where they really don’t belong as settlers upon a culture and society that has its one value and contributions to the world. Make no mistake, Trudeau Foundation and its dubiously-termed scholars have exacted a kind of torture upon an otherwise gifted, eloquent, competent culture and society such as Canada. Such foundations perpetuate a kind of religious (yet anti-religious ) fervour totally unsuited to social sciences research. And totally unsuited to Canada.

Take the word “settler” as a harrowing example. 

This term has taken off since 2006 in measurable usage, there must be some reason, that particular year, saw an increase in the use of the term, the rate of increasing frequency measurable and according to Collin Cobuild dictionary. Yet such measuring of its rise is good and just, given the greatest lexical resource and analytical database of English usage likely compiled. Collins Cobuild reveals its increased frequency, as forced and financed by poor quality research aims. Any ideas what externalities would have provoked that ever increasing usage, and reach of the term “settler” in English from 2006? 

Surely it is more than coincidence, and the record of scholarship on that topic and the measurable timeline is known. The root of the poisoned tree, is quickly revealed as this fellow Patrick Wolfe from Australia, who pops up like a marmot, and multiplied like a weasel, among the tiresome appropriated, Merovingian (as if) cross of Lorraine scholars. They evoke a dead index logos, this dead scholar Wolfe is easily identified as being the global social theory grifter, by his own lockstep followers, who appropriated the minds of his Marxist adherents. Among these are a collectivist desire for him to be their dear leader, who stirred up the settler colonialist mantra, to perpetuate an endless identitarian social conflict, in a nation such as Canada and elsewhere, where there was largely none. 

Frederick Lowy: Trudeau’s Torture Expert Advisor

If there is a signpost by which Trudeau Foundation found its anti-Canadian ideology then it is certainly by route of this completely degrading Patrick Wolfe. This “thinker” sought to transform anthropology, with social theory, akin to destroying it through the means of Saul Alinsky, and the regressive tolerance of Herbert Marcuse. The inept and unwise direction of SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) under Frederick Lowy, assistant to a mid-century modern-day Mengele, Dr Ewan Cameron, of the Allan Memorial Institute, helped author the CIA kubark torture manuals. This crooked standard became direction of far too many at SSHRC. Social research has become social engineering, using tax-funded grants to attack the very culture financing it. Abominable. 

There is nearly two decades or more of social science in Canada thus most worthy of the scrap heap for its lack of objectivity, ethics, and practice. Having politically moved the goal posts, Trudeau Foundation and others have largely destroyed the practicality or benefit of social sciences research in Canada, for an entire generation. It’s a sad, misled legacy that requires full shutdown of tax-payer resources, as it has produced little other than cultural disunity, and threatens the national unity of Canada itself. 

Settler Colonialism Grifters Abroad 

“Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is giving $25Million for ‘social and sexual health’ in Africa. But African women are not asking for some Canadian dude to give us condoms, contraceptives, or abortion. We want education, jobs and businesses to raise our communities!”

Obianuju Ekeocha, Founder of COLAfrica 

Indeed, Trudeau “scholars” (grifters) call white Canadians settlers tax cheats and land thieves at home, while the same hypocrite “scholars” (grifters) approve perpetuating a kind of neocolonialism abroad. Canadian NGOs finance projects without audit or input from locals, who often neither asked for nor control project goals. This is a sick hypocrisy. This is the worst kind of grifterism. It’s embarrassing to Canadians. 

Settler Colonialism as discipline seems rarefied, a research consortia that is oppressively narrow, grasping and craven, with little research beyond the past 25 years or so and yet again, in lay mans terms, the entire thing has no balls. It’s surprising that First Nations in Canada would focus so heavily on this aspect of anthropology given depth and breadth of coexistence. There are so many other more productive, and profitable theories to pursue, that actually do contribute to peaceable business, of mutual profit from one culture to another. There have been many who profited from this settler colonialism grift, but many more, as seen across the west, who are impoverished by it. A unified Canada cannot long endure a privileged few who lead so poorly. 

Settler Colonialism Is Racist As Hell.

Blending Marxist ideology of critical theory to infect social sciences is not a solution. This usage of “settler” is incorrect according to the dictionaries. Appropriating the language of English seems like a Trudeau Foundation style of initiative and without surprise, unimaginative. Indeed such grifting is quite similar to appropriation of the cross of Lorraine. This reminds me of peoplekind, a fantasy world where politicians play games with other people’s marbles, rather than multiply the number of marbles for all.

Indigenous Canadians desired European goods.*

Patrick Wolfe’s obituary reveals his clear advocacy for the Palestinian cause. Whether his cause is just or not, that is beside the point. Such an absence or paucity of objectivity, has become the “go to standard” for far too much of SSHRC research since 2006. To his credit, Wolfe has had an influence, yet at the cost of rational social science. Canadian academia requires a reset in these fields, there’s too much throwing of oneself from the onset into political activism, when the goal ought to simply be good research. The Canadian academy requires a restoration rather than torture, as much of it is far gone from the practical or traditional role of the academy, namely to be of some future or practical use to Canadian society. 

Wolfe Went Native

Wolfe’s position on Palestine negates his thesis entirely. He and others like him have perverted the cause of social sciences and not respected its centuries-old method. Being a Palestinian advocate, that is not a “pure” position for an anthropologist at all. Really. That is an example of an anthropological cardinal sin: “going native.” Loss of objectivity is of no use to the discipline. Elevating such horrendously poor scholarship poisoned those who cite his works, his ideological reach now impacts even Canada’s state broadcaster, CBC, where claims that white people are inherently racist are being made. That is a false premise which Wolfe inculcated, and is nothing more than the worst kind of ideological taint upon all that the Renaissance of societal constitutions attempted to achieve. The aspirations of our Canadians ancestors were made through painful bloody victories over tyranny and the goals and aims of emancipation, from Harriet Beecher Stowe and beyond. 

The words “settler grifter” come to mind in reference to Wolfe, and his hateful doctrine against the people of Canada or Israel. And for the benefit of the Canadian mind, the anthropology and social sciences discipline has had enough of this destruction of objectivity, as seen most clearly by scholars associated with Trudeau’s foundation, or others such as associated with Tides Canada or LeadNow. 

Drive Out Grifters, Restore The Academy

If all Trudeau’s foundation was aiming to do was to destroy the reputation of Canada’s pragmatic approach to national unity, by rubbishing its robust export economy, the very bedrock of its national identity, a natural bounty unseen in most nations, that task seems nearly completed. Yet again, poor scholarship among Trudeau scholar grifters, provokes attacks upon a populace which has never been so culturally integrated, with the least racist society its ever been, according to all credible reports. No thanks to Trudeau or his grifter scholars.

I admit, I began hearing claims that white people were racist or imperialist by birth among supporters of Hugo Chavez in the early 2000s. Now CBC, state broadcaster, tries to tell me the same. Rubbish. Twenty years of social sciences rubbish. Such stat organs require legal redress and closure, as likely Trudeau foundation.

The ponderously poor scholarship, forming the settler colonialism ideology is an ever ready yet brittle example. It can stand no critical analysis of itself. In lay man’s terms, it has no balls. Thus it defeats a test of necessary rigour. Obligating white Christian Canadians in particular to raise the sword of Saint Michael to refute and strike that beast down seems well overdue. The pointed end of thrust of this argument pierces and defeats the aims of the Trudeau Foundation itself. Let’s get to it. 

Sancte Michael Archangele,
defende nos in proelio;
contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium.
Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur:
tuque, Princeps militiae caelestis,
Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos,
qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo,
divina virtute, in infernum detrude.


Saint Michael


The settler colonialism cake even The Washington Post keeps trying to serve Canadians is a wash; it has no essential ingredients. The meta analysis tracks back to 2006. Try harder, the settler colonialist genocide narrative has no mothers and no fathers prior to 2006. Get rid of it. Defund it. 


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  1. These kind of gaslighting campaigns are what universities specialize in .. Canada has also got the CBC to thank for this abusive narrative.. George at SWCIV.com has launched a campaign charging the CBC with hate speech and there’s a petition which sets out the claim. Overall I would say we are breaking the back of this miserable cabbal and I look forward to seeing us move past this treasonous era of the “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” implemented on all of us since the 50s and the arrival of the most illegitimate royal ever .. Liz and her nazi handler Phil.. http://kingof.uk .. shit is hitting the fan but in a good way .. buckle up folks! Remember that this hype is a sign: corona = crown .. so welcome change and the new King John III – Joseph Gregory Hallett

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