5G Solenoids create Magnetic Fields

In our last article we spoke about the dangers of Magnetic Fields and how they were altering physiological processes in the body; everything from heart rate, blood pressure, muscle function, hormone production and immune function. Magnetic Fields are responsible for the production of Extremely Low Frequencies or ELFs. The symptoms of which mimic COVID-19 infection.

CORONA: The COVID-19 & Electromagnetic Frequencies Story

Magnetic Field Poisoning accounts for the “Long Covid” symptoms, that no doctor or naturopath can put their finger on.


More importantly, these frequencies are involved in brain behavior modification! Yes, Brain control is real!

Please read about the research of Drs Puharich, Rauscher and Van Bise in here:

Understanding Mind Control: CIA’s MK-ULTRA Project at Fort Detrick

The high Electromagnetic Frequencies EMFs not only cause cancer and autoimmune disease, they also spin Oxygen molecules making them unavailable to Red Blood Cells that transport oxygen in the body. The body responds by producing more RBC but eventually runs out of iron stores. EMF induced oxygen spinning leads to the production of immature RBC devoid of iron molecules that cannot absorb oxygen and the body becomes Hypoxic or “low oxygen”. This then leads to the production of “free radicals” in your body that causes inflammation, infection, and disease.



In those individuals that are vaccinated, spike protein production will cause blood vessel damage and the accumulation of immature red blood cells will result in clotting issues. Furthermore 5G exposure will induce a condition called the “Rouleaux Effect” in the blood causing clots to form.


Long-term oxygen deprivation will result in the development of Cancer. “Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.” – Dr. Otto Warburg

But how are these Magnetic Fields being harvested or produced? There are only two ways of producing a Magnetic Field; the first is by a solenoid, and the second by a solenoid with an iron core in it.


Since 5G Towers are attached to the power grid, the electric field present allows for the creation of magnetic waves. Electric fields are created by electric charges. For instance, if you statically charged up a balloon by rubbing it on your hair, the balloon creates an electric field. Magnetic fields are created by magnets and solenoids are electromagnets  ie, it acts as a magnet only when an electric current is passed through and thus able to produce “Magnetic Fields.”


Why is this significant? 

Magnetic Fields produce what are called Extremely Low Frequencies or ELFs. These ELF waves cannot travel very far on their own (1 meter) but when combine them with a high Electromagnetic Frequency EMF which can travel 1,500 meters, you now have what is called a “Modulating wave” (a high EMF and a low ELF) capable of travelling 1,500 meters directly to your phone, router, EV etc.

This is how they distributed ELFs in Rwanda that turned Rwandans into machete yielding savages responsible for the genocide of over 1 million people! Behaviour modification is real!

NWO Mind Control Used in Rwandan Genocide

For those of you still in doubt, research the science behind Nikola Tesla who proved that electrical energy was never lost in a system and could be converted into other forms of energy such as “Magnetic fields”(low ELFs) or “Microwaves”(high EMFs) that are found in “Directed Energy Weapons.”

Indeed both high and low frequencies can be formed and all that is required is an electric power grid! Here is a good thread showing the California fired that occurred in 2018 and how DEWs were responsible for the fires.

Can you see what happened to the cars directly under a hydro line?


Yes… hydro lines can be used as weapons!

The 5G Towers contain a “CoVFeFe Box” containing “solenoids” consisting of Cobalt, Vanadium and Iron; all the constituents required to make “Magnetic Fields.”

CoVFeFe. Trump’s Other Silent Genocide.

Here is the 5G Patent itself filed May 7, 2019 and approved on October 29, 2019 just a few days before the infamous Trump “CoVeFeFe” tweet! It describes the placement of 5G Towers on 2G, 3G and 4G Towers as well as light poles, buildings, EV cars, GPS, solar gateways etc. Additionally it describes how there are “built in” “microprocessors” which help to regulate and emit both high EMFs and low ELFs required in “modulating waves”.

Solenoids are indeed composed of Cobalt, Vanadium and an Iron core! CoVFeFe my friends! The harvesting of “Magnetic Fields” in 5G Cell Towers! The delivery system of ELFs necessary to destroy your health and modify behavior!


Elon Musk’s satellites also contain a similar system for absorbing “magnetic Fields” from their Low Earth Orbit in the ionosphere. These satellites are dependent on ground stations for energy delivery which are currently attached to our power grid. Its purpose is to provide a link between Earth and space directly to the satellites.Ground stations use radio waves in super high frequency or extremely high frequency bands to communicate with device in space.


Both Cell Towers and Satellites deliver “directed beams” to their targets: cell phone, router, internet antenna etc. We do not believe the NWO will use a “blanket wave delivery” approach in emitting EMFs or ELFs (although we know the Chinese have that capacity). A “blanket wave delivery” approach would irradiate everything in its path including human, animal and plant life and the NWO will not kill their own members. Power lines and the grid itself is the energy conduit used in these Weapons of Mass Destruction.

FYI: There is a “delay time” with LEO Satellite (which are used for communications), the propagation delay from the Earth terminal to the satellite could be as long as 120 ms. For a packet to be transmitted to the satellite and back to the Earth terminal, a delay of 240 ms is expected.

This is what Klaus Schwab was referring to when he stated that in the New World it will be the “fast fish that will eat the slow fish.”, and the NWO is indeed the “fast fish.”

You only have 240 ms to run while your body’s Graphene oxide antenna communicates with the Satellite! The NWOs Hunger Games are here!

This also includes cell phones, ear buds, laptops, blue tooth, any Wifi device, GPS, EVs with built in antenna… CoVFeFe gonna make you go BOOM!

Laugh… it’s so true!