Klaus Schwab, in short… “we need a Great reset!”, and we’re using China to do it.

Klaus Schwab is the highest ranking globalist, at least, public globalist. “His” World Economic Forum has been the foremost guiding New World Order steering committee for five decades. His “revolution will come as a tsunami!”, Meet the author of the Great Reset, and your permission is not required.

This revolution will come as a tsunami. (It’s digital, it’s physical with nano-technology, it’s biological) Smart-traffic, smart-government, smart-cities Driven by big data, corporations and governments. The world economic forum – diversity of stakeholders….


December 8, 2015! Klaus Schwab: China to play big role in tech innovation “tsunami” on New China Tv!

World Economic Forum founder and executive chair Klaus Schwab told China’s Xinhua in an exclusive interview during the ongoing World Internet Conference that China will play a leading role in the new wave of economic activities and technological innovation…


Every G7 Summit. Ever….

Klaus Schwab from Cyber Polygon 2020, predicts the next great threat that will make COVID-19 look like a “small disturbance in comparison.”

Cyber Polygon 2021, scheduled for July 9, 2021, is suspected to be an precursor “drill” that will set in motion these terrible cyberattack predictions.

Anyways, “You’ll own nothing, and like it.”, Klaus Schwab.


22 thoughts on “Klaus Schwab, in short… “we need a Great reset!”, and we’re using China to do it.

  1. WEF video on twitter showing the fish material they’ll call ‘food’ as ‘sustainable’ because its not really fish after all but grown in a lab .. oh boy… these people are really something.. I want my food to have a soul when I devour it… do fish have souls? This is the question. I say they do.
    These people are such a bunch of mad hatters — they need to realize that most of us are not fans of the global community clusterfuck – there is nothing in it for us… they’re deluded.

  2. Great work! thanks for cover Klaus Anal Schwab so well.. he’s WEF point man and Queen Lizzie’s best little boy… one doctor I know figures he is a more key figure than Prince Charles but I’d suggest that Charles has always been a very big player behind the scenes where he likes to lurk with his puppets out front. Shared your article at my blogger in New Brunswick with thanks!

  3. The other human race on this planet are what I call SOCIOPATHS. Their only interests are GREED, CONTROL and MANIPULATION. They have infiltrated our political and government structures around the globe. They need to be eliminated from our planet or chaos will be implemented.

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