VIDEO: Alien Disclosure Is A Lie. There Are No Alien’s, UFOs Are Not A Threat.

“WARNING: FALSE ALIEN DISCLOSURE HAS STARTED Stories about an “alien threat” are appearing in the legacy media (e.g., The New Yorker, 60 Minutes, etc.) utilizing video footage and photos from the US military of UFOs that are likely manmade high-tech craft from places like Lockheed-Martin Skunkworks. This is not something to chuckle at: serious and profound interactions between humans and trans dimensional objects and beings deserves serious attention, but the CIA and other three-letter security and surveillance agencies are promoting an alien scare that is likely to be larger than the virus narrative. Here, Dr. Steven Greer clarifies the situation and also explains activist lawyer’s role in working with a deep state actor to extract him from the operation.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: human life exists on earth, this is our terrarium. the sun and moon act as cathode and anode in our energetic environment, the environment that gives us animation during “life”. there is no off world. there are no visitors from other planets. the only visitors are demonic, and have made unholy unions with our ruling elite.

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