Nova Scotia Health Won’t Report Vaccine Injuries. Counts Adverse Reactions As COVID.

“Top Doctor” Robert Strang has been repeatedly asked one question since the vaccine rollout has begun, “What is the age and vaccination status of people in hospital/ICU or who have died?” His responses have been nothing less than evasive.

FAQs about COVID, Halifax Examiner, May 22, 2021

Strang claims the data just isn’t available.

However, small towns have a way of uncovering facts.

My neighbour’s mother took the jab. Pfizer. She was in ICU for a month, home now, still bruised all over body.

Doctor absolutely agrees that it was the vaccine, however, absolutely would not agree to go on record.

You can imagine the, “yeah right”.

The doctor did disclose that one other person was in ICU locally, who was also vaccine related. Also, about 4 weeks in ICU. He said only 600 people have taken the vaccine in town at the time, and those are not the only adverse reactions. Public confidence is low.

The doctor refuses to go on record, and the victims and family’s have yet to put out a statement publicly.

Nova Scotia was at 21 in ICU at that time, and that information confirms 2 were vaccine related. How many more in Nova Scotia are in ICU due to the vaccine? Not to mention, the new distinction of “COVID related deaths“. Are these vaccine related? Something Doctor Strang will not comment on.

To extrapolate, we now know they are hiding adverse reactions in ICU COVID numbers. More questions need to be asked. Demand more data.

Speaking of data, Stats Canada is still not providing the last 3 months of Nova Scotia’s 2020 mortality data, and is yet to correlate August and September.

You can see for yourself, everything outpaced COVID deaths. [We’ll get into more of that later].

The health authority claimed the ICU’s were taxed at 21, when Nova Scotia has 95 ICU beds, and grew to 200 as the military moved in.

I plead to the public to come forward and put their own stories into the public record. This entire campaign to vaccinate the public with an experimental vaccine is based on fear and coercion that could not be happening without the emergency orders.

Think critically about the death count.

Truth is, adverse reaction stories are growing. Most of us have not known someone with a COVID infection, let alone COVID death. However, more and more of us have known someone with an adverse reaction, life threatening or otherwise.

It is clear Canadian health authorities know we are on to them, as they are hiding data.


How long will people make excuses for their participation in the largest phase 3 human trials of an experimental drug ever. A trial where “top doctors” and government officials are increasingly exerting their rights over your children.

But hey, when your arm hurts, “just shake it off, that’s how you know it’s working”. Speak out, or lose the right to speak at all.

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  1. good job Shawn… yeah, they’re going hard after the older folks especially in small rural towns so I’ve been trying to find out if my Ontario north healthy as horse 93 mother-in-law of 25 yrs died recently and suddenly after being covidvaxxed by the well meaning ‘community’ because when I last talked to her she was fine – didn’t want the vaxx and had never had flu shot, never drank alcohol, never had any health problems, ate well, slept well, was mobile and very clued in… and was quite concerned about the hysteria of the general public and the tv news… that silent generation lived thru a lot and they’re not all brainwashed but the pressure is immense.. you’ve written before about ‘communitarianism’ before but perhaps you’d like to share this article from Niki Raapana explaining it to your readers.. I’m sure reproducing it as I have done would be fine with Niki at this point I don’t hear enough media talking about this ‘comm’ word.
    http://nikiraapana.blogspot.com/2010/10/niki-raapana-talks-to-herself-about.html .. my dear mother-in-law was found face down in her breakfast at the table … no one will talk about it with us here and its quite suspicious to me because the daughter in Toronto Ontario was gung-ho on vaxx and flu sots and so was the other nearby in town daughter-in-law and retired nurse in my opinion she would have been the one telling my mother-in-law that the vaxx was safe with all natural ingrediants [if you can believe it!] and mostly likely harassed and haranged her into it… no doubt … as thru all the past year of masking and weirdness and isolation [all very upsetting to me]— the doctor making noise on twitter works in their region is a good voice – Dr. Patrick Phillips – Englehart Ontario emerg doc –but he is just one voice.. have put a few videos from him on my bitchute channel.

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