Pharma Pimp Sir John Bell Makes Canada His Bitch.

While everyone is familiar with the pharma whore‘s, and if you’re not, Canuck Law covers them endlessly. Literally no end. But what people never mention are the pimps. And the Mack Daddy of the pharma pimps is eugenicist Sir John Bell who appeared on Canadian television May 17, 2021, after the vaccine he developed had been removed from use across Canada. The AstraZeneca developer was clearly angered that Canadian provinces had removed his vaccine from use. It was clear to me he was talking directly to the people who could undo that ban.

Huzzah! It only took two days, but AstraZeneca is back, and ready to be whacked in the arms of innocent test subjects!


Bell’s move was incredibly pimpin’. He went on tv, and he broke his bitches, who went against him. Classic boss’n up. We’ve called out the whores, but Bell is the ultimate pharma pimp daddy.

2 thoughts on “Pharma Pimp Sir John Bell Makes Canada His Bitch.

  1. The whores that pimp for big pharma vaxx in Canada can be classified as ‘sellouts’ to UN Agenda 2030 depopulation, culling and harming of humanity…. there is no shortage of them and they are sometimes appointed, sometimes elected, sometimes even volunteers [amazingly!] but always identifiable by their lack of spine, uncensored social media platforms and grovelling dispositions to make money rather than make sense. I have spent 10 years pushing against them in New Brunswick – a relatively small province population wise at 777,000 – but a key province for many reasons including its high level of compliance to sustainable development global governance, proponderance of funded NGOs and large undeveloped lands / conservation lands which will double this year according to Blaine “Fraudster” Higgs Premier in conversation with controlled opposition fake news dingbat “Charles the Blogger” in Fredericton NB … why do I persist? Because I’m not interested in being part of their nasty and anti-humanity work. People should understand there is nothing desirable about a “Hunger Games” scenario and get off the nannystate tit now. Academia in the maritimes is corrupted and unfortunately all too influential over a sleepy rural population.
    Keep up the good works Shawn… I love your unsinkable savvy articles and pure sass!

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