COVID Vaccines Cause Mutant Variants & Permanent Damage to Immune System

Study out of the Netherlands shows the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccination reduces the body’s ability to fight off other virus, bacteria and fungal infections! Which means, all vaccines, since they use the same raw materials.

The vaccine specifically attacks your “innate immune system” the immunity you pass on to your children. Which means babies can’t fight off infection!

Innate Immune system is the immune system we are born with. If vaccinated parents conceive their offspring will probably not survive for very long.

Could it be that the COVID spike protein is attacking the innate immune system making them susceptible to fungal infections? Wonder if these COVID patients were vaccinated?

Data out of India appears to prove that.

So there are TWO Mechanisms:

1. Damage to your innate immune system causing antigen immune escape (an antigen is any pathogen such as virus, bacteria, fungus) that your immune system fails to respond to and causes infection…. such as the black fungus (mycormyocitosis) infections that are rampant in India….

2. Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

Trust the Science MY ASS!

Del Bigtree on his “Highwire” web show, covered in detail the interview with Geert Vanden Bossche that is a must see on this subject of viral immune response.


The real meat of the issue starts at 59:40…

The Red Cross could not make it any clearer what the vaccines are doing to you as they state; “COVID vaccinated individuals do not carry antibodies.” Your blood donation is no longer welcome.

It wipes out your natural antibodies!

It stops your body from producing the antibodies from the first infection!

Talk about altering your immune system! What other antibodies does it wipe out?

This is why you are seeing Dr Bonnie Henry promoting Seeds and Farming…. it does not matter how hard you prep… a lot of people are going to die!!!

What if people have already been infected by those who took the vaccine? Honestly, no one really knows the mechanism of how these spike proteins work other than the NWO Scientists!

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