Largest Human Experimental [mRNA] Vaccine Trial Is Now Targeting Children.

Children have been the least effected by COVID related illnesses. Canadian provincial leaders have made it their mission to get the jab in them. Some provinces even going so far as to claim children can give their own consent.

Provinces Ignoring Parental Right Involving COVID19 Vaccine.

The fact is, children have a near perfect recovery rate, and near zero death rate.

Although the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) in Canada has claimed vaccines are safe, they keep making statements that would lead the public to believe the vaccines are harmful, and too many unknowns.

How common are these blood clots after getting AZ? Dr. Deeks from NACI says the original data showed it was 1 in 1,000,000, then data from Germany showed 1 in 100,000. “Where the true rate is, we don’t know at this point in time: – Dr. Deeks https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/coronavirus-vaccination-tracker-how-many-people-in-canada-have-received-shots-1.5247509

Yet what we have seen out of other nations, is the COVID vaccine does far more harm then good.

Children are not Guinea pigs!

The USA has already immunized around 600,000 children, aged between 12 & 15. It expects to have enough “safety data” to go even younger next year. Over 1/2 million parents subjected their children to an experiment, not because their kids were in mortal danger, but because they’ve been scared senseless.

What we are doing to our kids right now is criminal!…

Data out of CDC:


Watch Dr. Angelina Farella warn against the “criminal” use of COVID19 vaccines for children before the Texas Senate. No patients <18 were used in trials, so vaccinated kids (w/ a 99.997% survival rate) will be the safety data!

video courtesy @BLNewsMedia

The CDC is investigating cases of myocarditis in young people, but claims, “It’s normal.” Who buys this? In the first four months of 2021, the number of adverse reactions to vaccines is the same as the preceding 31 years.

clip courtesy of David Knight Show

The Only Proven Immunity Is For The Vaccine Manufacturers… They Are 100% Not Responsible Or Liable For Their Experimental Product… Which Is Being Tested On Millions Right Now… As They Make Record Profits…

This is the video Pfizer claimed children “volunteered” to participate in their insane study of the mRNA vaccine.

Again, the children DO NOT NEED the vaccines.

We are well beyond the need for arrests in these crimes against humanity!




Would side effects be the same in children getting coronavirus shots? Generally, yes. Pfizer has reported that side effects of the shots appear to be similar in children and adults.

Once thorough testing has demonstrated that the vaccines are safe and effective for kids under 12, COVID-19 vaccines may also be authorized by the FDA for administration to younger children. This may take time to happen. First, the FDA and the CDC must determine that testing results show the vaccines are safe and effective in younger children. Some of the vaccine manufacturers have already begun recruiting for clinical trials and testing children under 12. The manufacturers will evaluate safety and efficacy in younger age groups, and data from those studies will direct experts’ recommendations on COVID-19 vaccine use in younger children

Finally, schools sometimes require vaccinations (such as those for diphtheria or whooping cough), and your child’s school might require COVID-19 vaccination for students returning to in-person learning.


Moderna and Pfizer started testing in children under 12 in March! They will probably come out with their biased data soon then MANDATE kids get vaccinated BEFORE starting school in September!

Students with face masks go upstairs to their classrooms at the Petri primary school in Dortmund, Germany.
COVID vaccines and kids: five questions as trials begin https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01061-4

As of May 12, adolescents ages 12 to 15 are eligible for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Although there are still a lot of unknowns, younger children will likely begin to receive the COVID-19 vaccine within the next few months.

“It’s crucial to get these vaccine studies done in children,” explains Dr. Fernando. “In order to reach herd immunity — the point where enough people have achieved immunity to the COVID-19 vaccine to stop its spread — at least 70 to 80 percent of the entire population needs to be vaccinated. That means we absolutely have to include children.”


omg! This story is insane! kid was sick… the mother, a nurse took him to hospital, doctor refused to test him for COVID sent him home with antibiotics…. kid getting sicker… parents did not want to chance taking him into hospital because… get this… there were TWO…TWO COVID deaths in their village…. SOOOO two moths later kid dies… they blame Covid!…. and the BBC writes an article on this! Sure this was never COVID!


This Doctor forged vaccination records for parents, what did he know? He ended up killing himself!

Kenmore teen develops myocarditis after 2nd vaccine shot; CDC investigating possible rare side effect

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