Nova Scotia “authorities” turn to punitive measures in push to continue failing COVID narrative.

Unelected Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin has spent the majority of his appointment talking and behaving like a dictator. It is clear that former Premier MacNeil did not have the stomach for the next phase and gleefully passed the torch. Rankin has used fear, propaganda and degrading comments to push increasingly harsh measures.

Nova Scotia Turns To Force As the Government Has Failed With COVID Lies

Rankin said he spoke to the chiefs of police in Halifax and Cape Breton about the issue. He admits while the fine has already been bumped up to $2,000 for violating health restrictions, fines can only go so far.

“At the end of the day, we’re not going to fine our way out of this,” he said.

“This variant is no joke. It’s killing people. It’s putting young people in the ICU.

To that point, at the time of the 3 p.m. briefing, 42 people were in hospital, with eight in the ICU. That’s right, a number so low, we had to spell it out.


On may 8, 2021, Nova Scotia “top doctor” Robert Strang restated The Health Protection Act. Instantly several businesses working with the police decided to take matters into their own hands and hand out justice to those who they identified as “anti-maskers”. This New Glasgow, Nova Scotia resident was one of those targeted in these vigilante’s dragnet.

Amber “unlawfully” committed the offence of 71(1)(b). She was fined $2422, although the maximum in the statute is $2000, voiding the ticket.

Nova Scotia Legislature, Health Protection Act

Would IainRankin, the Nova Scotia Government or Nova Scotia Health want to address this? I thought there were exemptions and no paperwork was required?

If they changed their mind, they might want to let the public know and if that is the case they may also want to address that most doctors will NOT give exemptions as medical documentation is private and confidential. Doctors are NOT permitted to issue such notes.

Interesting that while this officer was violating his oath by illegally asking for documentation that is not legally required, he advocated finding a doctor to violate his oath by illegally revealing private and confidential medical information.

Maybe this officer needs to review the law. Well the Truth on this one is that this cop is wrong. No paper is required.

This is correspondence from Nova Scotia Health:

From: COVID19INFO [mailto:COVID19INFO@novascotia.ca]
Sent: March 22, 2021 10:00 AM
To: Shelly Hipson
Subject: RE: Process for a medical exemption
Hello Shelly… The public health order provides the exemption from the mandatory mask rule. Nobody needs to apply for this exemption.

Thank you.

This is a followup from Nova Scotia Health:

From: COVID19INFO [mailto:COVID19INFO@novascotia.ca]
Sent: March 22, 2021 11:34 AM

To: Shelly Hipson
Subject: RE: Process for a medical exemption


For some people with chronic breathing conditions or mental health conditions, wearing a mask can create anxiety. In many cases, there are ways to overcome anxiety such as practicing wearing a mask for short periods of time at home. We recognize this won’t work for everyone.

We have stated that businesses need to respect people who have a valid reason for not wearing a mask. If you have concerns about how a business is operating, you could speak with the manager. If you feel it’s necessary, you could contact the Safety Division at the Department of Labour and Advanced Education at 1-800-952-2687 or LAESafetybranch@novascotia.ca.

We anticipate most of the public health measures will remain in place until the majority of our population has been vaccinated.

Thank you.

That is correct, Nova Scotia Health is providing the contact information required to report businesses, and yes law enforcement, for discriminating against the LEGALLY unmasked.

I continued with my own follow-up with Nova Scotia Health:

from:shawn melville <melville.shawn@gmail.com>
date:May 17, 2021, 12:53 PM
subject:questions on exemptions.

Good Morning,
I am reaching out today to inquire about the extraordinary measures being taken by police officers in my town of New Glasgow.  Starting on May 8, 2021 and continuing through today, police officers are targeting unmasked individuals shopping and handing out tickets for failure to produce paperwork.
It is my knowledge that exemptions do not require registration or proof.  It has been my understanding that Nova Scotia was taking the humane approach and using the honour system.
I have read no changes in laws, and while the premier’s office claims their orders carry “more teeth” for law enforcement, I don’t see any actual changes to the law.
I am looking for clarification, as there is absolutely vigilantism between specific stores and law enforcement.  This is causing a stress in the general public that is unwarranted.  These are not protesters, these are members of the general public that have been living their lives as such during the last year, and honestly, had no reasonable expectation to be ticketed.  Let alone bullied, intimidated, and harrassed.
Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.
Shawn Melville
New Glasgow, NS

To which they replied:

from:COVID19INFO <COVID19INFO@novascotia.ca>
to:shawn melville <melville.shawn@gmail.com>
date:May 17, 2021, 1:13 PM
subject:RE: questions on exemptions.


We ask businesses and police to respect people who have a valid medical reason for not wearing a mask.

Thank you

This is Nova Scotia’s mask “guidance”, which allows exemption under the Human Rights Act. That’s right, even conscientious objection would have to be permitted, and respected.

#NovaScotia once took the humane honour-system approach to mandatory mask policy. However, since 8am, Saturday, May 8, shop keepers have turned to inhumane vigilantism, without any legal means to do so. A “strong-arm approach to enforcement.”

In the beginning, Nova Scotia’s “top doctor” spoke about real science: “For the general public we’re really trying to discourage people from using masks,” said Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. “They are not very effective for the general public who are systematic about controlling the spread.

Even as late as December, 2020, sound minds prevailed.

The thing is, people are not bowing to the discrimination, intimidation and bullying of “law” enforcement. The lies have failed, and my bet, force fails too.

No matter who Rankin thinks he is, we know he has no authority. I know where Iain Rankin stands, with his buddy Scott Brison, showing their true colours through “sense of humour”.

The facts are this: Nobody is required to register with the government or carry proof of exemption. If there is question to an individuals exempt status, benefit of the doubt goes to the person with exemption.

Everything else that is going on with law enforcement and businesses is nothing less than government endorsed activism and vigilantism. Which, as Nova Scotia Health explains, is illegal and punishable with fines.

Know your rights.


In Ontario, no proof of exemption is required to be produced to bylaw officers or police. Ontario Regulation 82/20 states that exemptions exist and need not be proven. Further, if a business does not allow for your exemption the business would be committing the offence and could be fined under the “Reopening Act“.

This is important to note, since Provincial Acts are written in accordance to the Federal “Canada Quarantine Act” and cannot be superseded.

Aslo Interesting, in the UK, the majority of fines were thrown out on the grounds of errors. I am inclined to think this is evidence these fines are used for intimidation and bullying.


Not sure about the value of this…


4 thoughts on “Nova Scotia “authorities” turn to punitive measures in push to continue failing COVID narrative.

  1. Its nonsensical because what is taking place in Nova Scotia’s mason-filled policing landscape is called political targetting…. Greg Hallett experienced this in the tiny nation of New Zealand… years ago … senseless and abusive and corrupt… that’s it… that’s the tweet – if Greg or I could tweet but we’ve been deleted multiple times from that platform… use it or lose it Shawn. You have the power to publish on King John III claim in Common Law Court – perhaps you will… I have and I have no problem letting people know that we are living, as Greg says, in a NON-REALITY… I don’t look for fairness but I’m always reasonable with people in discussions and in lively debate… we have no hope in hell of beating this system — its mechanized for war against us all.. its for income- harvesting for those who set it up.. all politicians are corporations operating in a business model.

  2. Enough of this b.s. Shawn – you need to start a Pictou County Landowners Association blogger… get this stuff documented on there and start advocating for real laws not abusive laws. Finding a way to regionalize your advocacy and do more outreach where it is needed!
    Best of luck, this is extortion/mafia/thug and criminal corruption taking place – you will need to double-down and fight back against their intimidation for your political publishing!

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