Nova Scotia Turns To Force As the Government Has Failed With COVID Lies

On Wednesday May 12, 2021, an application for injunction was filed in Nova Scotia Supreme Court. It was granted in secret on May 14 by “Honourable” Justice Scott Norton, in his chamber.

The injunction was based on TWO Affidavits, first from “Medical Officer Of Health” Robert Strang, the second from Hayley Crichton, who is currently Director of the curious Public Safety and Investigations.

The injunction was done “ex parte”, meaning that there was no opposing side to challenge it.

We have not been able to see the Affidavits, which at a minimum, would have been nice to see.

The result is that public gatherings, including gatherings to these illegal measures have been effectively banned. The ban (unless thrown out) would remain in place as long as the Government decides there is a public health emergency.

The court simply suspended Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and all done in secret. Unelected Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin didn’t have the spine to do it through the legislative process, so the premier got a judge to do the dirty work for him. May be “legal” but due process be damned. This is nothing more than 21st century Star Chambers, which originated in England, under separate orders of the king.

Speaking of the Monarchy, her majesty’s Attorney General Mark Furey did not make the proceedings, instead sending government lawyer Duane Eddy in his place.

The injunctions was brought against Freedom Nova Scotia, Amy Brown, Tasha Everett and Dena Churchill. Protest organizers. However, disturbingly, the order also names John Doe(s) and Jane Doe(s), effectively every person inside Nova Scotia. A blanket order, against everyone, to last indefinitely at the whim of the “emergency”.

The order also advocates the use of peace officers, to extend a level of vigilantism above and beyond the extreme authority granted to law enforcement.


Nova Scotia looks to be actively looking for Special Constables right now.


Curiously, it is Hayley Crichton’s Public Safety and Investigations department that runs these special appointments.


At time of publication, Civilian Intelligence Network is looking into her involvement in the extraordinary measures being performed at the Halifax Airport through something called “Border Control“.

Unelected Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin released a statement from his office. Where he stated “Nova Scotia is in a state of emergency. People have lost their lives. Our collective responsibility is to keep everyone safe,” said Premier Iain Rankin. “All Nova Scotians must respect the public health orders and directives. This is particularly important as the province and our health-care employees work around the clock to care for people in this third wave of the pandemic.”

However, Rankin did not stop there. He praised the judges “decision”, claiming to be “all for freedom” yet hails the court order providing “more teeth” to deal with thought criminals.

Rankin continued to gaslight by saying; “There’s no question these people don’t believe in science, they don’t believe in masks, vaccines,” said Rankin. “This is nothing more than an alt-right group that wants to protest things like science, and we’re pleased at the decision.”

Nova Scotia judge issues temporary injunction to stop weekend anti-mask rallies

While Strange parroted; “We’re in a very serious situation. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic,” “We cannot let a small group of individuals who willfully dismiss the science, willfully dismiss the evidence around how their actions could put other people at significant risk.”

In participating in this, “top doctor” Strang, public health gauleiter Hayley Crichton and the unelected premier demonstrated to be nothing more than thugs. They convinced a judge to strip away Nova Scotia’s right to assemble, something that could never have been accomplished legislatively. Makes one wonder how involved Nova Scotia’s partnership with Communist China really is.


15 thoughts on “Nova Scotia Turns To Force As the Government Has Failed With COVID Lies

  1. I have no words for how our government is being down our world, Dr. Strange is one face I cannot stand and his puppet Ian Rankin. I really do fear the future but know theses evil people will be brought to justice if not in this time, in the last air they breath🤬

  2. Now we are ‘alt right groups’ just for advocating freedom and liberty… masks are not normal behaviour and neither was sticking a vaxx in your arm when this nation came about.. that society of strong, independant, self reliant and courageous people did not ask their government to babysit them and keep their mouths stuffed with soothers! Rankin, the unelected deer in the headlights is the perfect useful idiot…. those people had a special fate that awaited them on history… they didn’t need to put them in the gulag because they shot them before that could be a possibility… I feel sorry for anyone who thinks this is just going away by itself. Thanks for keeping up up to date – Canucklaw.ca is doing phenominal work for Canada and its sleeple.
    The media presstitutes could learn a thing or two following this website and canucklaw.ca.
    Keep on producing the great content!

  3. Just so people understand how bad it is: I had emailed the local elementary school principal with health concerns for the children, staff, teachers etc. and suggested they go “Mask-Free”… the principal of Salem Elementary School in Sackville NB Ada Phinney who I have known over a decade reported me to the RCMP Moncton for harassment. When did emails become harassment? Why are we being beaten up for having common sense and concern? How do you reach these indoctrinated and obediant agents of destruction? They will do anything for a paycheque.. truly sickening. Those cops who take the side of tyrannical governments destroying our freedoms will have to live with their actions… so I am suggesting people look into “CLC News” on youtube with their “Constables” being sought video to give us an idea of what is taking shape in the UK with “Commonlawcourt.com” and John Smith’s organization. I’m trying to plant seeds around the region of the maritimes.. peacefully… that’s what we want.

  4. Minor detail but “her majesty” is not – she is a fake and a fraud and always was.. the coronation in 1953 was of “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” and their abusive nazi tactics have been let loose on us all for many decades… this is not good work and the entire system is corrupted and hazardous to us all due to this minor detail which I hope you find the time to report on at some point… I’m asking people how long they want to suffer under these usurper nazis in the UK – Prince Philip’s departure last month is key — this charade is unsustainable [as they say] and this vaxx push is their last gasp for control over us – it will fail.. We have a new King, King John III – Joseph Gregory Hallett claimed Kingship and Canadians should probably know about this and acknowledgement of him is now an essential step in the transition we are going thru. http://kingjohnthethird.uk – see the videos tab and the legal documents tab – let others know.

    1. Many people are not on Facebook Graham. Its probably the worst site along with Twitter for anyone actually speaking any truths at this point… but if Nova Scotians continue to sleep thru this genocide I guess they’ll have the excuse that at least they weren’t called altright racists.. while the government killed off this elderly and many vulnerable then replaced them with ‘newcomers’ for diversity… what a plan.

  5. It is really sad to see these little kids so lethargic from wearing the masks.I had an Aunt who developed pneumonia from wearing a mask every day at work. She was in ICU for 2 months and was very lucky to survive.Masks do not work as viruses are so microscopic,they travel right through them.In fact they weaken the immune system and are unconstitutional..
    I researched Joseph Gregory Hallett’s claim and he is the legitimate,rightful heir and can prove it.It is way past the time for a positive change and a cleaning out of the closet.House of Windsor is no more…
    Thank you for giving people information about their rights and the injustice and discrimination that goes on in the world when people like yourself are willing to take a stand for truth and freedom.
    Many people who are insecure use a primitive defence called projection where they accuse the person who has exposed their wrongdoing with what they are actually doing themselves.Sounds like the person who was trying to make people aware of the health risks involved with wearing a mask ended up being interrogated and made to feel bad for trying to do a good thing.It is unfair that throughout history anyone who dared to question the establishment often got punished for it.Keep up the good job. I read somewhere that if the square root of 1% of the worlds population become awakened we have a chance and there is still hope…Thanks for your part in getting the word out there to make that happen.

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