A Message To Nova Scotia Police Force!

The Nova Scotia government and law enforcement has been exerting a lot of power lately. What they do not understand is that they are losing authority.

On May 12, 2021, the Nova Scotia government took the extreme step of violating it’s citizens rights by passing an injunction against EVERYONE’s ability to assemble and protest.

Nova Scotia Turns To Force As the Government Has Failed With COVID Lies

Coward and undemocratic Justice Scott Norton said this from behind closed doors:

These statements are without grounds, and has encouraged Nova Scotia police force has become the Gestapo, and scared the weak minded into becoming vigilantes. Halifax Police have even set up a RATT line!

Special thanks to Freedom Fighter Shelly Hipson for her words!

“Dear Police Force in Nova Scotia…arrests were made and tickets were issued…yet, we would like to provide you with this quote from a group of retired and active officers who want to see an end to unconstitutional public health orders. They write: A kind reminder to all active duty officers that the legislation, upon which the Public Health orders are based, does not supersede any Charter Right (EMCPA 7.0.2).

“Peaceful protests against government actions or institutions is a guaranteed right in Canada. We urge you to #RememberYourOath and not impede on people’s rights. Arresting peaceful protestors not only erodes the foundation upon which this country is built but subjects law enforcement to civil liability, Police Services Act charges, and criminal charges. By protecting the Charter Rights of Canadian citizens, you also protect yourselves, we are one and the same.

“An injunction is necessary when the Premier wants to seriously attack our freedom of speech…it’s not at all about your safety. This is exactly what these rallies are for – to show how we are turning into a dictatorship. As long as you remain silent and don’t question masking two year old children which is child abuse – or wonder why churches are fined but Costco and Walmart can stay open…You’ll be just fine.

“History will pass harsh judgement on these officers violating the law and their oaths.”

At time of press, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has stepped in, and we will be watching what becomes of that. They’ve already had success rolling back much of Alberta’s authoritarian “laws”, although provincial governments do not look like they are giving up on the power they have grown accustomed to.


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