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Dr. Chris Milburn has quickly become a household name here in Nova Scotia. Dr. Milburn was head of Sydney, Nova Scotia’s ER, and had recently made public statements concerning Chief Medical Officer, Robert Strang’s handling of the COVID “emergency” over the last year and a half.

“Chris felt that public health officials and bureaucrats had been given too much power. That they had become unresponsive to voices from outside the bureaucracy. That they had forgotten about the other health impacts of their policies — impacts beyond the singular goal of reducing possible COVID infections.”

DR. JULIE CURWIN: Who will speak for COVID-marginalized patients after firing of Sydney ER chief?

Robert Strang did not respond well to the criticism.


Milburn was replaced only days later.

The June 15 call came from Dr. Don Brien, medical executive director of the eastern zone, informing Milburn he was fired from his role as head of emergency medicine for the eastern zone.

“Dr. Brien explained to me that my views were unacceptable for someone in my position,” said Milburn. “I was clearly told that I was fired because of my views.”


The fact is, Dr. Strang has failed us miserably. There is more than COVID going on in this province. Each year between 9,000 and 10,000 people die in N.S. For a Premier and Public Health to be focused 100% on 80-100 deaths over a period of 18 months is absurd.


Thousands of us need timely medical care, have lost our businesses, have lost loved ones who have died alone, our children are suffering while being masked, and now injected. We have studied the data – we asked for the science supporting ongoing government restrictions – as none of this makes any sense unless you are deliberately trying to kill our people, our province – our country. This over-reaction to a corona virus is beyond comprehension and needs to be questioned. In fact, it requires a complete investigation!

Nova Scotia’s “Doctor” Strang Is An Unscientific Servant Of World Health Organization Stakeholders.

We know that doctors are being silenced. This is happening across Canada. On June 17, 2021 there was a Parliamentary Press Conference on the Censorship of Doctors, Scientists & Medical Information held in Ottawa.

Peer-reviewed studies are now sounding the alarm about serious medical problems that are afflicting many recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine; a relatively new vaccine that uses technology never before tested on humans, with no long-term safety studies that had bypassed FDA approval!

The First Victim of the COVID-19 Vaccine: Patient dies from Antibody-Dependent Enhancement!

Lockdowns don’t work – masks don’t work. The entire USA is opening up.

Dr. Milburn had the courage to share his concern and that needs to be permitted and acceptable. Silence kills. It is a disgrace that the Authority has taken such negative action against him. Do you think that we live in a communist country? It sure is starting to feel like it.

Dr. Milburn is a breath of fresh air. Hundreds of us have written letters to Rankin and Strang sharing our concerns only to fall on deaf ears. We aren’t falling for it and want answers. Not all of us are Strang worshippers. He holds wat too much power for one individual. He is the one who needs to be taken down a peg or two – not Dr. Milburn.

It is interesting to note, that Strang called out Dr. Milburn for having “no public health experience”. However, Civilian Intelligence Network has confirmed, Dr. Milburn was actually a member on several local public health committees, also on the Canadian Medical Association public health committee (Committee on Health Care and Promotion) and was promoted to chair by the end of his 4 years there. He has also been a member of the Doctor’s Nova Scotia public health committee for 9 years, and the chair for 2 years.

That’s right, Dr. Milburn has outstanding qualifications. Both in public health, and on the front lines of medicine. That’s what Nova Scotia needs moving forward, critical, yet compassionate leadership. Strang, on the other hand, has zero practical experience in the field, and zero practical experience in the lab, not to mention his disastrous record during COVID.

A petition to replace Robert Strang with Chris Milburn was put forth days ago by Sam Medicraft of Halifax based Scribbler News. “Dr. Chris Milburn has shown that he cares more about the health and wellness of everyday Nova Scotians than Robert Strang.”

SIGN! Replace Strang with Dr Chris Milburn!

Send your objections concerning Dr. Milburn’s removal to
don.brien@nshealth.ca – the medical lead in the Eastern Zone and
brendan.carr@nshealth.ca – medical head of NS Health.

Send your support to
Dr. Chris Milburn at “chris.milburn@ns.sympatico.ca

Doctor Strang admits what really scares him spreading, the truth.

FLASHBACK: Robert Strang is in no position to head public health. Remember when he RTd this? To him, Lyme’s disease patients are not ill. They hide behind a “pseudoscience” or “false science”. And anyone with the disease is part of this “Lyme’s Cult”! When Strang approved this tweet he violated Nova Scotia social media policy! By taking an opinion which was unethical for a man in his position, working for the government of Nova Scotia!

MY TAKE: Dr. Chris Milburn speaks up and tells Robert Strang that he’s “Power Hungry” and gets fired? While Robert Strange insults thousands of Lyme’s patients in the province, basically calling them “cult” members of a “Fake disease” and he gets to keep his job? It’s time Robert Strange steps down!

I do know one cult that is well funded and growing; the “Doctor Strang Cult”. Talk about an anti-science movement!


  1. The more I read about Nova Scotia’s culture of idiots the more I realize it was a good idea to get the hell out of that province when I did in 2010 after just a few years of drinking their fluoridated shite drinking water in Halifax. If only I had known about this ‘city’ problem before transplanting across the country from fabulously unfluoridated by overrun by Chinese mainland Vancouver.
    Oh well, you live and you learn. Interesting article and thanks… you learn something new every day at Civilian Intelligence Network – in this case about the #lyme disease cult, hadn’t heard of that one before but was familiar with it due to a diagnosis in the family that was being treated by Port Hawkesbury doctor Dr. B who subsequently ended up in Halifax in ‘research’.

  2. Loved your Maxime Bernier meme as Jesus !!! wow so good Shawn!!! thanks hilarious…
    meantime, we are now witnessing the NB snub by Rankin and Frank Magazine’s being yanked from the shelves in Sobey’s .. its getting interesting folks! As RN/MP Liz Cumberland shills vaxx …Website: Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin (esmithmccrossinmla.ca)
    Member of the Legislative Assmebly [oops better fix that typo on instagram liz]
    Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin @MLAElizabethNS
    Why couldn’t we amp up our vaccine supply, engage all resources and get 2nd doses into arms by the end of June. It could be done. #protectNS #preventcoviddeaths
    @Doctors_NS @nshealth @zachchurchill
    Engage all nurses, doctors, paramedics, pharmacists. Let’s get this done.

  3. I think doctors are not our friends… I think politicians are not our friends… I am careful who I support and promote .. check this recent video out from Alison McDowell USA wrenchinthegears.com – Tucson Arizona June 2021 Argusfest … the technocracy doesn’t care about your feelings.. you are welcome to download and share this one for Alison’s reach.
    Much appreciated folks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf4QC1tFPCQ&ab_channel=AlisonMcDowellAlisonMcDowell
    “Smart Cities”, the Transhumanist Game and Lifelong Learning … the Technocracy is brutal.

  4. Is that picture with the Strangler in photo frames a real lady selling stuff in her shop? OMFG.
    Today I was chatting with Andrew Douglas at Frank Magazine… he’s reasonably neato guy.
    Told him to check out my blog here I promote CIN and Frank Mag and Paul Palango articles, etc.

  5. Did I miss something Shelly Hipson? This doctor Milburn that you love so much took the covid vaxx? So, come on… enough with the folksy smokescreen.. do I wonder who runs this narrative downeast at “Red Alert Nova Scotia” but then again, who really cares… you’re not helping if you are fan girl for a vaxx promoting doctor in your province… no matter how ‘nice’ you think he is .. he took the vaxx when it was offered, no questions asked.
    Sheesh. Milburn, you should read Brave New World and stop quoting Orwell [the Spanish agitator revolutionary].. but maybe I am asking too much of a simple yet wealthy doc…. who knows how to play the game now… bravo on the doublethink, doublegood, b.s.fest on covidtesting and covidvaxx.. at the end of the day Milburn would be happy to bend over a covidanalswab if his masters asked him to. If I’m wrong on my read of this guy, do feel free to enlighten me…

  6. More info here…. a Special Event Q & A video with Dr. Dena Churchill, Dr. Chris Milburn from Freedom Nova Scotia June 24, 2021… https://vimeo.com/567992566
    show notes:
    On June 24, we had the opportunity to host a special truth and freedom forum with Dr. Chris Milburn, the first medical doctor in Nova Scotia to boldly speak his truth and publicly question the government’s official position and policies behind their COVID-19 response.
    On June 10, Chris spoke on a CBC Radio panel and freely shared his professional opinion on how the province handled the third wave, and school reopenings. A week later, for challenging the prevailing government orthodoxy, he was fired from his position as director of Emergency Medicine for the Eastern Zone of Nova Scotia Health.
    Chris was asked 13 questions and here, unedited, are the answers he offered on various topics including:
    Experience with public health medicine
    Challenging Dr. Strang and the government
    The impact on children of the lockdown and masks
    Vaccine safety during pregnancy
    Medical exemptions for Covid vaccines
    Censorship of opposing views
    Inspiring other medical doctors to speak out
    The effectiveness of the CAEFISS reporting
    The Hippocratic Oath, medical accountability, informed consent
    Ivermectin as an alternative therapy
    Post-vaccine physiological effects on pilots
    How many actives cases in Canada
    Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes. Please share this everywhere.

  7. Wales reporter Anna Brees has now interviewed Chris Milburn who has now been fired.
    You’ll find this guy is just a victim of the system now… honest men must be removed.
    Sad. The nazis are winning in the maritimes… sadly… but I’m not surprised at all.
    Put this video on your channel CIN.. I have … its unfortunate we’ll just be left with ‘compliant medics’. We’ll track the down spiral… https://www.bitchute.com/video/siHRiywuQ0vb/

  8. Frank Magazine continues to make fun of vaxx aware people and they are being idiots on their Facebook about Chris Milburn’s efforts re concerns for children being targetted for the vaxx and naturally cautious people so…. I would like CIN to do a report on Frank’s nefarious intentions downeast… I consider their shit rag now to be the enemy and part of distraction media…
    Cover their owner’s millionaire and his big pharma wealth… the people in Nova Scotia are being badly gaslight and screwed with from many angles.

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