NWO Shills Promote “Toxic” NAC Treatment & “Spike Protein Toxicity”!

For many of us who are new to social media or who have not picked up insight on key social medial players, posts or messages on social media may appear on the surface to be legit. But who are these media moguls and moles? Some have many followers some have only a few, but many are NWO shills pushing their masters narrative. There are two camps at the moment; those pushing vaccines and compliance vs. those promoting anti-masks, anti-vax, and anti-government. Both are hills to die on… literally! The anti-vax in particular are so outnumbered that they are akin to the Jews of WWII whose fate awaits them in government concentration camps subjected to forced vaccinations.

What’s worse, the majority of people are so oblivious to this misinformation that they have been brainwashed to believe and fear each other! The pro-vaccine group strongly believe that the anti-vaxers are Nazi and anarchists that will cause the destruction of the human race because they have not been vaccinated, while the anti-vaxers fear they will succumb to “spike Protein” toxicity simply if they are near a “vaccinated” individual. This has started to cause intense friction within our society; it’s divided both friends and family!

Spike proteins should not be able to alter your DNA; there is NO GENETIC MATERIAL because they are proteins made up of amino acids. Can you breathe them in? Probably? Touch them? Sure. But are they living pathogens like virus and bacteria? No! Can the human body produce them? Yes, in those that are vaccinated within their cell and even shed them in “miniscule amounts” on their skin, and in the blood itself. Are spike proteins produced in vaccinated individuals? Studies are showing that they are for up to 15-18 days post vaccination then they are no longer detectable! But again these spike protein, unlike the HIV virus that causes AIDS, do not contain genetic material! They are NOT living organisms that can cause infection! Japan has banned blood donations from vaccinated people because of these spike proteins. But what will they do you you? That’s the BIG question. Are they chemically active? This we don’t know. One thing is certain, their effects will be far more detrimental to those that are vaccinated. The rest of us… well… we will have our natural immunity to ward off these “spike proteins”.

There are many families right now with only half of their family members vaccinated and the UNVACCINATED have NOT succumbed to “Spike Protein” toxicity! So stop the madness! Don’t misunderstand me; the vaccine is the NWO snake oil… and it will kill you! The NWO “Controlled opposition” is there to instill fear, separate and divide families and communities! Divide and conquer is the NWOs MO! There are many NWO Shills, like Dr. Grouf PhD… peddling the “Beware of Spike Protein Toxicity” narrative which acts to cause further dissension, division and FEAR in order to serve his NWO agenda and master! The only people that need to fear the “spike protein” toxicity are the vaccinated!

Quotes/info courtesy… https://twitter.com/DGrouf?s=09

Dr. Grouf is referring to the first postmortem on a vaccinated patient that died and showed elevated spike protein antibodies (IgG). Had Dr. Grouf actually read the autopsy report the patient did have signs of COVID-19 disease! PCR test showed that the patient was infected with COVID-19 on day 24 “Because our patient died after his first positive SARS-CoV-2 test result, we suppose that the molecular mapping data reflects an early stage of viral infection.” The patient also presented with COVID-19 symptoms: He had an elevated temperature of 38.8 and “lung auscultation with crackles”. Because he was vaccinated he would have spike protein antibodies! Despite these findings the “cause of death was NOT listed as COVID-19. We believe his death to have been triggered by an Antibody-Dependent Enhancement from the actual vaccine itself.

The First Victim of the COVID-19 Vaccine: Patient dies from Antibody-Dependent Enhancement!

In addition, there was no mention in the case study on “Spike Protein Toxicity”! Nor were there any laboratory tests conducted that would confirm that the patient died from “spike toxin” poisoning! This is all Fearmongering at it’s best! And how many of us fell for it? How many of us took his statements literally and avoided or argued with friends or family we know that are vaccinated? These statements are destroying relationships, community, and creating anxiety and fear in many of us. That is the NWO agenda!

The patient had antibodies IgG against “spike protein” in his blood which you would normally see in vaccinated people for about 18 days till they plateau out. A more recent study confirms that spike protein production is completely gone post vaccination by day 15 and even at day 56 there are NO SPIKE PROTEIND PRESENT IN THE BODY! But in this case however, the patient had IgG antibodies past this time frame. What does it all mean? Basically that the vaccine had launched an attack against that patient’s body itself! His immune system was still actively trying to neutralize cells lined with “spike protein” inserts. Why? Because viral mRNA never stopped producing these spike proteins causing the immune system to stay in the ON position attacking cells lined with spike proteins, damaging these cells which then released more spike protein into circulation. Is this the norm? No! But it supports our hypothesis that he died of ADE or what is also referred to as “Pathogenic Priming” caused by the vaccine itself!


Studies are now showing that COVID-19 virus can alter your innate immune system and launch an autoimmune-like attack against the body whereby the body’s own immune system attacks the body itself! Had Dr. Grouf paid attention to the elevated white blood cells (WBC) and elevated C-reactive Protein in the posted lab results, he would have seen that there was an exceptionally high inflammatory response taking place in this patient’s body. That, along with the presenting blood clot would most certainly cause what we call a “cytokine storm”; an immune response where the body starts to attack its own cells and tissues are known to happen in autoimmune diseases like juvenile arthritis.

The fact that there was no nucleocapsid is significant; it confirms that there was no Covid-19 virus present (and the authors confirm this) but it does not rule out Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) as the mechanism that killed this “vaccinated” patient. Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen (i.e. COVID-19 Virus) but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a “Trojan horse,” allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response. ADE has been observed in SARS, MERS and other human respiratory viral infections including RSV and measles, which suggests a real risk of ADE for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. ADE has been documented to result from vaccination itself or infection! In this case, the patients own immune system is recognizing his body cells lined with “spike protein” as foreign invaders and is actively attacking his body cells!

And the fact that there was viral mRNA (viral genetic material) found in every body cell is also significant because it shows vaccines are not working like government, medical authorities, big pharma and media are telling us they are; the mRNA is NOT destroyed after vaccination! So what the fuck is it doing in ALL of your body cells? Perhaps this information would have deterred several people from actually taking the vaccine?

The headline here should have been that the vaccine, like HIV, launched an autoimmune attack on the body itself; The First Victim of the COVID-19 Vaccine died of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement!

Here we go … again! Now “Dr. Grouf ” is offering support to those “vaccinated”. The case study does not even mention Glutathione nor does it refer to the “Spike Proteins” being toxins? Would Glutathione be depleted? Yes, it usually is during an inflammatory response. But it’s not the “spike proteins” themselves causing the inflammatory response… it’s the faulty immune system! What triggered the immune system to start attacking the body itself? The mRNA within cells? Maybe? The patient presented with a blood clot and inflammation. Can inflammation itself trigger one’s immune system to go into full-out warp speed?

Dr Grouf goes on to say… “But there is hope…” Will you be encouraging supplementation in vaccinated individuals next? What’s your “game plan” Dr. Grouf?

BOOM! And there you have it! N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): The “How to recover from biochemical poisoning due to spike proteins”. This is akin to big pharma pushing the “aspirin” cure during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that acted to speed up “death” by causing pneumonia! FYI: All those individuals that have chosen “mRNA Vaccination” you have now and forever more, modified your cells genetic makeup. As confirmed by this study, viral mRNA is in every body cell! If the mRNA insert has been spliced into your DNA, your offspring will also have viral genetic material. Period! Your body…. your choice.

Is there hope? If you haven’t done so already…. do not take the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th shot they offer you! You see… cells have a certain life span and they too are recycled. We believe that multiple doses are required to sustain the effect the NWO needs to activate or trigger Antibody-dependent Enhancement or this autoimmune disease. Perhaps this will extend your life expectancy? God help you and I pray for you all!

In human clinical trials with Covid-19 infected patients, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) has been used to replenish Glutathione stores and increase the proliferative response of T-Cells of the immune system. T-Cells are a part of the immune system that focus on specific foreign antigens; rather than attack any antigen, T-cells circulate until they encounter their specific antigen in this case the “Spike Protein” on the virus. But in “vaccinated” patients that now have T-Cell memory due to the vaccine, NAC would act to speed up the immune response against the body itself! The postmortem study showed that the patient had viral mRNA in his cells. What is it doing there? Is it still producing spike proteins? Are these spike proteins being inserted in cell membranes? If this is the case the elevated number of T-Cells would launch an attack on EVERY CELL in the body containing “spike proteins” resulting in a swift death! In this post, Dr. Grouf is definitely advising “vaccinated ” individuals? My guess is he is also a NWO assassin!

To be clear, the mechanism that triggers the immune system to start attacking the body itself is not known at this time. It could be attributed to a previous COVID-19 infection or from the vaccine itself. Studies have shown that infection from the Covid-19 virus can cause autoimmunity and that the vaccine also damages the body’s innate immune system. Does the viral mRNA in the vaccine then too cause autoimmunity? Do the spike-proteins produced cause autoimmunity? What we do know is that those that are either infected or vaccinated now have a faulty immune system! And the NWO will probably never tell us what triggers this nor how to treat it! I doubt NAC is the answer nor is Ivermectin. But that’s a story for another day.

Wow! Now the timing is impeccable! The FDA has just removed NAC from the shelves? The only known cure for “Spike Protein” toxicity (sarcasm)! You see the NWO trolls work in tandem: all supporting one another and endorsing the NWO narrative! There are no coincidences here; the offspring of the NWO elite and their paid lackeys are out to kill you… literally!

Update: NWO “Controlled Opposition” Can’t Handle Criticism!

As predicted “Dr Grouf” didn’t like having his NAC therapy contradicted! And why would he? His goal is to cause more harm in “vaccinated” individuals! He even went as far as stating that there was no viral RNA inside the vaccine! Perhaps this in the NWO spin on the vaccine? Just mRNA folks… no RNA… no genetic code! (sarcasm) Ffs! Viral mRNA is a type of RNA… and yes… it is indeed genetic material! CIN was blocked from his thread attacking our article. One would think that a “Real Scientist” would enjoy constructive debate? Time for “Dr. Grouf PhD.” to retire to his NWO underground cave… you have served your Master well… you dirty dog!

But why stop there! Twitter has bigger, “blue dot” accounts with thousands of followers pushing this narrative. Some are even female versions of Alex Jones pushing conspiracy theories! Wonder why they have “blue dots”? All endorsed by Jack-Fucken-Dorsey! Yes, Twitter. Oh the drama when their accounts get suspended. All theater! Well if it isn’t Rothschild-Scholar… I mean Rhodes-Scholar…. Dr. Naomi Wolf…. aka… “I worked on Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, and Al Gore’s (An Inconvenient Truth) presidency bid in 2000 and still wrote a book on vaginas!” You see these NWO trolls, bots, and bastards wear many faces!

The anxiety alone that they create with posts such as this is enough to cause serious health issues! Yes, some shedding of “spike protein” does occur upon vaccination but that shedding is “minuscule” as confirmed by the developer of the actual mRNA vaccine protocol Dr. Luigi Warren (Below).

Secondly, the individual CANNOT shed viral mRNA! Scientists had to coat the viral mRNA with a liposomal coat (fat) in order to allow mRNA to cross directly into body cells! There are a lot of drugs that already use this technology. What does this mean? The reverse process would be difficult if not impossible to do. Yes, you will get some excretion of spike proteins in body fluids (i.e. blood, feces, urine, saliva, seminal fluid, vaginal secretion) but they are made up of amino acids and are easily degradable by heat. Will the water supply be affected? Water treatment plants should have no problem sterilizing our water from these spike proteins.

Notice how Naomi highlights “mRNA”? This is insane! Vaccinated people are NOT shedding viral mRNA they are releasing spike proteins which consist of amino acids not genetic material! This is akin to saying that vaccinated males are spraying the environment with their sperm or that vaccinated women are ovulating like chickens all over the place! Everyone living human on the planet releases hormones; men, women, children through urine or excrement! What is really concerning here is that they are comparing “Spike Proteins” to birth control hormones that can accumulate in our water, ecosystem and food supply…. “with unknown consequences”. Studies show that sewage treatment plants remove virtually all of the main estrogen in oral contraceptives and that natural estrogens from soy, dairy products, animal waste used as a farm fertilizer account for over 90% of hormones in water. Where exactly is the NWO going with this? Are they going to control and regulate our water supply next?

This is just fearmongering at its best. The NWO wants to control our environment, our water supply and our food supply chain… and this would do it! But if you take away one thing today from this article it’s this: The NWO will not do anything to destroy the planet itself! You… well… you’re a “useless eater” but the planet, our environment and water supply is Utopia to them! This Pandemic is all about depopulation and they want you dead to maintain planetary health which they helped to destroy in the first place!

Tweet by Dr. Luigi Warren the inventor of mRNA vaccines:

Please read the tweet by Dr. Luigi Warren the inventor of mRNA vaccines. Then take a look at how social media NWO trolls put a spin on his tweet…. do you see the problem now? They used his tweet, left out the part about “miniscule” and “can’t cause disease”! There were hundreds of “blue dot” twitter accounts that did the same thing… with millions of followers! The seeds of fear are easily planted on social media.

“It’s certainly true that people vaccinated with mRNA vaccines do shed spike proteins, but in miniscule amounts that almost certainly can’t cause disease/malaise in others.”

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  1. VAXXLIFE in 2021.. is weird.. I thought Clownworld before covid19 was weird and see my town now has Pride Month which went from Pride Day and then Pride Week over the past few years.. the level of weirdness out there is hard to ignore.. but ignore it is what I try to do to keep my myself content and happy… I am sorry so many people have gizmo addictions and social media addictions to Twitter and Facebook.. but its their choice to be dumbed down, drugged and ignorant. I respect the right of people to use big pharma to kill themselves unwittingly.
    Life is short and if others want to be guinea pigs for untested unsafe and unapproved vaxx from powerful corporations pushing around ‘government’ minions.. what the hell can we really do?

  2. But NAC also neutralizes spike proteins, right? The fundamental reason for ADE is that the spike proteins will merge with the cell wall of the organs, and that’s where your antibodies will attack after you face a wild virus.
    But if a significant amount of spike proteins are neutralized which means your immune system won’t attack your organs, doesn’t that mean NAC may mitigate ADE?

    1. NAC will not neutralize spike proteins. I wish it were that easy. NAC would have to bind on the furin cleavage site on the spike of the GP41… and it does not. We are talking about a bioweapon that has HIV inserts and is functioning the same way with the exception of airborne transmission. If NAC did not work against the HIV virus it wont work against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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