2 thoughts on “Manitoba vaccine lead says mixing vaccines is part of pandemic’s ‘big human experiment’

  1. Tell it to the Nova Scotians and they remind me of cattle grazing that look up briefly from their contented rural spot then continue to graze.. in a nutshell I see the insular nature of Nova Scotians, and as the Cape Breton Doc Milburn shows with his unquestioning ‘sure I took the vaxx’, beyond silly and intellectually — they are dangerously asleep.. with the possible exceptions of Shawn Paul Melville and Dr. Dena Churchill making a lot of noise your province is in a lot of trouble… even the Nighttime Podcaster “Jordan Bonaparte” was on CBC shilling for the VAXbot programme to get in there asap and get his shots.. this is a guy with a decent following who regularly interviews Paul Palango on the Wortman Shooting research he is doing for his book and documentary… when I spoke with Palango’s wife by phone recently she was even pushing the ‘well if you get the covid its pretty nasty’ pro-vaxx nudge… what gives Nova Scotia? I don’t get it.. I’ll never get it… sticking stuff in your veins that you have no clue what is in it and what it will do??? Why?? God in heaven why? The blind trust in the medical establishment AND government is a deadly combo – this region is ripe for culling of the herd.

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