China looking to crack heads and spill blood.

July 1st, 2021, China celebrated 100 years of Communist Party in China. Canadians typically celebrate their own nations founding on that day, but this year, most Canadians were forbidden from gathering in masses, let alone in celebration.

Canada is dead, long live China?… The times, they are a Chang’an.

President Xi gave an epic 2 hour speech that day, more like a military battle cry putting any nation on notice that stands in China’s way.


Leftist media joined in the celebration of China’s history. However, references to bashing heads and bloodshed were not included in the Chinese media’s English translations of the speech.

Oh man, this speech is fucking insane. The whole speech is “fighting” and “winning”. He referred to the 1.5 billion Chinese as “a great wall of steel”. It’s best you see for yourself.

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