Why do so many people consider Klaus Schwab to be the most dangerous man on earth? He’s the Founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) who want a world-wide digital I.D. system to monitor your online behavior, purchases and biometrics in order to control your every move which comes with its own “kill switch.” Their goal is to do away with democratic societies in order to implement a New World Order; a NWO controlled by the elites and political puppets that have all been implicated in crimes against humanity and genocide.

But their nefarious plan also involves hacking human beings to re-engineering life itself. Klaus Schwab top advisor, Dr. Yoval Noah Harari confirms this in this video. Elites now want power to re-engineer life; your life. Science is replacing “evolution by natural selection” with “evolution by intelligence design.” Not by the intelligence design of God above the clouds, but the elite’s intelligence design using their “clouds;” the IBM Cloud, the Microsoft Cloud. These are the driving forces that will be used to hack “human beings” on a massive scale.

By hacking organisms elites have the power to control life itself. In the past many Tyrants, the Nazi and KGB wanted to do this but did not have the scientific technology to do this. Science has now come full circle and is playing God. And the Coronavirus pandemic has now allowed them to implement their new regime of surveillance to take over using their technology.

And they have managed to implement this using the WEFs Young Global Leaders Forum which have infiltrated every corner of our world political infrastructures; all countries are being run by these WEFs political puppets!

But who are their bosses? BlackRock is an investment firm with 10 Trillion dollars in asset management and are using your pension funds to implement their NWO! BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is a board member of the WEF. And who owns BlackRock? The Global Elite; BlackRock (China), The Vanguard Group (Rothschild), State Street Corporation (Rothschild, Rockefellers) Fidelity (Desmarais).

So is Klaus Schwab the most dangerous man on the earth? According to his minions, humans are now hackable animals with no “soul” or “free will.” This is not about a pandemic, protecting the environment, climate change, white privilege, BLM, UNDRIP, human rights or war in Ukraine; this is about implementing their NWO and creating their slave class. Have a listen. Let’s que “Dr. Evil”…

And just exactly who will be the NWOs slaves? According to Klaus Schwab “Asians” will be working for the NWO elites because they are far more malleable than the old “white stock” Europeans. But don’t consider yourselves lucky if you’re Asian because you’ll be a hacked soul-less body devoid of any freedom. Yes, “You’ll have nothing and you’ll be happy” is but a computer simulation in the NWOs intelligence Matrix by design.

@12:13 I feel that the Asian countries with a relatively young population can

Bye the way, WEF was not the first to propose replacement migration. The Kalergi Plan called for immigration to replace white Europeans.

This from the book the “Great Reset”…. Klaus makes reference to the Kalergi Plan at the top.

It sounds like Schwab but it is not…. it is Richard Kalergi.

Now you’re back to Zionism.

Synagogue Of Satan: The Chabad Lubavitch Khazarian Mafia Nazi Jews of Ukraine

Is there a solution? The 10 Trillion dollars they are using to implement the NWO is your pension money and it’s time the sheeple pulled the plug on the funding!

Don’t just focus on the WEF leader….Klaus Schwab THIS is the man you must be VERY careful of, LARRY FINK of Blackrock.


Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street are the 3 largest companies in the world – They own everything from pharma to media and have governments in their pocket. Oh they also sit on the board of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Incidentally, the WEF is also #Cyberattack Central. The link to the page on the cyber attack drill in 2021 has been removed from the WEF website. We all know the next chapter.

Cyber Polygon and the move to the new Chinese/Russian digital currency.

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