On August 8, 2021, “Doctor” Tedros explained a Marburg pandemic was well underway and new vaccines are required.


The thing is, Marburg is not as contagious as Ebola or SARS, nor is it airborne and it’s only contagious when symptoms appear. Basically, we can prepare for Marburg and prevent transmission easier than preparing for COVID-19! It’s transmissible through droplet and body fluid transmission and only from “symptomatic” patients. Is it deadly? Yes. Marburg carries a a mortality rate from 30-80% but healthcare workers should be able to contain transmission.

Social media has been on fire today with several NWO “Controlled Opposition” and “Blue Dot” Twitter accounts spreading the fear of yet another pandemic. And here is Kieran Morrissey a NWO “Poster Boy” promoting this garbage!

Kierran Morrissey writes for a NWO “Controlled Opposition” online newspaper called LewRockwell.com. There is some “truth” in what he presents in the video. For example the NWO is indeed currently preparing a Marburg vaccine for the general population but we don’t believe that it’s actually “Marburg” but rather the long-term and fatal side effects of COVID-19 Vaccinations!

But who exactly is Lew Rockwell? Llewellyn Harrison Rockwell Jr. (born July 1, 1944) is an American author, editor, and political consultant. A libertarian and a self-professed anarcho-capitalist, he founded and is the chairman of the Mises Institute, a non-profit dedicated to promoting the Austrian School of economics. Yes the Austrian Nazi Elites have resurfaced disguised behind an “anti-socialist” agenda that promotes capitalism. Libertarians are all about decentralized government, minimal government oversite and regulations (including labor rights), and open markets. Libertarians have declared an open season on National Sovereignty in favor of corporate takeover; they are the NWO!

“In 2003, the Southern Poverty Law Center described the Mises Institute as “a major center promoting libertarian political theory and the Austrian School of free market economics”, also noting the Mises Institute disgust with child labor laws.” In other words, if they can stand up they can work!

“In 2017, the president of the Mises Institute, Jeff Deist, gave a speech at the Mises University conference, where in his concluding remarks he stated that the ideas of “blood and soil and God and nation still matter to people”. His use of the phrase blood and soil, originally used by the Nazi party as a call for racial nationalism, was alleged by some to be an explicit signal to Neo-Nazis and other white nationalist groups. Nicholas Sarwark and Arvin Vohra, then the chair and vice-chair of the United States Libertarian Party, condemned Deist’s speech, with Vohra stating that “the Mises Institute has been turned into a sales funnel for the White Nationalist branch of the Alt Right”. Vohra further accused the Mises Institute as being “authoritarian, racist, nazi”

“Blood and soil” was a key slogan to Nazi ideology expressing Germany’s ideal of a racially defined national body (“blood”) united with a settlement area (“soil”). It is tied to the German concept of “Lebensraum,” the belief that the German people were to entitled to expand into Eastern Europe, conquering and displacing the native Slavic and Baltic population. These nationalist ideology were later adopted by Adolf Hitler.

There are two narratives taking place in both the MSM and social media and both are driven by one NWO Master! One side promotes the deadly “vaccine” and the other promotes “Natural Immunity,” “anti-mask,” deadly drugs such as “Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine,” “rallies and demonstrations” at a time when there actually is a deadly viral pandemic with a bioweapon that contains HIV inserts! FYI: There is no natural immunity to HIV! Yes… both sides want you dead! Get it!

But what exactly is coming? What we know so far from “credible” Science experts is that the “spike proteins” now being produced in vaccinated individuals are damaging endothelial cells lining blood vessels causing scaring and blood clots. As platelet cells in the blood rush in and try repair damaged vessels they are clumping together and forming clots. Why? The platelets in vaccinated patients are now covered in “spike proteins” and are basically getting tangled causing clots. And like the Ebola or Marburg virus that causes blood clotting and hemorrhagic fever, these clotting problems will lead to internal bleeding, as blood leaks from small blood vessels in the body.

Is the condition Ebola or Marburg? Absolutely not! It is a direct result of the vaccine! It is also the new NWO narrative to push more vaccines that will target the “Marburg Virus.” Yes… more vaccines are coming and with hemorrhaging from body orifices such as the nose, mouth, eyes, and ears, a main symptom everyone will force these new deadly vaccines on the unvaccinated! God help us all!

Furthermore, social media is also on fire with several “Controlled Opposition” narratives pushing for Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. These drugs, normally used to treat parasitic infections when used in small amounts, also act as a blood thinners. With millions of vaccinated people now searching for help with post- vaccine contamination, these drugs and the damage caused by spike proteins to blood vessels is a recipe for disaster! In addition, the medical profession is also treating these “clotting conditions” that are showing up in vaccinated patients using blood thinners without taking into account the extensive vascular tissue damage and inflammation that is arising due to these spike proteins! God help us all and God pray for the vaccinated.

For the unvaccinated using IVM or HCQ these are anti-parasitic drugs and long-term use will erode your stomach lining disrupting normal pH balance and destroy your gut biome. Why is this a problem? These are conditions that will make your body more susceptible to inflammation and infection! Low stomach pH interferes with natural immunity, Vitamin D absorption all required to fight off viruses! It looks like the only parasites the NWO wants to exterminate by promoting these drugs is… you! And if you think you will be safe through “Natural Immunity”… think again! THERE IS NO NATURAL IMMUNITY WITH A BIOWEAPON ARMED WITH HIV! Infection with SARS-CoV-2 is just as bad as vaccination!

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