FOI: Nova Scotia Public Health definitions allow for deaths of COVID-19 inoculated to be classified as “unvaccinated”

Q: In Nova Scotia, what do you call a person who has received one dose and dies within the next 14 days?
A: An “unvaccinated death.”

An “unvaccinated death” may sound like a simple phrase to define. Ask a child in Grade 7 and they might simply guess that it’s a person who died of COVID-19 and didn’t receive any shots.

However, we’ve recently learned through a Freedom of Information request to the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness that it’s more complicated than that. An unvaccinated death can also mean a person who has died within 14 days of getting the first dose even though there is the possibility that they may have died of old age or of the adverse effects of the jab.

So let’s say a 94 year old resident in long term care is at the end of life, has chronic renal disease and diabetes. She is jabbed and dies within 14 days…This is considered an unvaccinated death.

Or a 34 year old has an allergic reaction and is admitted into hospital and as a consequence dies. We certainly hope that it is identified as a death due to the vaccine and not an unvaccinated death – but it is important to start questioning this.

Overall, we find the definitions that Dr. Strang and public health are using misleading and flawed. Is this intentional? An unvaccinated COVID-19 death should be a person who has not received ANY SHOTS – it’s that simple.

These definitions not only allow for the data to be skew, and otherwise manipulated, but it also enables Public Health and the media to blame the unvaccinated for the pandemic and therefore misleads the public into creating distrust against those who have made a decision not to get inoculated.

So are the unvaccinated with COVID-19 truly placing a burden on hospitals? In-fact, there is no indication that 2020 or the beginning of 2021 is any different than any other year with regards to ICU hospitalizations in Nova Scotia going back as far as 2015. (Please note that the Nova Scotia Health Authority does not publish Freedom of Information requests and responses FOI POP 2021-109 and 2021-082 are hidden from the public)

We have requested additional information from the government to see if we can get to the bottom of the numbers and will pass it along when it becomes available. But Upon studying the initial data released to us via a Freedom of Information request so far – it is of our opinion – hospitals are busy – this goes back for decades – there was no surge in ICU hospitalizations in 2020 and actually it was the lowest number going back six years to 2015.

So WHO came up with these definitions? WHO wants to blame the unvaccinated? Our bets – the progenitors are the WEF/WHO, and the con artists of this entire “pandemic”. Unvaccinated people can also be referred to as healthy people who believe in their immune system…what a concept eh – imagine that.


On September 23, 2021, a video went around the internet about a 13 year old girl who’s heart stopped after taking the jab, and was now in Halifax hospital.

Strang went on CBC almost immediately on September 24 to “debunk” the “misinformation”. And attested that vaccines were safe.


It has since come out the girls name is Kelly Kenneally, and more and more people are coming forward who know the family and confirm her ordeal.

Someone even confirmed the girl has been sent home hospital and given blood thinners.

Nova Scotia Health Won’t Report Vaccine Injuries. Counts Adverse Reactions As COVID.

One thing is for sure, Public Health’s definitions have potential to cover up such disasters if they are true.

The UK and the USA have the same definitions as Nova Scotia/Canada, it is a World Health Organization standard. The UK is reporting thousands of increase deaths “unrelated” to covid.

“Data from Public Health England (PHE) shows that during that period there were 2,103 extra death registrations with ischemic heart disease, 1,552 with heart failure, as well as an extra 760 deaths with cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke and aneurysm and 3,915 with other circulatory diseases.”

How many of these people were inoculated? How many of these deaths occurred within the 14 day window?


The CDC gives big pharma the same grace period. And when a person is diagnosed beyond that time, it is always attributed to SARS-CoV-2 as a “breakthrough infection”.


Even with skewing definitions, Breakthrough cases and hospitalizations are slowly becoming the majority.


Since September 22, 2021, Israel has deemed anyone without the third dose booster as “unvaccinated”, a progression in the definition.


This put 1 million Israeli’s, who had two doses, out in the cold. Their vax passes no longer worked.


Israel is 80% vaccinated, yet they’re at the highest number of cases that they’ve ever been. They’ve also had booster shots there too. Fauci’s response should make people think.

Dr Anthony Fauci said to Israel Army Radio September 30, 2021, that the USA will likely follow Israel in offering third booster shots of Pfizer COVID vaccine to everyone. “I am favorably disposed to what the Israelis have done.”

Even though when questioned about Israel’s number’s, he still attests they are effective.

Allowing Public Health, which is just an arm of World Health Organization, continual leeway in how they define everything, allows them to win with syntax and semantics, and not science.

This is what happens when we’ve been conned on the highest level.  They used the flu to sell us a jab that has nothing to do with the flu, and everything to do with HIV/autoimmune.  Not only that, what we did not need to fear a year ago, that drove everyone to get injected, has now created a situation where the injected are producing a virus that transmits HIV in an airborne manner.

With a continuous push to get more jabs in more arms in more doses, Fauci’s Pharma Nostra is creating the pandemic they always desired. At what point do people finally turn their backs on these criminally misleading monsters.

VIDEO: “Doctor” Strang labels vaccine infections and injuries as “Break Through Cases”, continuing cover-up.

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