VIDEO: Masked Police Fail To Catch Un-masked “Protester”, Proving Oxygen Matters.

Enjoy some comic relief from the May 15, 2021 Anti-Lockdown Protest in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Citadel runner, Zackary McKibbon, has been charged. The Nova Scotia “authorities” plan on making an example out of him. Help Zackary get the best defense possible, we cannot allow the government to set these presidents. Support his Go Fund Me.

“My name is Zackary and after running from the Halifax police I have been charged with criminal charges requiring paying lawyers immediately for my July Court date.

“You may have seen the video of this, it is very popular on the internet and has been shared worldwide. After that happened a month goes by and the police show up at my apartment to arrest me pretending to be Nova Scotia power. Which was last Friday, they gave me a non social distancing ticket for 2400$ and resisting arrest charge then let me go. I have to now fight these criminal charges likely against a crown prosecutor who will try to make some kind of example out of me.

“Until now I have had no experience or interactions with the law, but that all changed one day when I was chilling with two friends I ran into on citadel hill about a month ago. We heard there was a freedom rally and went to check it out, we were standing far away from everyone else on the hill in a group of 3 for about 10 minutes before everything happened. I have no idea why we were targeted, there were hundreds of people on the other side of the hill having picnics and hanging with friends just like what we were doing.

“The HRP swarmed around us with about 8 officers who were being very intimidating. I was singled out by an officer who had a thick French accent, tight face mask and was speaking very quietly so I could not hear him. (I’m also half deaf from running a competitive shooting club). I asked him to speak louder and he started grabbing me and trying to take my phone from me, at this point I panicked and ran away as my natural instincts told me to.”


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