VIDEO: “Doctor” Strang labels vaccine infections and injuries as “Break Through Cases”, continuing cover-up.

On May 31, 2021, Nova Scotia’s “top doctor” dropped a new phrase on us, “Break Through Cases”. I was not sure where he came up with this term and was not initially aware of what he meant.

But Break Through Cases are covid infections they deem occurred AFTER a patient has had one of two doses of the COVID19 vaccine. It defies science, but these morons want us to believe everyone who gets sick, has an adverse reaction, or dies after taking the vaccine is due to the virus and NOT the vaccine.

Strang said that these numbers would soon be revealed to us, but first “Break Through Cases” would first go through the Premiere’s office. That only makes sense if you want to put the data through a Public Relations firm and spin.

The CDC has already themselves been reporting on these “Break Through Infections”, which may give us some idea when Strang came up with this gobbly gook, because it is not a phrase currently used in the Canadian Public Health vernacular.


The thing is, the term breakthrough infection is also a term used for someone who experiences a secondary pneumonia during early HIV seroconversion (infection).

Post-COVID-19 Vaccination Breakthrough Infections: Early HIV Seroconversion!

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: “Doctor” Strang labels vaccine infections and injuries as “Break Through Cases”, continuing cover-up.

  1. “Vaxx are now killing people but no can’t say vaxx kiling people” — The Strangler, a useful idiot… holymoly this guy is out of his friggin mind if he doesn’t think reasonably intelligent people will see through this monumental BS being spewed…
    Hope he has a swift exit plan at the ready…. he is gonna need to vamoose once the lid is blown off this charade once and for all .. Maritimers can be a crazy celt bunch when pushed.

  2. This whole nonsense is a hoax. How much have Strang and Rankin pocketed from their paymasters for ensuring that the people of Nova Scotia suffered lockdowns and restrictions on travel for no good reason? They should be arrested and tried for ‘Crimes against humanity.’

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