This thread was taken from a “Reddit post” intended to support the “Enzolytics” Monoclonal antibody “Clone-3” now being promoted as the “cure” to HIV, SARS-CoV-2 and cancer. Reddit comments from the thread are in “bold.”

Please note that there are no “White hats” in what is being played out by the NWO media… none! If there were, then they would be blocked on social media, have their sites taken down (Hey… third times a charm right?), their researchers would be blocked from using Google despite having VPN, their computers compromised or wiped clean in a B & E! Yes this all happened! And, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is!

Everything… I mean EVERYTHING has been staged for your untimely demise and for their entertainment! Everything these snake-oil salesmen promote come with an Intel Chip attached! I pray that the time will never come when we will be desperate enough to take their “Hemlock Tea!”

Now, if you think that the vaccines weren’t fucked up enough, I would like to introduce you to the “Monoclonal Antibodies” called “CLONE-3” from Enzolytics Inc, (formerly BioClonetics). Before you ask… “But of course Gates is involved! They’re all involved! This is like being forced to watch “Sesame Street: The Movie” and it’s sequel! Their fucken game of “Let’s kill the Sheeple” is not stopping any time soon and I am certain this one also comes with a built-in “kill switch!”

Here’s what the NWO is now promoting as “The Cure!”

  1. “Must watch video to get introduced to BioClonetics: “ Didn’t I tell you Bill Gates was involved! Sesame Street could not be the same without the dirt bag… Oscar-the-grouch!

2. “BioClonetics Board Member Dr. Zastawny is also VP at Epizyme which is currently trading on Nasdaq for $12.06:” Interesting fact about Epizyme: Top share holders include the Vanguard Group and BlackRock aka… Rothschild and the Chinese Communist party! Yes.. “Big Bird” is in the house and he’s brought along his big red friend “Mr. Snuffleupagus!” Where’s Colonel Sanders when you need him? Is this why they’re trying to revive the Wooly Mammoth? Snuff-said… let’s move along!

3. “BOMBSHELL report out just last week from @gatesfoundation affiliate WELLNESS: “Expanding Access to Monoclonal Antibody-Based Products: A Global Call to Action:” The same people that organized the vaccine development and rollout are now organizing the monoclonal antibody treatment. My guess is, if the vaccine doesn’t kill you then you will run towards their “cure.” Cookie Monster could never get enough cookies! Except these come with “Intel Chips!” Look Sheeple… a squirrel!

4. “Gates Funded “Coronavirus Immunotherapy Consortium” building a library of COVID-19 monoclonals” to find the best treatments:” LMAO! Enough already! Just when you thought most countries would be bankrupt by now with these “Public-Private-Partnerships,” they are going for the taxpayers jugular! Does Joe Biden, “Cunt-von-Count” even know where the US deficit is at? So what’s the “number of the day” Joe?

5. “Dr. Cotropia is one of the good guys and pure in his mission to CURE HIV.” LMAO… Sure he’s “Super Grover!” If one didn’t know the history behind the NIH and the drama that comes with doing research on Sesame Street you would actually fall for this shit! What’s curious about Dr. Joseph Cotropias’ monoclonal antibody “Clone 3” research is that it was once funded by Fauci’s NIH and this company has sat on the “cure” since 1989; thirty two years while million of AIDS, Cancer and now SARS-COV-2 patients perished and big pharma made trillions pushing their poisons.

In the meantime, taxpayers funded their research, foundations, drugs and vaccines! The real question is whether or not NIH had the “cure” prior to the 1976 Small Pox/1978 Hepatitis B vaccines that were tainted with HIV and infected two thirds of the African continent and millions in the USA? What we do know is that Dr. Cotropia was being funded by the NIH as early as 1970 and that key NIH players are now joining Enzolytics such as Dr. Ronald Moss who was recently appointed to the Enzolytics Medical Advisory Board. Moss also worked with the FDA, the CDC, and the WHO!

6. “Dr Fauci swore under oath that BioClonetics MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY known as “CLONE 3” has “utility” & “COMMERCIAL VALUE” . . . The US Gov’t tried to patent CLONE 3 but BioClonetics won:!” Of course Dr. Cotropia won because where would Americans be without more drama and “Grover the Super Hero!” Your country put “Hollywood” on the fucken map… in letters that light up! This is but a repeat performance of the “Dr. Robert Gallow vs Dr. Luc Montagnier” feud over the HIV patent! Guess what “Sheeple?” It didn’t matter because both the French and US Governments shared on the royalties from that discovery! That’s right! And the “Sheeple” funded the HIV research, the HIV drugs and all the HIV foundations! Don’t you get it? Sesame Street is never the same without “Burt and Ernie” going at it, but at the end of the day… these fuckers sleep in the same bed!


7. “President Trump calling his monoclonal antibody therapeutics “MIRACLES COMING DOWN FROM GOD:” LMAO! Sure! Let’s take the monoclonal antibodies from a NWO “Orange Puppet” pimping pharma’s vaccines! Elmo is in the White House!


8. “Article I wrote on why $ENZC is the Future of Big Pharma and Monoclonal Antibodies are the Future of Medicine:” Just exactly who are you “Uncle Billy?” Because I recall the NWOs “Q” that promoted “Trust the Plan” that never happened? Has “Q” rebranded into “Uncle Billy McBride?” The fictional character Billy McBride from the movie “Goliath” played by Billy Bob Thornton? Well you sure are the “Two-Headed Monster!” Time to fess-up and release “Q-Shaman” from prison Q-Shit!

9. “BioClonetics is a Dallas Texas biotech company with proprietary technology for producing fully human monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against infectious diseases including HIV, rabies, influenza A, influenza B, tetanus, and diphtheria. Its proprietary methodology for producing fully human monoclonal antibodies may be used to produce therapeutic fully human monoclonal antibodies for treating many infectious diseases including the Coronavirus:” Sure… but can you tell us how to get to Sesame Street?


10. “Dr. Cotropia’s Academic Literature on mAbs:” Dr. Joseph Cotropia was getting funding from the NIH for his research! One if his earliest publications was in 1970 before the HIV infections in Africa and the USA! Some say his monoclonal antibody cure was like finding a needle in a hay stack? Could it be that the NWO had developed both the cure and the bioweapon at the same time? Very curious indeed! What’s even more curious is that he placed the patent on his monoclonal antibodies in 1989; 32 years ago! Meanwhile millions have died world-wide from HIV, Cancer and now SARS-CoV-2. But us “Sheeple,” well… we like to believe in heroes and “Super Grover” will save the day!


11. Looks like “Uncle Billy,” formerly Q-Shit, forgot to include this tweet on the list! Look who’s on the Enzolytics board! Dr. Zastawny (Rothschild’s and China’s Epizyme), Dr. Bryson (Who has been consistently funded by Fauci’s NIH), Dr. Vitetta (Who developed the Ricin Vaccine for the Department of Defense which is now being produced under the trade name RiVax by the pharmceutical company Soligenix who is also producing the Ebola & Marburg Vaccine being promoted by Bill Gates Gavi! Along with their “new PCR tests for Ebola/Marburg!) ). But he missed Dr. Chandra and Dr. Zhabilov? Dr. Chandra is Chief Operating Officer and Vice-President Research and Development of Enzolytics he has experience applying Artificial Intelligence to the field of biomedical therapeutic development.  Dr. Zhabilov is the inventor of the “prophylactic- nutraceutical” ITV-1 made from Inactivated Pepsin Fragments by Immunotech Inc. and now Director and Chief Scientific Officer for Enzolytics.


ImmunaZin and Enzoimmune Active! COVID/HIV/Cancer Prophylactic/Therapeutic Exists!… But we need a chemist…

12. Who is Immunotech Inc? Well this is another story for another day! Let’s just say that “Mr. Snuffleupagus” is not as cute and cuddly as he appears!

13. On May 17, 2021 Enzolytics Inc. & Intel Corporation partnered to Co-Author a white paper on the use of Artificial Intelligence for social good titled, “Optimizing Empathetic A.I. to Cure Deadly Diseases. ” It is about computer-driven AI to control mankind! They now have in their possession both the “prophylactic” and the “cure!” Meet your NWO Master; Intel is the “Great Reset!” Looks like “Sesame Street” has turned into “The Nightmare on Elm Street” and “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix!”


14. Do you actually believe that the NWO will be releasing the “cure” anytime soon? You see… they always had the cure! Now you have $ENZC coming out with statements that they have started animals studies to apply “Clone 3” monoclonal antibodies for veterinary use. So will they be putting INTEL chips in or food supply next?

For those that don’t know the history Dr. Cotropia… aka “Super Grover” already did the human studies and Fauci tested it too! The NWO can give out untested vaccines but a drug that’s been around for 32 years needs more testing?

15. Looking at the balance sheet, Enzolytics barely had any cash reserves as of September and its shareholders’ equity and working capital positions were negative. Enzolytics says it owns a 49% stake in a Bulgarian company named Immunotech Laboratories (OTC:IMMB). However, the latter has released this statement, disputing the share structure and claiming the ITV-1 clinical trials are its intellectual property. Seems to me that Enzolytics may be a big a big “Nothing Burger” and Gold Panda agrees!


16. The Sesame Street Boys at ENZC have another far more nefarious plan in store! And we believe this is how it will rollout: Reddits’ WallStreetBets will start promoting it just like they promoted AMC, Dogecoin and silver… the goal is to CRASH the market and take the banks down with them! Say bye-bye to fiat and learn basket weaving because that’s what the Venezuelan’s are doing with their currency! After all Agenda 2030 is about CULLING the human population… not CURING it! Fun times a head!

Oh, and just so as to not leave out the kids of sesame street, the DD LARP kings have their very own Discord to hype their penny stock trip TO THE MOON! Of course penny stocks, the only way to take advantage of poor dupes. WallStreetBets use small time investors to promote their stocks while the NWO shareholders sit back and laugh at the spectacle! Crash… baby crash!

Our History | Sesame Workshop

No doubt ENZC will make money… lots of money….. but the fiat will be worthless!

DD my ass… oh please, don’t tell management!

COVID CURE FOUND! Monoclonal Antibody CLONE 3 & Intel Corporation is Your New Master!

ImmunaZin and Enzoimmune Active! COVID/HIV/Cancer Prophylactic/Therapeutic Exists!… But we need a chemist…