Oops, We’re Sorry

UK health talking about Omicron! “the greatest concern is the virus has mutated to such an extent that our immune systems, TRAINED by the VACCINE, NO LONGER RECOGNISES the virus” Another conspiracy bites the dust!


At the time we wrote our articles on SARS-CoV-2 we assumed the mechanism would be a cold, flu, infection; basically anything that would trigger the immune system. Now we have the Omicron variant that has come into the picture. The name itself implies the presence of what are called micro RNAs or miRNAs that have the capacity to trigger latent virus and glycoproteins within the body.


WE are looking at the infection of all vaccinated individuals from HIV, Hepatitis B & C, Epstein Barr Virus, HPV, COVID, and Cancer. So far all those infected with Omicron were all vaccinated. Regardless what the media reports we suspect this is another HIV seroconversion episode or… the anhilation of mankind! Forty three percent of the planet has been vaccinated; 3.3 Billion people.

The first case of Omicron infection was in Africa in a woman who was HIV positive, double vaccinated and infected with COVID-19 for 216 days. If our scientists are right, we will have a global AIDS pandemic as well!

The original antigenic sin: When the body first encounters an infection it produces effective antibodies against its dominant antigens and thus eliminates the infection. But when it encounters the same infection, at a later evolved stage, with a new dominant antigen, with the original antigen now being recessive, the immune system will still produce the former antibodies against this old “now recessive antigen” and not develop new antibodies against the new dominant one, this results in the production of ineffective antibodies and thus a weak immunity.

Another way of saying….. we screwed up your immune system!

It no longer works!

What we know so far… say good-bye to your immune system!

Omicron did not escape the vaccine… the vaccines destroyed both the innate and the adaptive immune systems so they can no longer detect pathogens. Let’s call it what it is: The NWOs Eugenicists SAnhiliation of mankind! Dont gine malone credit at all!

If i knew this… these fuckers knew it too!

It was a very simple basic theory…. you did not have to be a PhD to understand it!

These fuckers played God and manipulated the human genome on purpose! They knew what they were doing!

like they didn’t know their jabs would lead to this…

For life… or death…

Know this guy? One of canada’s biggest jab pushers.

Now, he shows some concern?

You can’t introduce genetic therapy on the immune system itself and pretend there are no consequences!

We are witnessing the possible annihilation of close to 4 Billion people who took the vaccine!

Another… “Oops, we made a mistake” moment?

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