The Club of Rome & The CIA Depopulation Program at Fauci’s Fort Detrick

Nazi Big Pharma, FDA & Los Alamos National Laboratory Hold the Keys!

Gain-of-Function Experiments: TheSARS-CoV-2/HIV-1 Story

SARS-Cov-2 is HIV and Dr. Anthony Fauci Holds the Patents!

What we know so far… Say Goodbye To Your Immune System

Understanding how the “Spike Protein” Works.

COVID CURE FOUND! Monoclonal Antibody CLONE 3 & Intel Corporation is Your New Master!

ImmunaZin and Enzoimmune Active! COVID/HIV/Cancer Prophylactic/Therapeutic Exists!… But we need a chemist…

Science Confirms mRNA Vaccine Causes HIV-dependent AIDS!


Huawei’s Human Captive Bolt Prong: Cell Phones will Track, Trace, Diagnose & Microwave you!

No, Parasites Don’t Cause HIV!

BEWARE: Ivermectin Absorbs Graphene Oxide!

Treatment for the Elimination of Graphene Oxide From the Body: The Nano Bucket

Pfizer endorses the “Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin” combination as a prophylactic for COVID-19 infection

Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial #PfizerGate

Eugenics Doctors Promote Criminalization of the Unvaccinated! Will Hospitals be Administering Forced Vaccinations?

Hindsight (May to August 2021)

At this point, we believe the WHO and minions rebranded the flu as COVID19, who then proceeded to scare the hell out of the general public through a full spectrum psychological operation, convincing them into taking the jab which itself IS COVID19!

Post-COVID-19 Vaccination Breakthrough Infections: Early HIV Seroconversion!

HIV Confirmed in Vaccinated!

COVID-19 Vaccine is Sterilizing Males and Females Using HIV “spike” protein.

The First Victim of the COVID-19 Vaccine: Patient dies from Antibody-Dependent Enhancement!

Fauci Confirms! The Vaccinated are Primed To Be SARS-CoV-2 Super Spreaders.

Luc Montagnier Discovered HIV. Nearly 30 year later he discovered HIV in our COVID19 vaccine.

SARS-CoV-2: Is there a Cure? The NWO, China, Muslim Brotherhood, HCQ & Dr. Luc Montagnier Exposed!

When Profits and Politics Drive Science: The Hazards of Rushing a Vaccine at “Warp Speed”

MSM Confirms! ALL COVID Vaccines Use Spike Protein Sequence Isolated By Chinese Military. Inserts Are HIV.

Anthony Fauci Vindicates Civilian Intelligence Network.

SAME PLAYBOOK: In 1983, Fauci tried to spread mass hysteria over AIDS, claiming it could be spread through “casual contact”

COVID Vaccines Cause Mutant Variants & Permanent Damage to Immune System

Confidential Pfizer Document Exposed! Vaccine is Toxic!

Science Says! SARSCoV2 Does Not Mutate! Talking Heads spreading conspiracies about COVID19 “variants”.

5G, Graphene & the Vaccine: How the NWO Stakeholders Plan to Kill You!

Viral mRNA Vaccine Activated By 5G!

5G Set To “Kill Frequency” To Initiate Mass Genocide!

Big Pharma mRNA Vaccine will be used to Patent Humans

USA, Canada & China collaborated to bring us COVID19. No spying. No stealing. All administered by the WHO… and Dr. Tam was complicit!

Health Canada Approves Rothschild Funded, China Produced, COVID-19 Test Kits That Collect DNA!

China’s Still In the Loop At Canada’s BSL4. Accused “spy” Dr. Qiu STILL working on pathogens and publishing papers.

Shi Zhengli, Director of the Wuhan BSL4 Lab, runs a WHO operation, while flying a false Chinese flag.

COVID19: Bill Gates & Anthony Fauci Never Let A Good Pandemic Go To Waste.

Worlds Leading Vaccine Developer, Dr. Kobinger, Flies A False Canadian Flag

Vaccine Bait & Switch: As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Gives Billions To Gates-Founded GAVI

Jeffery Epstein’s Mad Science: Wanted to seed the human race with his own DNA.

VIDEO: AstraZeneca Developer Blasts Canada’s Vaccine Approach, Wants His Vax “whack[ed] in arms” immediately.

VIDEO: AstraZeneca Developer In Monumental Slip, Covid-19 Vaccine Meant to Sterilize the Population

Pharma Pimp Sir John Bell Makes Canada His Bitch.

The Globalists Want The COVID Jab In Every Single Human Being!

Rothschild’s Reassembled Nazi I.G. Farben In China, Now They’re Making The Worlds Vaccines!

Transhumanism Is Eugenics Today. Your Posthuman Future Is Here.


Australia Announces Beginning of ‘New World Order’ As Harsh COVID Lockdowns Imposed

Thousands of Healthy People Dying Unexpectedly?

Funeral Home Director talks stark truth about “COVID19 Related Deaths”

Murder by Midazolam? Grim thoughts from the undertaker

STUDY: COVID19 Vaccine TERMINATES 4 out of 5 pregnancies via “spontaneous abortions”

Auditor General NOT informed about Trudeau Government’s lack of Enterprise Risk Management with COVID19

Trudeau Government “Reactive” Risk Management Steps to Economic, Financial and Health Collateral Damages COVID-19

Ombudsman Required! “Official Opposition” offering NO opposition to Trudeau Government handling of COVID-19

Sixty percent of Doctors Refuse the Jab!

STUDY: Natural Immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is Achievable & Preferable!

NWO Shills Promote “Toxic” NAC Treatment & Fake “Spike Protein Toxicity”!

Psychological Warfare (PsyOps): Are you a casualty?

Manitoba vaccine lead says mixing vaccines is part of pandemic’s ‘big human experiment’

PREMEDITATED! Oversight For Human Pathogens and Toxins Act, Quarantine Act Removed, Slipped Into Budget Bill

Eric Clapton’s COVID19 Vaccine Testimony.

“Comedian” Jon Stewart continues his career of telling half truths, this time selling “Wuhan lab leak” narrative.

Global “Public Relations” Fountainhead of COVID19 Propaganda.

Unhinged Chicom Agent and Enemy of Freedom Nancy Pelosi Screeches “Get Vaccinated or We’ll Force You”.

It is considered mutiny in the Canadian military to have a vaccine conscience.

Largest Human Experimental [mRNA] Vaccine Trial Is Now Targeting Children.

History of #SARSCoV2, COVID19, the Rosetta Stone of the bio-weapon community.

Provincial Re-openings Tied to Percentages of Public Vaccinated Is Criminal Coercion.

Provinces Ignoring Parental Right Involving COVID19 Vaccine

Brave Toronto police protect governments ownership of children over parents.

FDA & Pfizer Confirm! Vaccines Shed!

Pandemic Propagandists of Canada’s COVID Clown Show.


Chinese and Pfizer Team Up To Make Loving Vaccines.

Moderna Executive Admits mRNA Vaccines Rewrite Genetic Code

The Criminal Propagandists of the Canadian COVID Conspiracy: Grifters & Con-artists Perpetuating Martial Law

Lobbyist For GlaxoSmithKline & AstraZeneca Maker Sits On Conservative Party’s National Council

Pfizer Lobbyists Claim Responsibility For Installing Ford and O’Toole Into Current Positions

Doug Ford’s Covid-19 Communications Director Now A Pharma Lobbyist Pushing Vaccines; Counsel Public Affairs

Another Ford Campaigner Now A Lobbyist, This Time For AstraZeneca; Rubicon Strategy

Real Time Coverage (January to November 2020)

During the early stages of the “pandemic”, the consensus around our research group was the globalists did indeed release a biological weapon upon the world, and when we did the math based on their early reporting out of Wuhan, we believed it would result in mega death. Turns out we were engaged in a psychological war, not a biological war, at least not yet.

While the research remains sound, there are some conclusions that did not pan out. Thank God for hindsight.



Trudeau Appoints General to Rollout Vaccine: Military Contracts NSA’s Palantir!

Doug Ford Enlists Military for Vaccine Rollout: The NSA, Palantir, Team Rubicon, Clinton Foundation Tracking You!

The Great Reset: Prepare for De-Industrialization Coming This Winter 2020!

VIDEO: Inside the Operation Warp Speed Effort to Get Americans a COVID-19 Vaccine

The Financial Ties Between Sick Kids Hospital And The Gates Foundation

Ontario Public Health Recommends Wearing Masks, While Admitting They Don’t Work

Dr. Theresa Tam, Queen of the Vaccine

Who is Behind Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak?! 武汉非典,难道是一场蓄谋的超限战?!

TIMELINE: Wuhan Coronavirus

REMDESIVIR! George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug!

CBC Calls CBC Fake News

Bill Gates & the Coronavirus Conspiracy

From Canada To China: Wuhan Coronavirus Launches Global Depopulation Plan

Trump Signs Bill to Further Destroy Critical Infrastructure, Including Pandemic Delivery System & Cybersecurity