USA, Canada & China collaborated to bring us COVID19. No spying. No stealing. All administered by the WHO… and Dr. Tam was complicit!

Conspiracies always involve lone gunmen, and China’s involvement is being painted much the same way in relation to COVID19. That is anything but the case. When discussing the engineering of COVID19, it is important to know that it was not done by any one single nation. In the New World Order, borders are but lines drawn on a map and citizens are cast members on the Truman Show.

All bioweapons labs, known as BSL4 labs, are run by the World Health Organization. Countries have ZERO jurisdiction over these labs. While so much media attention is now focused on only Wuhan’s involvement in the virus, it is important to take an extreme wide angle on the story.

Civilian Intelligence Network will lay out how the Winnipeg National Lab in Canada, Fort Detrick in the USA and the Wuhan lab worked together to bring about this Pandemic. This connects Fauci, Dr. Tam and Dr. Xiangguo Qiu (Chinese Scientist escorted out of the NML in Winnipeg).

Dr. Theresa Tam, Queen of the Vaccine

From Canada to China: Wuhan Coronavirus Launches Global Depopulation Plan?

The 2013 MERS WHO Committee:

In 2013 the World Health Organization allowed Canada’s National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg exclusive access to a virulent Saudi Arabia virus. Dr. Theresa Tam was an advisor for WHO at around the time the virus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) traveled from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands to Canada’s only biosafety level 4 (BSL4) lab where she was in charge. We believe this virus was a turning point for them; it was a Coronavirus more infectious than SARS. They were all salivating at the bit in anticipation of the genetic manipulations “Gain-of-Function” research they could accomplish that would increases pathogenesis, transmissibility, or host range. And by “they” I am referring to a group of elite scientists, political insiders and corporate stakeholders we like to call the New World Order.


So why transfer a deadly virus to Canada? At the time, sovereign laws in the Netherlands would not allow China direct access to potential bioweapons. Canada was chosen because it was known for housing some of the worlds most deadly pathogens. But the story does not end there; Canada also collaborated with Chinese scientists working directly for the Chinese Military and up until 2021 the Canadian taxpayer even paid them a salary! Eventually this virus, along with Ebola and Marburg would end up in the hands of the Chinese. No spying. No stealing. It was all administered by covert agents of the WHO residing within the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). Canada was but a broker who assisted with the transfer:

An email to CBC News on Feb. 5 from Eric Morrissette, chief of media relations for Health Canada and PHAC, stated, “The two (Chinese) scientists are no longer employed by the Public Health Agency of Canada as of Jan. 20, 2021. We cannot disclose additional information, nor comment further, for reasons of confidentiality.”

Investigation of Top Canadian Lab Scientists Highlights Concerns About China’s Gain-of-Function Research

The Ebola Collusion:

In order to understand the depth of the collusion involved CIN investigated the existing relationships; in 2014, Canada, USA and China were already working together on the Ebola vaccine. This involved Canadian scientists with the NML in Winnipeg, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) in Fort Detrick, and Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, the Wuhan Chinese scientist working in Canada. Yes, they were in collaboration long before this Pandemic!


On an aside, this article should scare the shit out of you because Ebola is NOT as lousy as Dr. Tedros claims. The collaborators working at Fort Detrick weaponized Ebola; they made it into an aerosol! By 2014 they knew that, “If certain mutations occurred, it would mean that just breathing would put one at risk of contracting Ebola. Infections could spread quickly to every part of the globe, as the H1N1 influenza virus did in 2009, after its birth in Mexico.”

As luck would have it, Dr. Xiangguo Qiu and Dr. Gary Kobinger from Canada’s NML discovered the vaccine treatment for the deadly Ebola virus and were awarded the 2018 Governor General’s Innovation Award for their accomplishment.

“In June 2020, access-to-information documents revealed that Dr. Qiu had facilitated the shipment of Ebola and Nipah viruses to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2019. Law professor and epidemiologist at the University of Ottawa, Amir Attaran, stated, “It is suspicious. It is alarming. It is potentially life-threatening.” It is unknown whether shipments of viruses or other items occurred between 2006 and 2018 when Qiu researched powerful viruses.

Attaran went on to say, “We have a researcher who was removed by the RCMP from the highest security laboratory that Canada has for reasons that the government is unwilling to disclose. But what we know is that before she was removed, she sent one of the deadliest viruses on Earth. Multiple varieties of it to maximize the genetic diversity and maximize what experimenters in China could do with it, to a laboratory in China that does the dangerous gain of function experiments. And that has links to the Chinese military.”

“Attaran points out that the Wuhan lab conducts gain-of-function experiments, which are particularly dangerous because the lab scientists can create novel deadly or infectious pathogens.”

Why smuggle deadly pathogens when you can ship them directly? Both academics and government agencies have recently asserted that China is now a world leader in bio-weapon production. The March 31, 2019 shipment took place during a dispute between the US and China, which led to the arrest of an executive of Huawei Technologies and the later detainment of two Canadians in China.

So, who now has the Bioweapon along with the cure? China.

In 2009 – Konan Yao, a Chinese scientist also working at the Canadian NML in Winnipeg was charged for smuggling Ebola stolen from a Canadian government lab. Mr. Yao is now a director at the World Health Organization.


And who was in charge of that Canadian-Chinese arm of that Ebola team? Dr. Theresa Tam.

China, Mabworks & the Vaccine Backstory MSM wont tell you:

At that time of the Ebola vaccine development, Canadian scientists claimed they could not produce enough vaccine to assist with the outbreak in Africa. A Chinese company called Mabworks stepped in to “copy” the vaccine based on the patent information and produced large quantities using their technology.


WAS THERE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THEFT OF THE VIRUS? The Ebola treatment drug, ZMapp, in which Dr. Qui had a collaborative hand, has already been cloned (pun intended) by a Chinese company, even though the experimental drug was under patent. The Chinese firm Mabworks admitted they had duplicated the drug without authorization claiming they got all the information from the patent document that had been posted on-line, and then they continued working with researchers in Canada. https://news.clearancejobs.com/2019/08/15/weaponizing-medicine-chinas-latest-theft-a-potential-biological-weapon/

A top C-Level executive of a multinational biopharmaceutical company was asked: Could drugs like these be precisely reproduced based only on the contents of a patent document? “That’s a lie,” the exec replied.http://Risky.Biz

Gary Kobinger said both he and Xiangguo Qiu “co-operated” with MabWorks while they were at Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory (NML); there were no boundaries because the WHO has no boundaries. We are no longer sovereign nations! What should have been treated as a breach in National security was not. Our borders were always drawn in pencil and they have since been erased!

Mabworks Biotech Co. Ltd. was established in 2003 and it’s top investors are the CCP: Both CITIC Group and Beijing E-Town International Investment & Development Co. are State-owned investment and financing companies.  China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC) was set up by Deng Xiaoping, who served as the leader of the People’s Republic of China. In 1979, CITIC soon became one of China’s most influential financial conglomerates.

A 1997 report by Rand Corporation, a global policy think tank, called the investment firm “a front company for the PLA” (the Chinese People’s Liberation Army) and chastised it for illegally importing 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles into the US in 1996. https://www.pri.org/stories/2013-02-25/chinas-poly-group-most-important-company-youve-never-heard This goes without saying: ANY foreign collaboration with Mabworks is a direct collaboration with the CCP and the Chinese Military! So you see, Canada, the USA along with all supporting governmental agencies and the WHO were all complicit in empowering China and their military! God help us all!

And who runs Mabworks? Wang Xuefeng, a member of the Communist Party of China!!

In November 2019, the Mabworks bettor China International Capital Corporation (CICC) was said to be launching a USD 1 Billion China biopharma fund with Britain’s AstraZeneca; less than TWO months before the Pandemic started! While everyone believed Canada and the USA were assisting China in setting up their Level 4 Biolab, the truth was China was leading the race in developing bioweapons and pharmaceutical countermeasures. The “Perfect Storm” facilitated by the WHO was about to be unleashed on mankind!

Here are a list of Pharmaceutical Companies that have partnered with Mabworks. This is no longer available on their web site and had to be recovered in archives. You see, the New World Order likes to use smaller shell companies as their innovative fronts while hiding the true muscle behind them. Who are these partners?

  1. Hisun Pharmaceuticals is partnered with…. Pfizer. Yes, that Pfizer!

2. And Livizon is also working on a Covid vaccine.

As executive head of the Public Health Agency of Canada Dr. Teresa Tam held the door open to Mabworks. In doing so she allowed the transfer of both intellectual property and deadly pathogens from the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg directly into the hands of China and the Chinese Military. They armed China with the perfect cure to a bioweapon. Then they gave them the bioweapon! And it is without a doubt that they also gave China the MERS (COVID) virus! Is she complicit? Without a doubt!

After the Ebola vaccine was developed Dr. Qiu continued her collaboration with scientists at Fort Detrick where she continued her work with both Ebola and Marburg. Our American counterparts knowingly collaborated with the Chinese as well!

The original Ebola team collaboration is found in the following link. It lists all the scientists involved and their affiliations:

Dr. Gene G Olinger was the lead for Fort Detrick.

He is currently science advisor to MRI Global involved in rapid medical COVID19 testing and CRISPR point-of-care devices used to detect COVID19 infections.

MRI Global developed mobile labs for COVID-19 testing and safety protocols, which were actually developed before the pandemic.

MRI Global has received funding to increase diagnostic testing for COVID-19 disease surveillance on the African continent from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Everyone involved in that Ebola vaccine collaboration is tied to a pharmaceutical company directly involved with COVID19 testing or vaccine development! Is this all a coincidence? There are no coincidences and conspiracy theories in 2021, this is all happening in wide open! Yet so few have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Interesting to note, Dr. Olinger has endorsed Dr. Qiu in her Linkedin profile. Seems they’ve remained tight. Also interesting, it also says Dr. Qiu is still at NML to this present day, although unconfirmed sources say she is in Wuhan. No doubt the NWO is putting her skills to work somewhere, while Canada continues to not comment.

What do you know about Rothschild’s China Pharmaceutical Circle Jerk?

• The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan, Wuhan National Biosafety Lab, is owned by GlaxoSmithKline.

• Glaxo also merged with and owns controlling stakes (68%) in the company Pfizer, which is currently developing a C0VID19 vaccine.

• Pfizer manages the finances of a company called Black Rock (owned by the vice president of CCP). Black Rock also owns stakes in both Pfizer (8%) AND AstraZeneca (6.8%), another company currently key in developing a C0VID19 vaccine.

• Allianz has had a branch in China since 1917, and has engaged in several partnerships, including forming one with the CITIC Group owned by the People’s Republic of China, and being a founding partner of the Canada China Business Council formed by the Desmarais family. CITIC Group is a major funder of Mabworks.

• Allianz is also linked to Chinese Beijing based firm, Mabworks.

• Mabworks was a company which played a crucial role in developing a cure for Ebola in 2014.

• The 2014 clinical trials for Mabworks were funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

• Mabworks is the same company that Chinese Scientist Dr. Qui provided research “in colaboration” while working for the Canadian government.

• In 2014 Dr. Qui replicated research and a drug (ZMAPP) created in the National Microbiology Lab in Canada to treat Ebola (with authorization), and handed it over to Mabworks who was already in the NML lab putting it in the hands of the Chinese military.

• Dr. Qui and Dr. Tam are the scientists who set up and then trained staff for the level 4 Wuhan National Biosafety Lab at the supposed epicenter of the C0VID19 outbreak.

• Allianz is owned by corporation giant Vanguard Group.

•Vanguard Group is a shareholder of Black Rock, which controls and manages one third of the world’s capital.

• Vanguard Group is owned by the Rothschilds, the head of the snake!

Enter The Controlled Opposition

The Canadian House of Commons is now demanding an investigation into these “stolen” pathogens. What a joke! You see ALL PARTIES were COMPLICIT! All top politicians and Civil Servants knowingly participated in this massive coverup! The New World Order has infiltrated our government and it’s institutions at the highest level and we’re their bitch!

All Parties Are Corrupt: Harper & Trudeau In League With UN & Soros

Although, what investigation is required when all the documents are already available?

LMAO! The Conservatives to the rescue! A little history lesson: Who was in power at the time both the Ebola vaccine and the pathogen itself were handed over to China? Yes… Stephen Harper! And here he is gagging the scientists at the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg! “Keep quiet friends we have a “depopulation agenda” to implement!

And as for our “sock boy” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, instead of launching a full-blown RCMP investigation and charging people for espionage, he’s screaming “Asian Hate”! Sorry, but there will be no investigation here!


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  1. We are allowed to ask one question: who benefits?
    Depopulation has not taken place in New Brunswick Canada with only 44 deaths from covid19
    They have managed to strangle the economy and put fear into the hearts of almost everyone here insisting on facemasks and vaxx as a way back to the ‘normal’ lives they once had.
    Until the fraud is called out for what it is… a grand theatrical production… nothing good happens.

    1. What we can do is to force all the politicians submit a sample of their blood for analysis. Trudeau publicly showed everyone injecting mRNA vaccine into his his arm. Let’s see what his blood will show us – was he getting vaccine as he asking us to do to “save” our neighbour – or he received some Vitamins rich placebo? Dr. Roger Hodkinson would be a perfect to analyze their blood and put them to jail for crimes against humanity.

      1. Great idea Mila ! wondering though, can a Lawyer or decent politician request trudea’s Proof , the blood work can’t lie Is Dr Hodkinson or any Dr allowed to ask ? If one or all 3 Professionals have a right to get his Vaccine blood work & trudeau fights it with some excuse to ” delay it ” as he often has done ,well we have our answer or trudeau could always fake it & give them some one elses blood work

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    1. Hi Indie,No argument with me I am quite aware there are extreme powers behind the so called Dr’s T.Tam & Fauci + Majority of the Politicians in Gov’t , Big pharma & Main stream Media They’re owned & or funded, most are on a regular payroll for the past 5 decades by many foundations B.gates, Soro’s, Rothschild, Rockefeller’s + Silicone Valley, Bezo’s , Zuckerberg ( 5G ) to name a few & that’s without including other Countries All connected, behind the SAME Curtain as they Created a crisis, censored ,threatened & or bribed REAL Scientist, Physicians & decent Politicians They used fear & found out how easy it was to FOOL Society with deceitful tactics, it’ll just take a few more years as people become Dehumanized or die from their toxic ” V ” hence their plan for Global control thus far is working towards Depopulation

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