Cyber Polygon and the move to the new Chinese/Russian digital currency.

What’s WEF hiding?


Let’s explore.

Well, here we have Klaus Schwab giving thanks Putin and the Russian Federation. No kidding, Russia is at the core of the Reset.

Russia Given Lead in WEFs Center for 4th Industrial Revolution!

At Cyber Polygon 2020, Schwab had warned of a coming cyber pandemic that would shock society to its core.

He said this attack must mobilize everyone to develop the social contract.

“A cyber attack with COVID-like characteristics would spread faster and farther than any biological virus” — World Economic Forum, 2021


Discussions from last year’s Cyber Polygon exercise centered around the globalists’ continued call for public-private collaborations, the adoption of digital identity schemes, and the desire to censor “misinformation” that went against authoritative messaging.

This year’s Cyber Polygon 2021 concluded with discussions paving a path towards a greater centralization of power and surveillance that furthers the great reset agenda of the global economy and all societal structures.

They included a desire to immunize the internet, demonize cryptocurrencies, and prop-up centralized systems of governance through a closer merger of corporations and states (public-private partnerships).

The Cyber polygon is supported by WEF and Sber Group.

Sberbank and ERG group combined to form Sber Ecosystem toward implementing Industry 4.0 (4th industrial revolution).

SberBank is owned by the Russian State.

AND these agreements were put together prior to the pandemic… in 2019.

Sberbank CEO sits on the WEF board, so Russia is implementing the NWO currency and the Cyber polygon.

More confirmation of Russia leading 4.0 and they have partnered with china to bring down the greenback.

Subsidiary banks in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, a branch in India, and a representative office in Germany and China.

That’s right, Russia’s State owned Sberbank will replace VISA and MasterCard with a new [MIR] card system in partnership with China’s Unionpay Russia citizens/businesses can now do transactions without Visa/Mastercards.

These men had it all figured out.


SberBank Industry 4.0

Sberbank by the way has morphed into a real-life version of Omni Consumer Corporation from Robocop, offering a “universe of services”.


The WEF-affiliated Cyberpolygon site still has the full roster of the many Russian organizations that participated in the simulation. Collectively, these companies have invested billions in techno-feudal architecture.


Meanwhile in America

Sberbank was cut from SWIFT, and everyone lost their pensions

The Russian SBERBANK went from $20 to $0.01.

they told constituents they were funding a Russian aluminum mill… thats not even there!

I wonder WHO SHORTED the Russian Bank and made a killing??

They are stealing money from these pension funds…. like taking candy from children.

Florida Desantis did the same thing!

And just like that… people lose everything they saved for.

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