Trudeau, BLM, the Muslim Brotherhood & the Illuminati: #DownfallOfAmerica

The social engineering of the masses has gone full-throttle during this pandemic. Right now there is a war taking place where the weaponry being employed against us is the manipulation of our minds through fear-mongering, divisive rhetoric, and emotionally-charged propaganda. To weaken us as a nation, they are erasing our national identity, our patriotic allegiance to the true north, and our faith and compassion in humanity. We are all brothers and sisters under God. Their tactics will not only threaten our civil liberties but also bring chaos and disorder into our lives and our communities, allowing for the militarized state they want. And who are the perpetrators? Politicians, socialist organizations, celebrities, and the media are the puppets of the global elite, whose main goal is depopulation and the implementation of a New World Order.

And now, despite previously advocating that we limit all social interactions, they have us convinced to leave the safety of our homes to march in Black Lives Matter (BLM) rallies protesting the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in the United States while resisting arrest (1)(2). Even despite statistics showing that African Americans are dying of COVID-19 at rates three times higher than white people (3). I wonder if the young men who were shot and killed in Chicago gang violence last weekend are counted as COVID deaths? I guess some black lives matter more than others.

Ask yourself: Why is the media not advocating for caution and restraint? Who exactly runs and funds BLM? Do you honestly believe that another protest will work? Now, if I were a globalist planning world domination through a depopulation agenda, encouraging large public gatherings aimed at spreading this disease is exactly what I would want my NPCs to do! All the while, I would be sitting back on my private island with popcorn watching the global riots, the food shortages, and the full-out hunger games that will come! The ultimate reality TV show where they get to choose who leaves the island!

The global pandemic has triggered a worldwide depression, a pending financial blowout that could last for decades, a threatening famine, and mounting social chaos. All the while, politicians are racing to open up an economy that no longer exists! Why? The majority of Canadians are employed in the service industry, which doesn’t produce anything tangible. Over 78% of Canadians hold jobs in retail, finance, healthcare, education, government services, technology, food services etc., with more than half employed in the public sector depending on generated tax revenues for sustainability (5).

What does all this mean? In a few months there will be no jobs and there will be no Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) payments coming in when the government coffers run dry. No Country will escape the economic fallout of COVID-19! Should you worry? To quote globalist-philanthropist Frank Giustra of the Clinton-Giustra Growth Initiative (7): “They think this party will never end, but they are delusional. It will end.”

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s drug overdose/heart attack (4)(6) in Minneapolis, demonstrations, protests and riots have erupted worldwide (8)(9)(10)(11)(12)(13). And while society turns its focus to systemic issues within policing, supporters of this international BLM movement call for the defunding of local police services, while politicians are turning to militarization (14)(15)(16)(17)(18)(19). And both are propped up by their globalist masters who are silently erecting 5G towers while everyone cries out racism (20). Unbelievable! The NPCs are willingly handing over their civil rights to the military and the NWO! And while we’re at it, let’s release some prisoners from jail too because hey, that would be the humanitarian thing to do! Here’s an FYI: The global elite have their own security detail, you don’t!

Who funds this international movement? Black Lives Matter has received over $100 million in funding from the Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy, in addition to $33 million in grants from George Soro’s Open Society Foundation (21). Other supporters include Apple, Amazon, Facebook, AirBnB, and Coca-Cola (22)(23). Why are they now funding an organization determined on creating race riots within the United States?

Look no further than George Soros. Hillary Clinton’s most generous billionaire donor backs organizations dedicated to social unrest causing civil disobedience in the United States and around the globe. His Open Society Foundation is devoted to the elimination of national sovereignty by employing leftist political propaganda; they helped to accelerate the mass migration of refugees (including terrorists) into Canada, the United States, and Europe by making borders and institutions irrelevant (24).

Another Soros favourite is Black Lives Matter, the radical protest group dedicated to the idea that police are inherently racist that has made headlines all over the world. Working the streets with revolutionary rhetoric, at odds with the truth about black-on-black crime, BLM has helped foster “depolicing,” in high-crime urban areas (24).

George Soros’ goal is to destabilize and destroy the United States of America at all costs, and the colour of your skin is irrelevant! “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order,” Soros has declared, “is the United States.” Ergo, that constitutional republic must be weakened and its allies degraded. The New World Order of open borders and global governance, contrary to the ideals and experience of the West could then assume command (24).

Pin on Political cartoons

But George Soros is not alone. Black Lives Matter has another notorious ally: The Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most powerful Muslim political organization in the world, with military and terrorist arms like Hamas, al-Qaeda, and ISIS (25)(26)(27)(28)(29). Their motto is:

Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

Muslim Brotherhood (26)

In 2004, the FBI documented the Muslim Brotherhood plans to overthrow the U.S. government and impose Sharia Law (26).

In Canada and the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood conducts its operations through several front organizations. One of the most prominent front organizations for propaganda, money laundering, and public relations is the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has been implicated in funding terrorism (26).

Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of CAIR, in a December 2015 speech to the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) urged American Muslims to support the cause of Black Lives Matter, stating: “Black Lives Matter is our matter. Black Lives Matter is our campaign.” At the same event, MAS leader, Khalilah Sabra urged “revolution” and compared the situation in the U.S. to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Arab Spring revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria. She made the following disturbing statement (26):

We are the community that staged a revolution across the world; if we can do that, why can’t we have that revolution in America?

Muslim American Society leader Khalilah Sabra
Black Lives Matter is an Islamic terrorist front. https://www.facebook.com/usa.pegida/posts/revolution-in-americakhalilah-sabra-who-works-for-the-muslim-american-society-an/624514897705363/

What does this all translate into? Black Lives Matter is an Islamic terrorist front! Here are some members at a recent BLM rally in Iran promoting the #Downfall_of_America.

Supporters of a BLM Rally in Iran holding signs that reads: #The_beginning_of_an_end and #Downfall_of_America (This photo has since been deleted form the original site)

How does Canada fit into this Globalist Plan? To simplify things: If you destabilize the United States of America you also destabilize Canada. In 2018, Canada imported over $85 billion worth of mineral fuels, which include coal, petroleum, and natural gas from the United States. They are used to produce electricity, fuel for transportation, and heating for homes and offices (30). And this is not even taking into consideration the disruption of other essential supply chains such as food and pharmaceuticals. And where does Justin Trudeau stand in all this? He doesn’t. He kneels!

Are globalist forces converging around Trudeau Foundation as their ...
Justin Trudeau with George Soros (ref)

On Friday June 5th, Justin Trudeau, a.k.a. “Coward of the Cottage”, left his comfortable abode to make an unexpected visit to the Ottawa anti-racism protests organized by Black Lives Matter on Parliament Hill, even taking a knee in the grandiose “the world is my stage” performance he so frequently executes:

However on September 18, 2019, and much to the embarrassment of Canadians, photographs were published in many American and international newspapers of Justin Trudeau wearing a “blackface” costume (31). The original 2001 photos were published in the yearbook of West Point Grey Academy, a private school where he was teaching (32). Trudeau was 29 years old at the time and a teacher! And this wasn’t the only incident. Despite telling media there were only two incidents there was a third! A video also surfaced where he donned a “blackface” for a high school talent show (33)(34)!

The origins and history of “black face” (31)

Trudeau’s excuse: He could not relate to the racist history of “blackface” due to the layers of “white privilege” he had while growing up. This is inexcusable; a three year old has a better grasp of offensive, disrespectful and racist behaviour! Do these layers of “white privilege” also include his father’s participation in the Club of Rome, a new world order think tank that advocates for the depopulation of third world nations such as black Africa (35)(36)(37)(38)? I for one find it offensive to be grouped in with Trudeau’s brand of “white privilege,” a term the global elite are using to intentionally trigger and ignite race wars! CIN decided to research Trudeau’s family lineage to see if there was any direct connection to the NWO and what we discovered was shocking!

History of the New World Order: The 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati

The Crown Council of 13 are the world’s richest and most powerful families, often referred to as the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati (39). This corrupt and murderous cartel is composed of the Astors, the Bundys, the Collins family, the DuPonts, the Freemans, the Kennedys, the Lis, the Onassis family, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Russels, the Van Duyns and the Merovingians, whose lineage is described in detail in this article from the CIA government library called Bloodlines of the Illuminati (40).

Collectively they are also referred to as “The Black Nobility,” dominated by the British Crown and a group of 10,000 genetically related individuals of the Royal Houses of Europe from Italy to Germany to London. They belong to a secret order called the “Knights of Malta” which swears allegiance to the Pope, and they all have diplomatic immunity, allowing them to ship goods across borders without going through customs or paying duty (41).

They, along with their offspring and lackeys, are responsible for numerous secret societies, lodges, and organizations, backed by high finance (i.e. International Monetary Fund IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve) and powerful political communities, all working under the central command of the Rothschilds-funded Bavarian Illuminati (a secret society founded in 1776 in Bavaria, Germany) which binds them together through a Vatican-Jesuit establishment (42)(43)(44)(45).

The name is derived from their “dark souls” which have inflicted an evil reign of terror on the world, ruthlessly eliminating any and all who stand in their way (42)(46). To them we are all “useless eaters” to be culled like cattle, and the extermination is being directed and organized by the Club of Rome, the very same depopulation think tank Pierre Elliot Trudeau belonged to (47)(48)(49). This is your “white privilege”. And there are many prominent blacks in this groups also! Perhaps BLM would do well to focus on this organization instead?


The World Monarch: The 13th Bloodline

The 13th Illuminati Bloodline, or the Merovingian Bloodline, is where the World Monarch (Referred to as the Anti-Christ) will be chosen from. This bloodline believes that it has the Holy Blood of Jesus and the blood of Satan in its bloodline and that they are direct descendants of Jesus’s spiritual brother Lucifer (52). Because some of these bloodlines are genetically intertwined, the Rothschild Bloodline also has members who belong to this 13th Bloodline. British Royalty are tied to this bloodline as are many American political leaders (e.g. George Washington, John F. Kennedy, George Bush, Dan Quayle, Bill Clinton) (52)(53)(54).   

Members of the “Black Nobility” wearing the Maltese Cross (Knights of Malta) (55). Since the Knights Templar disbanded in 1312 the Maltese Cross (Knights of Malta) and the Bavarian Cross (Bavarian Knights) remain the leading symbols of nobility (56)(57).  

The Merovingian Bloodline leads the “Order of Zion,” which has the power to select who sits on the “Throne of Jerusalem”. The Kingdom of Jerusalem was established in 1099 after the First Crusaders overtook the city in an attempt to restore an heir to the Davidic Bloodline (59)(60)(61)(62)(63). The events that have unfolded in the 21st century are definitely a fight of good against evil and it appears that the dark overlords and their loyal minions are winning!

Merovingians also set up the Catholic military order called the “Knights Templar,” a wealthy and powerful fighting unit of the Crusades with special rights and privileges, allowing them to build their own oratories for private worship where they were only accountable to the Pope (64). The Knights Templar were the first to set up a prosperous network of banks and became the first International European Bankers (65)(66)(67).    

During the Crusades, it is said that the Knights Templars found the lost treasure of King Solomon containing the Holy Grail, the cup that Jesus drank from during his last supper. Historians believe it to be a cup, plate or stone with miraculous powers of eternal youth and great wealth (68). 

Justin Trudeau: The Sinclairs & The Knights Templar

A prominent family of the Merovingian Bloodline is the Sinclair Family (69)(70). The Sinclairs originally came from Normandy (France) to England with William the Conqueror in 1066 before settling in Scotland. The family dates back to the Viking Age and the first ruler of Normandy, Rollo (860-932) who was the great-great-great grandfather of William I of England and the 32nd great grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II (71). The Sinclair family history is closely connected with the crowns of France, England and Scotland (72).   

According to historians, the Sinclairs and their French relatives the St. Clairs, were instrumental in creating the Knights Templar and were themselves among the early members of this order (72). Henry Sinclair fought in the First Crusade in the Holy Land (1096-1099), where he met and fought alongside Hugues de Payens, a powerful broker of the First Crusade who had the political power to nominate the Pope and also helped to form the Knights Templar (73). 

By 1303, the Knights Templar had lost their hold on the Holy Land and established their base in Paris, France. In 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest and mass execution of the Knights Templar. They were charged with heresy, homosexuality, financial corruption, black magic, devil-worshiping, fraud, spitting on the cross, and more. By 1312, Pope Clement V dissolved the Knights Templar’s in what many believe to be a power struggle for greed and control (74)(75)(76).

During the inquisition of the Knights Templar, trial documents revealed that they worshiped a bearded head referred to as “Baphomet” or “Mohammed”(77)(78). The name “Baphomet” also appeared in a July 1098 letter written by a crusader and there are reports the term “Bafomet” was used in reference to the Islamic prophet Muhammad and the mosques were called Bafumarias (79). This meant that the Knights Templar were in fact secret Muslims.

Baphomet is the deity that the Knights Templar worshiped and that subsequently was incorporated into occult and mystical traditions. The name Baphomet appeared in trial transcripts for the Inquisition of the Knights Templar starting in 1307 (78). https://crusaderhistory.wordpress.com/2017/07/31/knights-templar-the-occult/

Another Henry Sinclair (1255-1336), welcomed the Templar fleeing persecution and gave them sanctuary in Scotland. In return the Knights Templar assisted Robert the Bruce and his Scottish knights to achieve independence from England. To commemorate that victory in Scottish history Robert the Bruce and William Sinclair created the Brothers of the Rosy Cross (Rosicrucian); Scotland’s first Masonic Order with Robert the Bruce as its first Grand Master (80)(81). The Rosicrucian’s claim their order has been in existence since the days of the ancient Egyptians with secret teachings and occult symbols (e.g. the rose, the cross, the swastika, and the pyramid); its adepts or initiatives are called Illuminati (82).

In 1446, to honour the Knights Templar, Sir William Sinclair, 1st Earl of Caithness, started the construction of Rosslyn Chapel. His son, the 2nd Earl spent most of his finances completing the construction on the Chapel in 1486, which was modelled on Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem (83)(84)(85)(86)(87). The Chapel is home to the mysterious order and was their way of protecting the secrets of the Knights Templar, the so-called guardians of the Holy Grail (88)(89)(90). It houses Templar imagery and crypts (91); the altar is held up by 8 serpents eating their own tails (Ourboros), an occult symbol associated with Alchemy, Gnosticism, and Hermatism, the core teachings of Masonry and the Illuminati (92)(93)(94)(95)(96). Sir William Sinclair is said to have introduced Enochian Magic to Scotland, which is the practice of Satanism within the Illuminati (97)(98). Freemasonry was founded later in 1736 by another Sir William Sinclair of Rosslyn, who became hereditary Grand Master Mason of Scotland (99).  

Here’s where it gets interesting: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s maternal grandfather is Liberal politician the Hon. James Sinclair (1908-1984), whose family lineage can be traced back to 1776 to Caithness, Scotland of the Clan Sinclair that held lands there (100)(101)(102)(103)(104)(105).


James Sinclair was born in Scotland and then immigrated to Vancouver, where he studied engineering at UBC and was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 1928. The Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University was founded and administered by Lord Rothschild with funding bequeathed in the will of Cecil Rhodes (106)(107). Other notable recipients include: Bill Clinton, George Ignatieff, Canadian Prime Minister John Turner, and Chrystia Freeland (108). Many Rhodes Scholars have gone on to become some of the most powerful and influential people in the worlds of politics, science, medicine, business, media, academia, law, and the military, where they advocate and fund various globalist schemes and propaganda to undermine national sovereignty and promote a “One World Government” (109)(110).  

James Sinclair was elected to the House of Commons in 1940-1957 under Liberal Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. He also has strong ties to the Paul Desmarais family. In 1960, he served as president and chairman of Lafarge Cement (111). The Desmarais family sits on the board of this French Conglomerate which has forged ties with La Francophonie, Iran, and has recently been charged for financing ISIS fighters in Syria. Lafrage donates to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton also served on it’s board in the past (112)(113)(114).   

Below is Justin Trudeau wearing the Sinclair Clan tartan adorned with a sporran holding 3 lucky rabbit feet, an occult symbol. The Celts believed the rabbit, being a burrowing animal, could communicate with the spirits of the underworld (115)(116).  

Justin Trudeau in his Sinclair tartan

He’s proud of his Illuminati tartan: VIDEO HERE (117)!

In the image above, the Sinclair Crest is on the bottom right. The Rooster is a Knights Templar symbol and is found on their armour and weapons (top right). The rooster is used in ancient Scottish Rite and French Rite Freemason ceremonies and is directly tied to the Rosicrucian Illuminati (118)(119)(120)(121)(122).

The Masonic Chamber of Reflection is represented by the image on the left. In a small darkened room adjoining a Freemason lodge there is a place of meditation for candidates being initiated into Freemasonry, and is sometimes used in higher-degree knight ceremonies. The room contains objects important for initiation that symbolize the Alchemist principle of “Mercury” (represented by the rooster), which represents the spirit of life/life force (123). “Visita interiora terrae, rectificando, invenies occultum lapidem“, or “Visit the interior of the earth, and purifying it, you will find the hidden stone”, the “Philosophers Stone”, a legendary substance said to be capable of transforming metals into gold and giving the user eternal life and great riches (124)(125)(126).   

Does this mean Justin Trudeau will lead the Merovingian Bloodline and become the next world monarch? The simple answer to this is no. Although he is perceived by many Canadians as being the next Antichrist, there are other more powerful families of the “Black Nobility” that have a stronger connection to the 13th bloodline such as the Queen and the Rothschilds. But what is significant here is that elite families of the Illuminati have placed their offspring in powerful positions, be they politicians, world leaders, media, industrialists etc., and the public is seemingly unaware of the connections to these bloodlines and the control they have in directing global upheaval. We should all be asking them: “Who’s your daddy and what does he do?” The world is their stage and it looks like the drama teacher is the director’s pet.

So you see, Trudeau’s presence at the BLM “anti-racism” march is significant after all; it is a globalist coup to destabilize the United States and Canada by causing divisiveness, chaos, and disorder, and encouraging race wars in order to justify a militarized state they need for their New World Order! And it appears that the cockerel has cuckolded us all! It’s time to put an end to Baphomet (pbuh) and his Islamic New World Order!

Here are a few other Oscar-worthy performances:


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16 thoughts on “Trudeau, BLM, the Muslim Brotherhood & the Illuminati: #DownfallOfAmerica

  1. Phenominally great post chock full of great information to wake up friends and family and landowners … so much information for the normies!
    Thanks and keep up the great work… thanks for providing information CBC won’t.
    We need indie media networks across Canada — we are growing in numbers.

  2. Very well researched and written, Shawn. In this World of Opposites, very few are realizing Justin’s agenda goes deep. These powerful families are well on their way to achieving their New World Order and it’s scary. While we sleep …..

    1. The Sinclair name can be traced to Normandy, France (Saint Clair). The Scoto-Norman surname Sinclair comes from the Clan Sinclair, whose progenitors moved to Scotland and were given the land of Roslin, Midlothian by the King of Scots.
      The style “Sinclair” is the most common. It has its origins in Scotland and is a derivation of the original French de Saint-Clair, although the name has also been styled “Santoclair”, “de St. Clair”, “Sainclair”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinclair_(surname)#:~:text=Taken%20from%20the%20hermit%20saint,pure%2C%20renowned%2C%20illustrious%22.&text=The%20Scoto%2DNorman%20surname%20Sinclair,by%20the%20King%20of%20Scots.

  3. Is he or isn’t he a messiah? Justin Trudeau could be the anti-christ or the christ figure he sees himself as [he was born on Christmas Day] … actions have spoke loudly with this creature from privilege upbringing with some very dubious connections… if there is one saving grace it would be that he is so ‘soft’ he’ll be replaced by a new puppet – a harder version when needed – until the.. just enjoy the show! Trudeau’s ability to annoy Canadians is probably his biggest weapon.. a weapon that can be used to motivate Canadians… perhaps that’s his job… to be so annoying he wakes them up!

  4. My fear is that IF Biden is able to get himself through somehow, and IF he is at some level the head of this country, WE will be paying off his debt. Taxes going up? No – they will be skyrocketing. In other words, it is imperative that we keep him out, but not that easy to do. You would have 2 women running the country and Joe collecting to pay off his debt…which the Chinese are awaiting. All of this is sickening.

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