Canada Inc. Convoy to Civil War!

CIN has published a few articles on the NWOs “Controlled Opposition”  Maxime Bernier and the Peoples Party of Canada. These articles were well-researched and thoroughly referenced, however in the research process we found a dark web of mysteries, a veritable network of connections with nefarious purposes that led directly to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Office!

And our journey into this rabbit hole of deception started when we set on to investigate the PPC’s first party organizer Johanne Mennie; the NWOs civil servant that organized Canada Inc. itself! Her office was equipped with not one, but 13 Tax Credit accountants. This woman operated in the highest levels of government advocating for social economy programs that gave billions of Canadian taxpayer dollars away to the NWOs frontline operations all sanctioned by the Canadian government and the United nations itself!

Johanne Mennie was a simple civil servant, who spent her career giving out taxpayers money. She held many positions in Canadian Government: Deputy Director of the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) & Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), Director of the Heritage Foundation, the Justice Department and a member of the Privy Council.

What is surprising however, is that she was also listed as Director at Canada Inc. (Fig.1) After we published our article on her in 2018 she changed her title to Director at Environment Canada. (Fig.2) All the links have now been deleted from the internet and these screen shots are all that remain of Canada Inc.

Figure 1: Joanne Mennie Director at Canada Inc.
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Figure 2: Joanne Mennie now Director at Environment Canada

What was even more shocking was the original phone number on her contact information listing her as Director at Canada Inc. led straight to the PMOs office, Justine Trudeau!

When Joanne Mennie took over as Party Organizer for the PPC she had over 8,000 employees and a budget of $2.4 million which she launched between January-March of 2018 through the acquisition of an office from the Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS)(Fig. 3, 4), all the while still maintaining her position as Director at Canada Inc. Was the Peoples Party of Canada then merely an appendage of the Canadian government? The evidence sure points to that. The people of Canada wanted a hero so the NWO gave you one.

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Figure 3
Figure 4

Canada Inc. manages 175,961 Charitable Organizations and Foundations, 12,802 Government companies and an additional 548,848 Organization Companies. Canada Inc. also shares the same phone number as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The address is that of the Canadian Justice DepartmentCanadian Heritage. (Figs. 5,6,7)

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Figure 5: Charitable Organizations and Foundations Companies
Figure 6: Government Companies
Figure 7: Organization Companies

What exactly is Canada Inc.? And why was it started, shortly before Maxime Bernier registered his People’s Party of Canada (PPC), with the Government of Canada? Is Canada Inc. the home office for the PPC? Or is Canada Inc. the home office for “One World Government”? What we do know is that Johanne Mennie worked for more than 3 decades with the Government of Canada administering to several Prime Ministers from Jean Chretien to Stephen Harper to Justin Trudeau. Apparently, Canada like it’s US counterpart has a deep state after all.

Johanne Mennie: Deep Mysteries – Deep State

What does this all mean? Johanne Mennie along with the Policy Research Initiative, set up by the Privy Council in 1996, was responsible for the implementation of the “Social Economy;” It’s an elaborate money-laundering scheme designed by corporations and their foundations to offset profit margins by re-investing in their foundations, while at the same time lobbying and pushing for governmental policy changes in favour of social change. This government-funded sector produces very little in profits but consumes billions in tax dollars. Through government tax incentives, tax credits, grants, charities, foundations, non-profits, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the government has been siphoning off the taxpayer’s money to fund this social economy. But it is also a global communist movement that has been tied to a number of insurrections globally, from the “Migrant Caravan” at the US border, to the Arab Spring and now the trucker’s Freedom Convoy you are seeing both here in Canada and world-wide. These antigovernment protests will soon turn into uprisings and armed rebellions that will spread across much of Canada.

These protests are not about anti-vaxers vs vaxers; they’re about Corporation vs Corporation, NGOs vs NGOs and Foundations vs Foundations who ultimately share the very same puppet master! All implemented and endorsed by your government and funded with your tax dollars! When will the sheeple wake up and realize that there are no “white hats” unless leaders rise from within themselves! You are not free… you were never free! If you believe for one minute that you are participating in these rallies of your own free will then soldier on. You are there because the NWO wants you to be there! Go on… soldier on… soldier on! Oh brave NWO soldier! Dance, freeze, starve and kill for your NWO master!

Soros’ Tides Foundation and the Social Economy Slush Fund

Soros and the Canadian Connection to the Migrant Caravan on the US Border

How do we know this? CIN has already confirmed that the “Freedom Convoy” is being led by NWO “Controlled Opposition.” It is far too organized to have been initiated overnight. You can see by what is happening on the ground that these protests have been orchestrated by several organized fronts all participants of the social economy organizations; native groups, human rights groups, truckers unions, anti-vaccination groups and many others. In the coming days you will witness an uprising of counter protest groups as well. Their main goal is to take down the sitting government and they will succeed. But in the process they will destabilize and destroy our sovereign country along with the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedom; the very fabric that are essential to keeping Canada a free and democratic society. And what government will replace it?

“Controlled Opposition” media has also referred to it as a “Trucker’s Spring!”

What conditions will trigger a revolution? As we speak the government opposition party, the CPC, is in free-fall with no elected leader. The “Freedom Convoy” will within a few weeks turn into a “Famine Convoy” because of the disruptions that will occur to the supply chain. Canada will be facing food, fuel and medical supply shortages that will completely destabilize cities and destroy our healthcare infrastructure along with it. Omicron cases are not being properly reported but they are still on the rise. And the ongoing Line 5 legal dispute which allows for the transport of the majority of fuel into Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces is scheduled this month for a court appearance. All the while, protestors will be exposed to sub-zero temperatures with Environment Canada calling for a “Polar Vortex.” You could say that this protest was well planned and co-ordinated!

NWO’s Convoy to Famine

Who is leading the Charge? Here is the “Controlled Opposition” Maxime Bernier Leading the call-to-arms. Incidentally, Maxime Bernier helped to draft the early legislation in Quebec that were responsible for setting up the “Social Economy” in the first place! How “fucked-up” is that!

PPC Convoy To Civil War: The UN Takeover Begins!

What will happen next? As predicted, the “Freedom Convoy” has snowballed into an unprecedented crisis that will usher in the NWO. As we speak, government authorities are implementing plans to control the situation using police, military and foreign partners. Canada will soon be the first Western nation to fall victim to the NWO but this domino effect will not stop there! Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and many others promoting a convoy will fail! This was but the spark that lit the flame to the NWOs purple revolution!

The UN and its peacekeeping forces will soon be upon us under the “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) mandates, endorsed and ratified in 2005. R2P gives legal authority to the UN military to enter and intervene in a sovereign state during a humanitarian crisis. The NWO wanted a crisis, so they created the crisis and now they will implement and enforce their solution to this crisis. This article explains how it was the intention of the NWO to use UN Peace-Keeping military to implement the NWO. These troops are mainly staffed my the Chinese and their training takes place primarily in China.

On the ground you are seeing a stand-still between protestors and police. The Canadian Military will soon arrive when the violence erupts. Calls for UN assistance are already in the works by external organizations and foreign countries. Canada is a ticking time bomb! Make no mistake, Canada Inc. was the puppet master, the instigator, organizer and financier of these protests! #CanadaHasFallen

Canada’s NWOs Police State is Here!

And what is Justin Trudeau doing about this? He is definitely not even attempting to negotiate with the truckers-non-grata who were last years pandemic heroes. Instead he’s congratulating all partners of Canada Inc. Here he is paying tribute to all partners of the “Social Economy” for their assistance in implementing Agenda 2030 and the United Nations sustainable development goals. The very same people that brought us the pandemic and the poisonous vaccines are now being congratulated as they starve our families, children and friends! There are no words for the evil that has descended upon us casting a dark shadow on humanity.

“As we ‘#GofortheGoals’, let us continue our efforts to realize the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals to ensure peace and prosperity for people and the planet.”