Vaccine Non-Responders: Mankind’s Hail Mary!

  • In January 2020, CIN was first to warn you that COVID-19 was #AirborneAids… and we were right!
  • In May 2021, CIN was first to warn you that vaccination would result in autoimmune disease similar to HIV due to the presence of COVID-19 “spike proteins”… and we were right!
  • In August 2021, CIN was first to warn you that “Breakthrough Infections” were a form of “HIV Seroconversion”… and we were right!
  • In October 2021, CIN was first to warn you that the vaccinated would start producing infectious variants (spike proteins) and then OMICRON surfaced… and we were right again!


Recall when COVID-19 first came out and there were very few infected people that were producing antibodies? According to Stats Canada, less than 2.6% of those infected were producing antibodies. That was the NWOs excuse for developing a vaccine and encouraging the public to take it all the while pushing their narrative that you needed antibodies to protect against COVID.

Now, we will tell you that whether you’ve been vaccinated or infected with COVID-19 and are fearful that you may be inflicted with COVID-dependent AIDS or VAIDS… there is hope. It’s called VACCINE NON-RESPONDER and it involves testing for “Spike Protein” production in the blood by taking a COVID-19 Blood Antibody Test (IgG/IgM) either through your doctor or with a home test.

Please DO NOT confuse Antibody Test kits with the Antigen Test kits as they test for different things. But I would hurry and purchase them as the government is fazing them out! Here is a good site:

What is Vaccine Non-Responder? We propose that many people that have been either vaccinated or infected do not produce antibodies to COVID-19 due to what is called Vaccine Non-responder; refers to a person who does not develop protective antibodies after completing two full series of a vaccine and for whom an acute or chronic infection has been ruled out. This is seen with several vaccines such as the Hepatitis B and MMR Vaccine.

This happens primarily when using polysaccharide-based vaccines. Although the COVID-19 vaccine uses viral mRNA to produce spike proteins, it is the spike protein itself that is the “antigen” and launches the immune response within the body. The body then builds antibodies to the spike protein.

The good news here is that the spike protein consists of several “Glycoproteins” and is therefore considered to be a polysaccharide-based protein or antigen. In many people, these types of vaccines sometimes do not launch an immune response needed for long-term memory.

Vaccines containing polysaccharide antigen offer shorter lived protection than vaccines containing protein, because the immune response does not involve the T-lymphocytes needed for long-term immune memory.”

How can not producing antibodies be a good thing? The body can produce both antibodies and autoantibodies:

Antibodies are proteins produced by a person’s immune system that help the body to recognize and get rid of infection. There are 5 types of antibodies called immunoglobulins (e.g. IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD, IgE).

Autoantibodies are antibodies that recognize parts of your body as a foreign invader or infection and launch an attack on your body instead; basically they are antibodies gone rogue. Two such antibodies that turn on the body are IgG and IgM and are then called autoantibodies. Autoantibodies can be found in healthy people, particularly as we get older, but they are also found in some autoimmune diseases.

Since both COVID-19 infection and vaccination has been shown to cause autoimmune disease, we propose that the body may be producing autoantibodies that are attacking healthy body cells rather than antibodies that are fighting off infection.

So what do the Scientists have to say? Two years into this pandemic and nobody seems to have the answer on COVID Antibodies other than: “We still don’t know” and “There is more to immunity than just antibodies.” And “Your antibodies are waning you will need another dose.” Seriously? If a vaccine works there should be antibodies? Where are the studies? What are they hiding?

And as of January 24, 2022 the CDC advises against COVID antibody testing but the link explaining their rational is no longer functioning?

In earlier Web archived page (November 2021) the CDC states that the COVID Antibody test is not recommended to assess the need for vaccination in an unvaccinated person or to assess for immunity to SARS-CoV-2 following COVID-19 vaccination. Furthermore, they state that the COVID Antibody Test is “not authorized for the assessment of immune response in vaccinated people.” The language is such that it appears the CDC is pushing for vaccines while wearing a blindfold; vaccinate regardless of immune status. This is not Science!

Yet in a study published by the CDC roughly 95% of the U.S. population over the age of 16 has developed antibodies against COVID, due to a combination of vaccination and prior infection. It appears that the COVID Antibody test is reliable when the CDC uses it. The irony right?

And the true irony here is that BOTH the CDC and FDA have spent more time monitoring seroconversion in the unvaccinated than in the vaccinated! One would think they would be looking at the effectiveness of these “Emergency Use Authorized” vaccines THEY approved! You know, the vaccines that were 95%, 85%, 80%…60% effective? The ones you now need more boosters for?

Seroconversion was how they sold it! It was never about producing antibodies… it was about producing autoantibodies!

But what does the research show? In cancer patients they found that 46% of those vaccinated even with TWO COVID-19 vaccine doses were not producing antibodies:

And those with Long-COVID or severe COVID disease had HIGH levels of antibodies. If these antibodies are autoantibodies like you would find in autoimmune disease then perhaps having these antibodies may not a good thing?

This CDC report also confirms that infected COVID-19 patients failed to develop antibodies in some cases more than 85% did not seroconvert. Non-seroconversion was associated with a younger age. Also, clinical illness did not guarantee seroconversion. Oddly enough, the CDC did not report seroconversion rates in those vaccinated?

In this study 36% of those infected with COVID-19 were non-responders and they did not seroconvert.

There is also data emerging from different continents that suggest seroconversion may be genetically driven. This John Hopkins Scientist is looking a different seroconversion rates in different countries. We suspect that “swabbing” was monitoring seroconversion rates while collecting DNA data.

In addition, those on dialysis, the immunocompromised and those with Cancer are showing lower seroconversion rates post vaccination… even after three doses! Why is this happening? We suspect dialysis equipment may be filtering out the mRNA vaccine or the antibodies. In those receiving immunotherapy or chemotherapy, the medications are neutralizing the antibodies being produced by the vaccine. Why? COVID-19 was always an autoimmune disease. We believe this is why the NWO is pushing more vaccines on this group of patients; they are harder to kill and will need at least 3-4 doses to seroconvert and develop COVID-dependent AIDS!

So if autoantibodies are the cause of COVID-19 disease can these autoantibodies wane and decrease over time? The science is not even looking at COVID-19 autoantibody levels or remission at this time. What we do know is that in several studies with other autoimmune diseases, autoantibodies can decrease over time and one can go into remission.

And what are the seroconversion rates with Omicron? The data is still not clear. And the “new narrative” is that there are no antibodies produced with two doses, natural immunity does not work so people will run out and get more boosters.

Mind you, if the “Vaccine King” himself states that “Omicron is a vaccine,” then you do not want to catch Omicron!

What is happening here? We believe that these experimental vaccines may be faulty. In the initial animal studies the COVID-19 vaccine was administered in monkeys through an IV infusion not a syringe. This suggested that complete immunization would require a higher mRNA dose than could be supplied via a syringe. This is the reason the NWO is pushing for multiple vaccine boosters. The good news here is that “Seroconversion” is dose dependent! That’s right… stop taking these vaccines and your body may not seroconvert!

We propose this is the reason Prime Minister Justine Trudeau ordered 12 vaccines for every Canadian. The NWO requires that you “seroconvert” and reach an optimal antibody level where your body then starts to attack itself; full-blown COVID disease that is more like an autoimmune disease than a mere “cold” or the “flu.” Your immune system is completely damaged and you are no longer responsive to threats of infection (e.g. viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, cancer) as you succumb to the disease. After all, vaccines are about “Culling” the global population.

We propose that these spike protein antibodies are comparable to antibodies or “autoantibodies” produced by those with HIV or those with autoimmune disease. You see, the HIV Antibody Test also tests for similar IgG and IgM blood markers. And with HIV even if you maintain an undetectable viral load for years, you will still have antibodies as your body “remembers” that you were infected with HIV. Since COVID-19 has HIV inserts and behaves in a similar way to HIV, we propose that once established in your body these COVID-19 antibodies will always remain detectable.

Here is a case report that proves vaccines cause autoantibody production:

In COVID-19, IgG and IgM blood markers indicates the presence of spike protein. Should you test NEGATIVE for these COVID-19 blood antibodies there is a good chance your body may have rejected the vaccine and has eliminated it. The same holds true for those that are unvaccinated and infected with COVID-19.

Yes, that’s right! Having COVID-19 antibodies is NOT a good thing! Trying to develop natural immunity is NOT a good thing! It means you have the toxic spike protein in your body! So please get tested so you know your status. Don’t take anymore vaccines or get re-infected and you may be one of the lucky ones! Mankind’s last “Hail Mary.”

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