BREAKING: Government Official Confirms COVID is AIDS!

Ontario’s Health Minister Christine Elliot has just confirmed our worst fears; COVID infection is AIDS! There is no “Natural Immunity” to a virus with HIV inserts!

But what the Ontario Government did after Minister Elliot’s “slip up” was illegal. The original Ontario Legislature documents for March 8, 2022 were altered and the word “AIDS” was completely eliminated!

Here is the complete live video of the Legislative Assembly meeting for March 28, 2022. It is clear Minister Elliot states COVID is “AIDS” at the 38 minute mark:

We have been telling readers since January 2020 when the COVID-19 Pandemic emerged that we were looking at a bioweapon with HIV inserts.


And now that Canada and the world is going mask-less and removing mandates, this confirms that they all have nefarious intentions! The culling has begun and we are now facing an “Extinction Level Event” the likes of which we have never seen before! No comet, no alien invasions, no nukes; but a bioweapon designed by the Global elite to take over the planet and install their New World Order!

Alberta COVID Numbers Prove Civilization Headed For Extinction Level Event

And it gets worse! The vaccines themselves code for the same spike proteins that are in COVID! The same spike proteins that contain HIV inserts! Anyone vaccinated is not producing “good” antibodies but will be producing “HIV-like” AUTOANTIBODIES that target health body cells! THE COVID VACCINE CONTAINS HIV INSERTS IN THE SPIKE! There is NO NATURAL IMMUNITY TO HIV!

Vaccine Non-Responders: Mankind’s Hail Mary!

To see if you’ve been infected with the “spike protein” causing COVID-AIDS you can use a COVID-19 Antibody Test Kit or contact your medical provider:

Just one question remains unanswered:


It’s time “Sheeple” that you start calling your MP & MPPs!

Meanwhile… here’s some entertainment? Lol…. Oh a normal HIV Test will only test for the HIV virus…. you need a COVID Antibody… akak…. autoantibody….Test

“you might have got it when you stuck that filthy needle in here”

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