Social Economy, Tides Foundation, Johanne Mennie, Maxime Bernier [redux]

Hats off to Matt the Unceded.

An overview of Canada’s Agenda 2030 known as “Social Economy” or “Social Solidarity Economy” and its advocates. I give an explanation of the Tides Foundation’s role in the Social Economy as well as Johanne Mennie’s and Maxime Bernier’s role.

The mimetics of #ppcPurge2019.

Canada Inc consists of Corporations, Foundations and Civil Society. Trudeau senior helped to organize the foundations under the UN umbrella (basically he legitimized the mafia-NWO-money laundering scheme under the UN umbrella led by the Agha Khan). This is significant since he devised the global structure to funnel money to the NWO… undeclared taxable income while taxpayers funded the tax credits!

The Social Economy is legitimized mafia money laundering.

The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part I: Money Laundering)

The Social Economy fucks us to this day, as it is the architecture with which mega social engineering projects like COVID-19 are implemented.

MITACS/Canada Inc. The Trudeau Foundation’s Quiet War Command Center.

The wealthy rule, the sheeple drool.

Canada Inc. Convoy to Civil War!

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