CORONA: The COVID-19 & Electromagnetic Frequencies Story

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) are being released from 5G Towers, 4G and 3G Towers retrofitted with 5G Solenoids, Satellites, and the Power Grid itself. These Frequencies include both high EMF’s and low EMF’s called Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF’s). 1

The high EMF’s are implicated in Cancer, autoimmune disease, inflammation by activating the cytokine storm, and reactivation of dormant viruses. 2

While the low ELF’s cause body system malfunction: Heart attacks, epileptic seizures, mental health disorders, hallucinations, anxiety, behavior modification and brain control.

Both wave frequencies are harmful, but the NWO is using MODULATING waves to combine both HIGH and LOW frequencies to trigger inflammation. INFLAMMATION is the root of all evil in the body and can trigger everything from chronic disease (autoimmune disease) to Cancer.

These EMFs are targeting the Vagus Nerve itself which targets the brain-gut axis. These are the very same frequencies that Dr. Katherine Rauscher and Dr. William Van Bise worked on and developed patents for. They showed that the delivery of certain frequencies could reduce pain and inflammation by targeting the blood-gut axis which included the pituitary and hypothalamus (the major control glands of the body).

This is why we are seeing several cases of hormonal imbalances in both men and women including thyroid hormones and sex hormones such as testosterone. Along with Scientist Dr. Andrija Puharich, they studied, copied and developed Nikola Tesla’s research for the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program. The Pentagon and US Military and had strong ties with Los Alamos Scientists associated with the Manhattan project. They are the “Architects of the MATRIX” and leaders in “brain control” research. 3

The frequencies themselves can also turn on tumor producing chemicals. I suspect the vaccine and the swabs were delivery systems for ferromagnetic nanoparticles. The vaccine delivered them using a lipid nanoparticle complex that consisted of PEG (Polyethylene glycol) bound to Graphene Oxide (PEG-GO). 4

This Graphene Oxide lipid nanoparticle was licensed and developed by the Trudeau Foundation and is required for the delivery of mRNA vaccines. 5

PEG bound to GO can also be found in several pharmaceuticals, supplements, foods, and beverages. The swabs are certainly covered with GO as was seen with microscopy. The Chemtrails we are seeing are also delivering metallic nanoparticles which are most likely magnetic. We saw earlier a video of someone scraping GO from their car window and testing the black soot with a magnet. These nanoparticles can be inhaled and ingested by the body. 6

These nanoparticles are everywhere, especially the large city centers. You can see ripples in the sky and clouds with a dark gray lining after planes distribute the chemicals. These clouds are picking up ELF frequencies generating Magnetic Fields that make clouds look like cottage cheese.

These ELF frequencies are commonly seen overhead in areas of volcanic eruptions. Chemtrails are implicated in weather modification. Metals are showing up in rainwater as well and the pH of rainwater is becoming more alkaline, unable to support plant growth.

The leaves are burning in the sun which is consistent with metal toxicity. The orange coloration you are seeing in the sky is Calcium carbonate which can prevent UV-B rays from penetrating required for Vitamin D Synthesis. This may be why we are seeing a lot of Vitamin D deficiencies and an increase in joint and muscle pain symptoms.

We will report about the effects of Electromagnetic frequencies, their sources and the research that lead to the development of the MATRIX that we are all being locked into.

COVID-19 Pandemic Modeling was Unscientific:

Remember when Dr. Theresa Tam came out with her COVID-19 models? How odd it was that they were able to predict wave after wave after wave for a virus that mutated in each wave? Right? Not only did her models defy scientific theory, the waves continue without stopping! Pandemics for the most part, have no more than 3-4 waves. Dr. Tam knows this; she’s a pandemic modeling scientist!

COVID-19, EMF Frequencies or Both?

In December 2022, global health agencies said we were experiencing our 8th wave; waves that the elites themselves purposely control by increasing the EMF frequencies. SARS-CoV-2 may or may not be real, but what we do know is that EMF frequencies being emitted from their satellites, cell towers and the grid itself are indeed real! The elites themselves are adjusting the frequency strength with each “COVID Wave” and the impact on your body is cumulative; depending on exposure, the more radiation the more serious health effects on the body, so some will die before others do. Our population is being slowly microwaved and they don’t even know it! 7 8

SARS-CoV-2 Activated by EMFs:

In an earlier report we explained how SARS-CoV-2, dormant virus, inflammation and cancer can be activated through EMF frequencies. Today we know for certain that the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA constituents within the vaccine are stimulated by 5G frequencies.

Children and the elderly are most susceptible to radiation poisoning and while the vaccine itself may be speeding up the health implications, EVERYONE is being impacted; vaccinated and unvaccinated alike!

While the unvaccinated are patting themselves on the back for not getting the vaccine the elites are nuking you and your children in your home! You are all being played and you don’t even realize that you are sitting on the Lido deck of the Titanic sipping champagne and listening to the orchestra while the ship is sinking! 9 10

More manufactured Pandemics coming!

The next wave will affect everyone regardless of vaccination status; vaccinated, unvaccinated, swabbed, unswabbed, infected or uninfected because the problem has always been the satellites, cell towers and the power grid that are producing and bombarding our bodies with electromagnetic frequencies EMFs. The NWO controls the frequencies and with each new wave more diseases will emerge pushing the population into getting more and more vaccines. And the time will come when they will no longer be voluntary. 11

G20 pushing global Digital ID integrated with “Vaccine Passports”, yet even WHO said in 2021 “a health pass based solely on individual vaccine status may increase risk of disease spread”. 12

Death Panels Coming:

The “Vaccine King” Bill Gates just recently discussed the idea of “Death Panels” at the G20 to deal with the elderly and the sick. All the while Canada’s MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) program is leading the world in euthanasia for the homeless and the poor and those with mental health disorders. 13

So what do you think is coming when we have more than 84% of the population vaccinated and cancer, autoimmune disease and dementia at an all-time high? Incidentally EMFs are notoriously linked to all three!.

Effects of ELFs and EMFs on the Body:

We are being bombarded by EMFs or Electromagnetic Frequencies that consist of high EMFs and Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequencies (ELFs). The high EMFs and ELFs are coming from 4G, 5G Towers, Satellites and the Electric Grid itself! The symptoms start with a runny nose then your eyes start burning each time you sit in front of your computer.

This progresses to muscle and joint pain, lethargy, headaches, shortness of breath, followed by nausea, abdominal distension and digestive complaints like reflux and then insomnia and anxiety. All the while medical professionals offer up medications and dietary & lifestyle changes which only serve to aggravate or put a temporary bandage on those ailments!

Why? Because the problem is radiation poisoning! These are just some of the symptoms you may experience with EMF exposure. 14

These symptoms are being labeled as Long COVID. It’s not Long COVID. It’s Magnetic Field (Radiation) Poisoning. 15

Sources of Low ELFs & how to measure them: :

Here is a summary of the effects of Extremely Low Frequency (ELFs) on the body and where they can be found in your home. These ELFs are everywhere where there are hydro lines and electricity including light bulbs, table lamps, electrical devices and appliances. EMF meters can be used to measure both high and low radio frequencies. A Magnetic Field “MF” reading on an EMF meter over 1.0 mG (milliGauss) is sufficient to cause serious health effects. 16

Sources of High EMFs & how to measure them:

High EMFs are coming from cell phones, ear pods, microwaves, Bluetooth devices, printers, computers, smart meters, routers, any device in your home or car with Wi-Fi capability. Any Radio Frequency “RF” reading above 1.0 mW on an EMF meter is sufficient to cause health effects. Why is this significant? Here is a detailed summary of the effects of high Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) on the body. 17

Scalar Wave Fields will Protect & Heal You from Magnetic Field Poisoning. 18

Depopulation through EMFs:

I have been asked on numerous occasions, “Do you notice how more younger people are developing cancer and autoimmune disease? Are humans on the road to extinction?” Many have speculated that the foods we are consuming and the supplements and drugs big pharma is pushing are the route cause. To this I would like to add that EMFs are also contributing to this trend.

After all it was Pierre Elliot Trudeau who set up the CTRC that regulates bandwidth frequencies and Canada seems to lead the world in allowing higher than normal levels. Records show that Trudeau knew about the plan of the Global Elites to use electromagnetic frequencies to enslave the global population as early as 1977 and did absolutely nothing! 19

That’s right! The founder of the depopulation “Club of Rome” implemented the groundwork for the culling of global citizens. Indeed the NWO has flourished under the Trudeau Family Regime; Pierre Trudeau legitimized the mafia and cartels by creating foundations & Charities and making Canada the NWOs money laundering HQ for the United Nations, while his son implemented the UN Agenda 2030 legislation that will see our sovereignty completely decimated. 20 21 22

Where are these frequencies coming from?

Initially we assumed they were being emitted from the 5G cell towers themselves and speculated that they would use high Electromagnetic Frequencies to harm us through the delivery of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). While this may still apply and the world goes to zero electricity the elites still want their infrastructure and I seriously doubt they will destroy it when there are other means available to cull the population.

We can confirm through our own testing, that these frequencies are coming from 4G, 5G Cell Towers, Satellites, and Hydro lines; the high “Magnetic Fields” specifically are coming from Hydro lines. Electronics such as laptops and phones are showing “magnetic Fields” equivalent to HYDRO LINES.

What we can confirm is that their plan always involved using the POWER GRID to cull the population and they will do this by powering up their Weapons of Mass Destruction to enslave the global population first.

“This is the end … The 4th Industrial Revolution … is the fusion of our physical, our digital and biological identities.”; Klaus Schwab. 23 24

What is the mechanism of EMF transmission?

You see, cell towers are directly attached to the grid as are Satellites through direct connection to 4G and 5G towers and ground stations. But by the first quarter of 2023 the satellites will be self-generating and will no longer require ground stations to power up. At the present time the grid itself is powering their Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and their weapons include both high and low EMFs.

Here are Tweets from Elon Musk confirming that his Satellites use cell towers as transmission conduits: 25

Notice the increase in violent crimes lately?

The shootings in Nova Scotia, the mass stabbing events in Saskatchewan and Windsor? Are these the result of mental health issues attributed to the pandemic or the manifestations of something entirely more sinister? Magnetic Fields can alter behavior and with fields increasing in intensity we believe this to be the source of mental health and anxiety disorders on the planet. 26 27

In 1995, Dr. Pierre Gilbert warned of future mandatory vaccines that would contaminate the bloodstream and create mass population mind control in which people would turn into zombies. This is factually incorrect as vaccines on their own cannot do this since they require EMFs for activation. I REPEAT, VACCINES REQUIRE EMFs FOR ACTIVATION!

The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will be hosted in the brain cells, which will be micro receivers of electromagnetic fields… This has been done before. Think of Rwanda”; Dr. Pierre Gilbert 28 29

According to Klaus Schwab’s lead advisor Yuval Harari, this MATRIX will use biometric sensors to connect your immune system to the internet allowing your masters to design, create and terminate life.

“Life-on-demand” has arrived where “free will”, economic value, political power and control over life will be lost for the vast majority and a two-tiered society will evolve consisting of a Master class and a slave class. Those that refuse to get vaccinated will be impacted by the toxic radioactive environment and eventually their immune systems will fail.

Yuval Harari; “your immune system will be connected to the net”. 30

Why is it causing immune system failure?

The immune system is failing because the body is still exposed to EMFs (both high EMFs and ELFs) coming from 4G, 5G Cell Towers and Satellites and the Power Grid itself!

Dr Elizabeth Rauscher says her hubby Dr William Bise, was intimidated by TPTB to change research away from Microwave safety, after he had told a 1977 Senate hearing that microwaves at very low amplitudes were unsafe. 31

What biometric sensors is he referring to?

The Pfizer’s vaccine patent application, approved August 31st 2021, indicates it’s purpose is to remotely track all vaccinated humans worldwide who will be or are currently connected to the “Internet of things” by a quantum link of  “pulsating” microwave frequencies of 2.7-80 GHz or higher coming from satellites and cell phone towers directly to the electromagnetic Graphene Oxide which has now become embedded in your fatty tissue and is acting as a biosensor. We are now hackable animals. 32

Why was the government giving out free COVID swabs?

These Graphene Oxide biosensors have also been detected in the swab. The effects of Graphene Oxide on the body are cumulative and can eventually cause toxicity. However GO is far more dangerous to the body in the reduced form (rGO) when energized by high EMFs from cell phones or satellites as they also stimulate inflammation, reawaken dormant virus, cause cancer growth and induce autoimmune disease. 33

Unfortunately GO is found everywhere where there is Polyethylene Glycol (PEG). PEG is found in the vaccine bound to Graphene Oxide. It’s also found in supplements like Vitamin D, soaps, shampoos, medications such as Tylenol, Benadryl and is absorbed into the body in foods we grow and can be retained by the body when we take antibiotics, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine… the list is endless! 34

How do these Graphene Oxide biosensors work?

In 2016 WEF’s Young Global Leader Elon Musk founded Neuralink Corp. to create an “ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interphase” to connect humans and computers that would be capable of brain control and mind reading. Elon Musk has stated that Graphene Oxide would play a role in Neuralink’s “Neural Lace Research Project.” This “Neural Lace” could be injected directly into the body. Elon Musk has also stated that he wanted to implement the first implants by late 2020… around the same time that his Satellites, 5G towers and vaccines were being rolled out.

The purpose of Neuralink is to create a high-band width interphase to the brain such that we can be symbiotic with AI because we have a bandwidth problem we just can’t communicate through… Some high bandwidth interface to the brain will be something that helps achieve a symbiosis between human and machine intelligence and maybe solves the control problem and the usefulness problem.”: Elon Musk 35

Neuralink IS Graphene. In this video he is not talking about a chip, he is talking about using vaccines.  Neural interface by injections and infections. 36

Don’t forget Elon’s advocacy for mRNA vaccines, and getting the dose just right. 37

Elon also mentions that technique has a bandwidth issue, what is that issue?

Satellites and 5G cell towers deliver higher bandwidth frequencies of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) in the GigaHertz (GHz) range and are therefore unable to communicate with the cells of our brain and nervous system since our bodies operate in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range.

Complete digital control of humans can be achieved by using an electromagnetic interphase such as Graphene Oxide that would act as a conduit for communication between our brain and the Internet. To control our brain function the NWO is bombarding us with both high and low electromagnetic frequencies whereby the lower magnetic frequencies (ELF) are able to use the Graphene oxide interface “Neural Lace” to enter brain cells directly.

Basically Graphene Oxide is acting like an antenna to activate brain cells. Science has achieved what was once impossible; as long as the activation stimulus is present neurons of the nervous system will fire off signals in the body to activate a response in muscles or glands that regulate everything in the human body (e.g. hormones, movement, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure). 38 39

And Satan’s Disciple is on a mission of locking you into his Twitter Matrix! 40 41

Everyone is a walking antenna!

The NWO has essentially used Graphene Oxide to turn everyone into a walking antenna capable of absorbing EMFs of various wavelengths! 42

Polyethylene glycol containing Graphene Oxide is also found in metallic paint. Elon Musk made a suggestion to this effect when he “tweeted” his concern that the Satellite Receivers he sent to the Ukraines should not be camouflaged with metallic paint. 43

What is even more disturbing is the fact that Elon Musk recruited Keanu Reeve aka “Neo” from the MATRIX to launch the reinstatement of the NWOs Dark Overlord Donald Trump’s Twitter account! Seems they have a sense of humor! 44

They are locking you into their MATRIX!

This is not mere conjecture or speculation; the MATRIX is real and you are being locked into it. Early on in the Pandemic, Elon Musk put out the following tweet with a caption, “Where does it hurt?” 

The meaning behind it is very dark indeed; it depicts the areas of the body being impacted by COVID-19 and EMFs and includes the gut which plays a crucial role in immunity and the brain that regulates all body functions including behavior. A third figure shows the entire body with the caption, “The Domain for that side project you never launched is up for renewal.” At the top you see “x.com/x” making reference to “Project X”. 45

What exactly is “Project X”?

Project X is the “Everything App”; the NWO led by “Satan’s Disciple” plans on consolidating all social media (and banking) apps under one umbrella and they will call it “Project X”. This METAVERSE is the MATRIX and the Sheeple are falling for it! They have to activate your neurons through the Graphene Oxide interphase in order to lock you into their MATRIX.

The vaccinated will be locked in, the infected, and the swabbed; your body is controlled by neurons and they can now control your neurons remotely. Project X is to be launched in 2023 at the same time that his satellites become self-sustainable from the power grid!

Project X also funded Starlink; the satellites themselves!

So how are the Elite protecting themselves?

While all major cities in the USA have 5G Towers Palm Springs Florida has banned 5G Towers? This is the summer home of both Donald Trump and Bill Gates. The very same two people who fast tracked the vaccines also fast tracked the installation of 5G Towers without safety oversight! 46

Since both 5G and satellites deliver single beam technology directly to your router or iPhone our guess is that their phone IP address has an EMF block function built in?

Trump overtly promotes the Transhumanist agenda by touting his investments in AI, quantum computing, and 5G at the World Economic Forum. 47

Don’t be a victim of 5G and Graphene Oxide Nanotechnology, protect yourself with Scalar Wave Technology with Blushield EMF Protection. NO FEAR.

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