Starlink’s Dark Overlord himself…. Elon Musk!

And just how will these frequencies be used to depopulate the planet? Look no further than the history of our ancestors! Let’s start with Starlink’s Dark Overlord himself…. Elon Musk!


In the bottom left corner is a Varja:

What is a Varja? 

While most of the world is distracted, I see the symbolism that is always present and you and I will decode it. This is the Vajra (Dorje).

This device goes back to over 30,000 years from the Vedic and Sumerian cultures. It is a model for “free energy”; a lightening device from the Gods.

This weapon when turned on would generate what we would call today a plasma ball that could be aimed and shot. To our ancestors the discharge looked like lightning bolts. Our civilization will blame these “lightning bolts” on “climate change”… or UFOs, regardless Star Wars will come and these CoVFeFe “Magnetic Field” accumulators will transform “Free Energy” into death bolts!

So you see, the “threat” on Elon Musk’s table is not the “guns” but the technology of “free energy,” the Varja! It is a reminder to those who know, what will come, if they are deployed….

On November 4, 2022, Elon Musk confirmed that he is going to be executing X.com in a tweet that says…. “Power to the People” with lightning bolts! The sarcasm from these NWO Satanists is unreal! You do know they are laughing at you all the while salivating at your demise… right?

Go ahead you Stupid Sheeple, buy their devices, install a Starlink Satellite, buy a Tesla EV, “Tweet Away”… the clock is ticking!

On the same day hours apart from each other:

Why should you be worried? Elon Musk, Starlink along with “Project X” is funded by DARPA! And the vaccine is not their only weapon!

X! The JASON/DARPA, Elon Musk and the Hunter Droid Apocalypse Story


CoVFeFe. Trump’s Other Silent Genocide.

Project X will be involved in the deployment of “Free Energy” aka “Magnetic Fields” aka “ELFs/EMFs” and will ensure complete destruction of mankind and a victory to the NWO!

Past civilization knew of these weapons as did the 12 bloodlines of the NWO; secrets that were passed down from generation to generation but never exposed to the people. You see, we always had the foundations for a civilization that could be powered by “Free Energy.”

Nikola Tesla, who studied the secrets of the Great Pyramids of Egypt, knew the significance of this technology but his NWO controllers ensured he’d die a poor man while stealing his scientific journals.

The “Climate Change” narrative is the implementation of this “Free Energy” science on humans and the planet to control all planetary life from weather systems to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to brain control!

The NWO and its Corporations want a “One World Order” consisting of a “Slave Class” and a “Master Class” where these “Sun Worshipping” elites employ the powers of their Egyptian Gods!