CoVFeFe. Trump’s Other Silent Genocide.

Remember when President Donald Trump posted his CoVFeFe Tweet? There was a lot more to that tweet than we previously realized! At the time everyone assumed he misspelt “COFFEE.”

Trump said CoVFeFe had a deep meaning…

Continuing over two years later to keep CoVFeFe in everyone’s mind…


According to his MAGA supporters and his online “Qip-shits” Trump had “CoVFeFe Boxes” installed on all 5G Towers. The narrative was that President Trump was converting the high electromagnetic frequencies EMFs being emitted from the Cell Towers (60 GHz) into a lower “healing frequency” of 432 Hz; converting “Evil” into “Righteousness”.

5G Solenoids create Magnetic Fields

Some MAGA & Q supporters are now stating 5G Towers are the “antidote for the shot (vaccine)”


Trump was MAGA’s hero! Or was he? Not only did Trump approve the rollout and installation of 5G Towers, Trump signed the “5G and Beyond Act” to put 5G Towers on privately owned land without having to get permission. But not in Palm Springs Florida where he and his buddy Bill Gates live. Wonder why?


The British Government also passed “The 5G and Beyond Act” in early 2020 when the Pandemic started.

S.893 SECURE 5G AND BEYOND ACT OF 2020 – Signed into law 116-129 on 23-03 2020

Trump now wants 6G rollout as soon as possible! Radiation at Warp Speed!


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