Cinnamon Inhibits Luciferase

In our recent series, we’ve been covering the components of the mRNA Clathrin neural lace system.

Graphene Quantum Dots are the Living Neural Interface “chip” for NWO AI

In this piece, we are going to outline how to deactivate the Luciferase battery pack.

Luciferase fuels mRNA Clathrin Nanobot

What activates the luminescent system of all bacteria?

All luminescent bacteria utilize FMNH2, O2, and long fatty aldehyde as substrates for the bioluminescence reaction catalyzed by luciferase (Produced by the LuxAB genes), with the fatty acid reductase complex (Produced by the LuxCDE genes) synthesizing the long chain aldehyde substrate of tetradecanal required in the reaction.

What triggers the illumination of the bacteria?

The light is generated by an enzyme-catalyzed luminescence reaction, wherein the pigment luciferin is oxidised by the enzyme luciferase. The light produced is in the Blue-Green spectrum at 450-510 nm.

How is bioluminescence controlled?

Bacterial bioluminescence is regulated by means of chemical communication referred to as quorum sensing. Essentially, certain signaling molecules named autoinducers with specific bacterial receptors become activated in order to produce and propagate bioluminescence.  The main signaling molecule is called the LuxR protein (Produced by the LuxR gene)

Where are these Luciferase genes found?

In the Franco Vitaliano “Luciferase” Patent, all these genes, LuxAB, LuxCDE and LuxR genes have been incorporated into the main genetic material delivered in the Clathrin Nanotechnology and are imbedded in the Human Cell Lines he used, namely HEK293 cell lines. 


What are these Luciferase genes doing there?

Besides tracking human movement by inducing a Blue-Green Bioluminescence, these “Light Producing” reactions are coupled to the Graphene Quantum Dots (GQD) that are actively being taken up by brain cells, neurons, heart cells, muscle cells etc. in the process of building “Neural Lace.” This basically means that the GQD are also being excited by this “Bioluminescence Reaction” as well as the 5G EMF frequency. Yes, the NWO has produced Nanotechnology with a Luciferase “backup power pack.”  

How can you suppress Luciferase activity?

In a previous article we determined that Iron supplementation acted to suppress Luciferase activity and “quench” bioillumination:

Iron Will Repress the Luciferase Built In Battery Pack for Clathrin Nanotech

After careful review of the mechanics of the Luciferase “power-pack” in the Vitaliano patent, we established he was used the LuxR genes from the bacterium Vibrio harveyi and bioillumination required autoinducers (AI) to signal the LuxR protein itself. Interference in this signaling pathway can decrease Luciferase activity.

In another embodiment, the method of one or more LuxR proteins and lux bioluminescence genes and or other luminescent causing genes known in the art are utilized and are bioengineered and incorporated into one or more elements, ligands, targeting moieties, and or vectors, which may also be conjugated with one or more other elements, materials, and substances. In one embodiment, luminescent causing genes provide optical pumping sufficient to excite one or more quantum dots and or photonic dots.


And what compound can be used to inhibit this protein? Cinnamaldehyde… Cinnamon!

Cinnamaldehyde is both anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic and ACTIVATES NF-KB pathway which promotes your immune response, pro-inflammatory signals and the body’s “master Antioxidant” Glutathione. Cinnamaldehyde (CA) is a major compound in cinnamon obtained from the stem bark of Cinnamomum cassia.


Here are some Tweets we found on Twitter. This one was from a doctor on July 2020 who did not have many followers and was not an American Frontline Doctor:


This did not go far either:


BOOM!!! The supply chain for Cimmamaldhyde itself has been stopped around July 2020 BEFORE the vaccine rollout! We recommend Cinnamon supplementation to inhibit Luciferase and to help with inflammation. A good herbalist can help make a tincture for you! We will update this file to include other Luciferase Inhibitors as we find them.