Do You Want To Live?

Dr. John Coleman a former British intelligence officer of MI6, expert on the NWO and author of “The Story of the Committee of 300” (which incidentally can be read on the CIA’s government library) claims that the Venetian nobility and Royal family discovered the cure for disease by using herbal compounds mixed in sugar (homeopathic medicine) that delivered the protection of low frequency radiation. Since every living organism, including viruses, has a vibratory cycle, vibrating them on their specific cycle will kill them immediately. But to survive and thrive the elites are using a totally different vibratory cycle on themselves!

SARS-CoV-2: Is there a Cure? The NWO, China, Muslim Brotherhood, HCQ & Dr. Luc Montagnier Exposed!

But in this new age they are not using Homeopathic Medicine to obtain healing frequencies. So how can the elite walk amongst us and not be affected by the very same 5G radiation frequencies that is killing thousands? How can they work in their ivory towers each and every day and not be affected? Well we know it’s definitely not the vaccine? So, let’s look at the actual mechanics of the 5 G Towers that are delivering these frequencies!

Both Cell Towers and Satellites deliver “directed beams” to their targets: cell phone, router, internet antenna etc. The older 3G and 4G Towers used a “blanket wave delivery” approach that deliver frequencies everywhere in its path… like a blanket. But if 5G Technology operated this way it would irradiate everything in its path including humans, animal and plant life and the NWO will not kill their own members. So how are they delivering these kill frequencies to you and why are they not being affected? It’s called an IP Address and it is specific for each user! A kill Frequency for YOU….and a LIVE Frequency for them!

CoVFeFe. Trump’s Other Silent Genocide.

So… do you want to live? Seems the elite that freely walk amongst us love their cell phones as much as you do? There are no magic bullets…. it’s quite simple actually? The Beach Boys said it best: Seems they are picking up “Good Vibrations” Sheeple.!

That’s right…. its all about the IP Address! And you live on the wrong side of the tracks. Vaccinated, Swabbed, Infected, Uninfected…. you have all been poisoned by “Bad Vibrations”… that newscast you watched, that game show, those Sunday morning cartoon, those “Tweets” you read ALL DELIVERED BAD FREQUENCIES TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! No one will survive this but them! And those that do will be forced to serve these overlords! All you need in ONE Phone… then hold hands with your Sheeple and spread the “Good Vibrations”! It’s time that the elite, their offspring, their media propagandists, their Academics, Politicians, CEO, their controlled opposition, and their Nazi Whitecoats give up their IP Addresses!

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