Behind the Wilmot Flames

May 20, 2023

*This is the follow up to the original 2021 C.I.N. article*

***This is proudly dedicated to the loving memory of my oldest son, Douglas Robert Malcolm Pearce, who quickly became the single greatest influence in my life. His heart was pure and his love was real, for everyone he met, as was theirs for him. Doug died as I fought for the truth, justice, and a means to keep a Wilmot madman from murdering both of my sons. Doug’s love will live on in the hearts of all who knew him and as such, this is also for them!***


In 2011, the dream of raising my three children in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, where my mom grew up, became a reality. In 2018, through an unbelievable series of unsolved crimes, all committed by one criminal, that dream literally turned to ashes.

This ordeal began with the break and enter of our Wilmot home, and the theft of the gas tank from my oldest son’s high school graduation gift. As a single father of three children, Douglas was the first to graduate, and I couldn’t have been prouder. He earned his grad gift, and the new home I was rebuilding for him and his special needs brother, Patrick. The story you’re about to read is not only true, it’s documented by police, myself, and others.

On the evening of Thursday, July 26/18, known, local criminal/arsonist, Alex Munroe, was dropped off by his girlfriend at the business located at the entrance to Wilmot’s A & D Trailer Park. He quickly walked up Burke Dr., broke into our Wilmot home, 62 Burke Drive, leaving with an expensive/rare gas tank, wrapped in a purple, plaid blanket. His driver was immediately called to return to the drop off location, proceeding immediately, back to their home at 365 Main St., Lawrencetown, N.S.. On July 26/18. This house was also owned by the same Saturday, April 5/20, Wilmot arson victim, whose home was ignited shortly after the Phillip Graves-owned Wilmot Kwik-Way was set on fire.

Friday, July 27/18–Munroe is witnessed by over a dozen people in the Middleton Tim Horton’s parking lot, publicly confessing to his crime of stealing my son’s gas tank. Munroe’s girlfriend intercepts a text “from” Lucas Singer to Munroe, “I’ve erased the video. Delete this message.”

Sunday, July 29/18–I am informed of Munroe’s public confession and contact Middleton RCMP. Officer Drover opens Case file # 20181102429. The investigation quickly reveals, “someone” at the very business Munroe was dropped off at, erased the video from the East facing exterior surveillance camera. The owner’s youngest son, Lucas Singer, lies to Officer Drover. Singer claimed there was no video and that the east-facing camera didn’t reach Burke Drive. Mr. Singer didn’t think Officer Drover knew the history of that east-facing camera. For many, many years, “any” video from that camera had always been readily available to any local law enforcement members. Many local investigations in the past, include video from that east-facing camera. There had never been an issue; until Mr. Singer’s best friend was being investigated for his crimes against us.

On the morning of Friday, August 3/18, while working on a Graves Construction site on Lincoln St., Kingston, I suffered a near-fatal injury. My left arm was impaled by a two-foot-long, 1/4′ thick piece of glass. I quickly found myself fighting for my life. Paramedics, Roger Cole, and his partner took me to Middleton’s Soldier’s Memorial, where Dr. Jordan Dyke spent an hour and a half putting my left arm back together. Although there is permanent nerve damage, I’m lucky to be alive and tremendously grateful to all those who helped keep me that way.

Despite the injury, I continue to work on our home, and even placed a reward sign for Doug’s tank at a Middleton gas station, Gates Landing. It was this act that angered Munroe to the point he burnt down our Wilmot home. We knew someone would want the money being offered. One tip led us to a broken down cube van in the front yard of Lucas Singer’s deceased, grandfather’s Wilmot home. The tip claimed it was locked in the cube van. Unfortunately, when police arrived, someone had already removed the lock and taken the tank. Without the recovery of the stolen property, charges have never been laid in this investigation, but we’re still grateful for all of Officer Drover’s efforts.

Sunday, August 19/18–Mr. Munroe somehow gets my phone number and sends threatening texts to my phone. “I’m not done fucking with you” and “I’m going to take everything you bought and paid for.” I blocked his number and moved on.

Wednesday, August 22/18–While my son, Patrick and I are taking supper to a Middleton man with limited groceries, the fire alarms ring out, not knowing our rebuilt home had just been lit on fire. We immediately knew it was arson because nothing but new wood was used to build a 64’x13′ modular home on a “Hurricane Strap” set up. It consisted of a series of concrete pillars underneath. At the scene, upon completion of a thorough examination by trusted and experienced Fire Chief Mike Toole, the area was immediately ruled a crime scene and taped off. Howie Andrews Electrical had not yet installed any wiring. It was Andrews Electrical’s “Contractor Pole” that sat 40 feet from the point of ignition, which was the SE corner. Two power cables, valued at over $700.00, transferred temporary power, safely and affectively, from the NW side of the home. There was absolutely no electrical wiring of any type within 40 feet of the arsonist’s ignition point, making Fire Chief Toole’s determination of a crime scene, a simple task. This fact was more than evident, as Fire Chief Toole handed the paperwork for this crime to Bridgetown RCMP Officer Alexander Martinez Arana. Chief Toole did so while stating clearly, “I guess this is yours.” Officer Arana’s response, “I guess it is!”

There was zero doubt with any first responders, fire or police, that this was the scene of a horrific crime that would have killed my special needs boy, had he actually been home at this time of day, as he normally was. This mutually agreed upon decision and exchange of paperwork, from Fire Chief Toole to RCMP Officer Arana, was witnessed by 80+ people including Red Cross, neighbors, multiple RCMP Officers, Firefighters, “and” Saltwire reporter, Larry Powell. It was also caught on video. There was no question, 62 Burke Drive was the scene of a crime, and confirmation of that fact, was Bridgetown RCMP Officer Arana immediately opening Case File # 20181251712. As I watched the firefighters put out the fire, fully aware of the magnitude of this crime, I was completely unaware of the nightmare, no one could ever have foreseen, still waiting to unfold.

Despite all the crimes Alex Munroe had already committed against us, and threats to do more, our drug dealing neighbor became the prime and only suspect in this arson. As of 2023, it’s been over 10 years since an arsonist in this area has even been arrested. There was never one single piece of physical evidence that pointed to this prime suspect or anyone else. All that was known was someone committed the crime of arson, not who. There are only four ways to catch an arsonist: video, eye witness, forensic DNA, or an unlikely confession. If none of these elements exist, an arsonist gets away.

Friday, August 24/18–After having spent the previous two nights at 492 Main St., Middleton, a Red Cross representative was now at this address, readying us for a weekend stay at the Windsor, N.S. “Super 8” Motel. Our morning departure was delayed, when Bridgetown RCMP Officer Brad Williams and his partner showed up to question me about the arson. In front of witnesses, these “street crime” officers were informed of Alex Munroe’s burglary and his text threats, made only three days before the fire. That information was never passed on to Officer Arana. That was also the one and only time I ever heard from these officers.

By the morning of Saturday, August 25/18, there was still no one in our family who knew where we were. We had been left with no ID, address books, bank cards, or our phone. Without our phone we had no way of contacting anyone or anyone contacting us. We were totally lost until my daughter reached us through Red Cross. Frantically, she said, “Dad, I’m glad I finally found you because you need to look at the news story on the internet about your fire. They’re blaming you !”

The “Super 8” staff allowed me to use the office computer, to find the story. We couldn’t believe what we were reading, staff and I alike. As it turned out, Saltwire reporter, Larry Powell, had decided to entirely disregard all that he saw at this scene and produced a Saltwire story that steered readers to believe that “I” was actually, negligently responsible for this fire. His story was bizarre, given the fact he stood 15 feet away from those who had exchanged the paperwork. Powell’s story was 180 degrees from the truth. According to Powell, there was no crime, no victims, just possible stupidity. The last line of Powell’s article clearly claimed, “The cause of the fire is unknown.” That line was an outright lie. The cause of the fire was definitely known. That’s why Fire Chief Toole gave the paperwork to RCMP Officer Arana. The cause was arson!

On Wednesday, August 29/18, we left Windsor for Digby, with a brief stop in Middleton. Many of the Valley’s local citizens, the suspect’s customers and friends were now blaming me for the fire, and their friend being wrongfully accused and investigated. The suspect was a very popular dealer and word of Powell’s media claim, spread quickly.

Thursday, September 13/18–We moved into a small home in the middle of the Valley woods, hiding from the fallout of Powell’s misleading Saltwire article. When locals found out we lived at 2137 Old Mill Rd, we suddenly had people doing “burnouts” at the end of our driveway. One of the suspect’s friends even tried to run us off the road, while yet another tried to start a fight at a local grocery store. My youngest son was being given a hard time at school, teased about his dad supposedly burning down his own home. Larry Powell did quite the job on us, but the affects of his article were far from done.

On the morning of Tuesday, November 27/18, we have unexpected visitors to 2137 Old Mill Rd. They came to see me regarding not only our arson, but the April 9/18 arson of a relative’s Wilmot barn. The bizarre events in their family’s arson included no possible arrests, while the lead investigator unexpectedly resigned. This all took place in April 2018, the exact month where the fire statistics stop, in Ian Fairclough’s November 26/22, Saltwire article. That too is not a coincidence. After hearing about their arson, I immediately contacted the Bridgetown RCMP, regarding an update on our case. Officer Arana was informed of my call by their operator, and quickly came on the line. He informed me, “The prime suspect never showed up for his third scheduled polygraph, the case is closed.” With no evidence at all linking this suspect to the crime, the suspect knew he was under no legal obligation to show up. Officer Arana’s statement was, “We can’t force him.” I then asked Officer Arana about Powell’s story, still on the internet. His response: “We’re not the media!” This was the very last time I would ever speak with Officer Arana about this case. I had no reason to. The case was closed and unless new evidence was found, the case would stay closed.

Tuesday, January 1/19–Alex Munroe has now moved from 365 Main St., Lawrencetown, and is living with a new girlfriend, Terry, at 21 Gates Ave, apt 7, Middleton. Munroe had abused his last girlfriend so often that she finally ran away from him in August, 2018. The owner of 365 Main St., Lawrencetown remained as Munroe’s landlord. Munroe confesses to the arson of our home, to Terry, who in turn tells her daughter, Mandy. Mandy is then assaulted by Munroe, inside 21 Gates Ave, apt 7. The Middleton RCMP are informed of this incident but no charges laid. Mandy and her husband, Tom Whitman, quickly inform me of what has happened and why she was attacked by Munroe. Less than a week after informing me of Munroe’s confession; the Whitmans wake up to discover “someone” had slashed all 4 tires on their red Dodge Durango. The RCMP were immediately contacted and statemments were taken, even from neighbors completely disconnected from all those involved. Neighbors reported seeing Lucas Singer’s grey Dodge dually truck in this deadend part of their Nictaux subdivision, at 2 am. The Whitman’s home sits behind the Nictaux Fire Hall, in the very back of the subdivision, on the outside of a paved circle. It’s the dead end area. No charges were ever laid in this incident. The owner of 365 Main St., Lawrencetown “and” the home arsoned after the Wilmot Kwik-Way, bought the Whitmans new tires from the local Wilmot tire shop, located at the center of 7 unsolved Wilmot arsons. No video is available!!! When I sent the RCMP to the Whitman’s home, they recanted their story.

February 20/19–After almost 3 months of debate, and due to multiple third party requests, I decide to look into the April 9/18, Wilmot arson of the Saltzman’s barn. The victims confirm the circumstances of their unsolved arson and why it will always remain that way. A generational farming family, always very much respected in the Valley, now found themselves forced to absorb a $700,000 uninsured loss. No one has seen or heard from their lead investigator again, as this would be the last case he would ever be investigating. The loss of a former military man, turned officer, was the spark that ignited the 500′ section of the north side of Wilmot’s #1 highway. Those fires continue to burn down the lives of innocent Wilmot property owners.

Friday, March 8, 2019–Larry Powell’s attempt to cover up his original, lie-filled Saltwire article, has been discovered. I immediately downloaded the revised article. Saltwire has refused to discuss this. Powell’s cover up article is still on the internet. In the top left corner of his edited version, Mr. Powell fraudulently claims his original version was only on the internet for 18 hours. That is impossible. We read Powell’s original version, at the “Super 8,” on August 25/18. Larry Powell and Saltwire News, owned by The Chronicle Herald, left Powell’s original version on the internet for over 4 months. He has illegally back-dated the date of his revisions. Powell purposely lied in his original article, to cover up yet another Valley arson. Powell then tried to cover up his own crime, by committing another one. When you use one crime to cover up a previous crime, that too is a crime. Powell and Munroe are both criminals. We’re not the only Valley/Wilmot arson victims being lied about. There are many, many more. Larry Powell briefly resigned from Saltwire. Then, prior to his own surprise resignation, Stephen McNeil gave Larry Powell the newly-created title of “Annapolis County Communication & Media OFFICER”. That’s one way to protect a criminal! Saltwire’s phone system continues to send me to voice mail, where no calls have ever been returned.

Monday, March 18/19-Case File # 2019357177–While trying to get help for my oldest son, now back from Alberta, one of my son’s angered friends unexpectedly showed up at our home. He didn’t think my shutting the door on my son was right. He was wrong. I had no choice. I had to love my son enough to do whatever it took. The scene was so bad that police had to be called. They met this person at his home and told him not to come back to 2137 Old Mill Rd. This person was under the influence of something and definitely not acting like himself.

Wednesday, April 10/19–After weeks of seeing Munroe terrorize the Whitmans, Tom’s mom informs my daughter that Alex Munroe is now threatening to murder both my sons, Doug and Patrick, by burning down 2137 Old Mill Rd. Police are informed, but without a witness statement, nothing was done.

Thursday, June 20/19, Case File # 2019884896–While delivering a pizza to our home, Simon, owner of MIMI’s Pizza, Greenwood, makes a startling discovery. Alex Munroe and two of his friends are found in a truck, hiding on the far side of our home. Not coincidentally enough, at the time of this incident, Kingston RCMP Officer Mike Curry was already investigating complaints of Munroe threatening to burn down Simon’s Greenwood home. The vehicle sped from our yard as soon as we came after them. Police were called. With no plate number, again, nothing was done about the Valley’s leading, active arsonist, nothing!!! I would never sleep another full night at 2137 Old Mill Rd.

Friday, July 26/19–After almost a year of living with Larry Powell’s lies, the RCMP’s failure, and a criminal’s willingness to commit whatever crimes he wants, I moved my special needs son to Digby. This was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make, as well as being the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I allowed a lying reporter, a cowardly arsonist, and a botched, 12 week RCMP investigation, to push us from a place I’d always loved and from the son I was still trying to help.

Friday, August 14/19–The Wilmot Evans family is again rocked by an arsonist. First, it was the April 7/18 loss of an important piece of their family’s history, now Amy’s Embroidery, arsoned to cover up a break/enter and theft. All this family does is work hard, provide top quality produce to their customers, and even provided the community with a great corn maze! The corn maze had always provided years of enjoyment for Valley families and tourists alike. These folks are the poster child for hard working Valley citizens, and the last people to deserve to be arsoned once, let alone twice in less than a year and a half. We wish them all the best.

Thursday, September 19/19–In Digby, someone gained unlawful access to my government files, and altered vital information. My daughter, and my son-in-law’s files had also been illegally accessed. Digby Housing staff, who had no reason to change anything, also had no idea why it was done or who did it. They were the first to realize something was wrong with my file, when all their correspondence to me was being returned as “wrong address”! The staff printed me off a copy of the exact day it happened and then, puzzled, changed my address back to 65 Second Ave, Digby. This was our only Digby address. My address had been changed to my son-in-law’s address, 206 Victoria St, Digby. My daughter’s address was also changed, placing her, electronically, on Victoria St. Upon her discovery, her address was changed back to 86 Montague, Digby. No explanation was ever given. She has since moved from this address, as has my son-in-law moved from Victoria Ave.

Monday, September 30/19-Case File # 20191793709–I contact an administrator for an AC/DC website. I inform him that I may have to inform the Nova Scotia (NS) RCMP of someone sending me graphic videos through their website. The videos spoke of murdering a family and sending them to heaven. This came only two weeks after “someone” electronically identified every member of my Digby family, simply by altering our addresses. The administrator realized the person doing this was not a member and should never have been able to circumvent the web site’s firewall. He discovered someone had set up a phony Facebook account and was using it to springboard past their fire wall. He had never seen this done before and I was the only member, from over 30 thousand members, to be targeted. Now the threats were coming from a whole different direction. This had to be over the April 9/18, Wilmot arson, and I knew it. Someone didn’t like anyone messing around in that arson, Case File #2018456618. I would now have to bring in the Digby RCMP, if I wanted to or not, and I didn’t!!

Tuesday, November 26/19–I contact a member of the Digby RCMP known as Officer C.J.. We make plans for me to bring in all the physical evidence of these threats, to the Digby detachment, under camera, as soon as possible. This was planned for November 28/19.

Wednesday, November 27/19–At approximately 7 pm, a Digby RCMP officer unexpectedly arrives at our home, 65 Second Ave. He begins by demanding to see the physical evidence we have of all the electronic breeches. The officer looks at the evidence and proceeds to inform me that the NS RCMP doesn’t have the technology to tell them who committed these acts. That’s right, he lied! Next, he wants to search our home without a warrant. I refused, citing I don’t have that authority, but that he could always call the home owner. The home owner’s business does all the automotive work on the Digby RCMP cop cars, and has for many years. Instead, I’m arrested for obstruction, handcuffed and thrown in a cop car. When their illegal search was done, cops emerged with a 12 gauge, pump action shot gun. The son of the home owner, who lived with us, had illegally purchased, illegally possessed, and unlawfully stored this weapon. I was immediately removed from the car, unhandcuffed, and told, “You’re free to go.” No charges were ever laid against the landlord and the gun was returned to his family, the very next day. Digby RCMP refuse to even discuss this entire incident. I’ll never forget it. Since this incident; the NS RCMP have treated me like “I’m” the criminal. I’ve never been a criminal, or involved in any criminal activities, and I don’t plan to start!!! This incident soured us from renting from someone so stupid and as big a liar. I immediately started looking for another home.

Saturday, April 5/20–Meanwhile, back in Wilmot, Alex Munroe was preparing to repay a debt to someone who had provided all his homes since arriving in Annapolis County. This man even helped intimidate the Whitmans, so they would no longer talk to the police. That person’s vehicle is featured in firefigher pictures, at the scene of both April 5/20 arsons. Saturday evening, Munroe does what he does best, burn others’ property. Owner Phillip Graves, had just locked the Kwik-Way door for the very last time. The timing couldn’t have been better, no one was around. The van beside the store is lit on fire, rather than smashing the store glass and setting off the alarm. While fire crews are racing to this fire, inside the 500′ section of the north side of Wilmot’s #1 highway, Munroe is on his way to his landlord’s home. Soon after receiving the call for the Wilmot store, alarms go off for the other Wilmot/South Farmington fire. This home is also owned by Munroe’s landlord.

**Thursday, September 10/20**–A motorcycle, reportedly travelling at over 150 mph, struck an SUV on the Stronach Mtn Rd. The speed was so great, the motorcycle exploded, and little was left of the rider. I receive an evening call from Tyler Bezanson. He believed it was Douglas who’d just been killed, but not 100% sure. Finally, Middleton RCMP Officer, Dwayne O’Quinn shows up at the scene and is informed of the probable identity of the rider, by those present who recognized the bike. I would later have to take a DNA test, for a positive confirmation of ID. Officer O’Quinn believes he now knows whose son this is, the guy who stood up for all the Wilmot arson victims and a former Middleton cop who tried to arrest two arsonists. I will never forget what he did next. Middleton RCMP Officer Dwayne O’Quinn decided he was “NOT” going to confirm with me, the legal “Next of Kin”, that I’d just lost my son. When I finally got through to him, he simply said, “The ‘Next of Kin’ has already been contacted.” That was the end of the phone call. That confusing declaration was then relayed back, to those at the crash scene. Two people, present at the crash, then went to the Doug’s home. It would be hours later, before the medical examiner would contact me. A medical examiner was the person who officially told me that I just lost my son. Officer Dwayne O’Quinn was shipped out of the Valley shortly after he did this to me. Doug lived with a couple who knew we’d been completely wiped out by arson, had nothing left of our lives, or anything at all left, related to Doug. David Miller knew I was the legal Next of Kin, and still gave away what was left of the boy I raised, since the day he was born. I gave everything in my life to the betterment of all my children’s lives. He also knew I nearly died rescuing my family from our July 2/01, 5 Moxom Dr., Shubenacadie house fire. Less than a week later, Mr. Miller and his woman applied for a Peace Bond. We don’t even know this woman, having only ever met her twice in our entire lives.

Thursday,October 8/20–Only weeks after my son dies on the streets of the Valley, our affluent, live-in landlord lies to Digby ACCESS, trying to have us evicted for non-payment of rent. The live-in landlord never even showed up for ACCESS phone court, and we won by having all our rent receipts. We still have them all.

Tuesday, october 13/20–Our landlords give us an Appeal notice for a court date of November 19/20.

Thursday, November 19/20–When the Appeal Court began, I was immediately informed my evidence from the earlier ACCESS Court’s decision is nowhere to be found. The landlord’s paperwork made it to court, but ours didn’t. Due to the landlords having already illegally had the power shut off, Friday, October 30/20, we were now forced into the streets in the middle of Covid! We would spend the next four months travelling all over NS, looking for a home, living in our SUV with my heart and soul in an urn between us. With Covid, no one was moving anywhere. From homeless by an arson to homeless by an arsehole, we were in a lot of trouble.

Sunday, December 20/20–On our way to Truro, we stopped at the Greenwood Tim Hortons. The two guys who went to Doug’s home were there, waiting to see me and Patrick. All the hard feelings over Officer O’Quinn’s intentionally misleading information, had ultimately fallen by the wayside. The guys gave Patrick many Christmas goodies and informed me that they had left a box of cars for Patrick, at Doug’s last address. Considering the childish way Mr. Miller had behaved “AT” my son’s “Ceremony of Life,” I was apprehensive. When I gave him a hug during the ceremony, only because Doug did love him, he childishly growled loudly, like a dog. That speaks for itself. So I wasn’t too sure about going to this home. I waited until the next day and even had the foresight to take a precaution.

Monday, December 21/20-Case File # 20201848650–At 1:15 pm, I park my SUV on the North side of Mayhew Dr., Kingston, 10 feet from David Miller’s driveway. I immediately put my phone on speaker and contact the Kingston RCMP detachment. I explain who I am, where I am, and why I felt it was important to have them on the phone, as I tried to peacefully retrieve what was left of my son. Instead, Mr. Miller decides to roar out of his home and attack me with a baseball bat, while the Kingston detachment is on the phone. This incident was recorded by both the RCMP and my phone’s call recorder, and witnessed by neighbors. Kingston RCMP dispatch hangs up on me, and doesn’t even bother to instruct officers to the scene. I left the area and immediately called the Kingston RCMP again. This time they tell me it’ll be a 30 minute wait. Minutes later, two RCMP cruisers pass me and go to the assailant’s home instead. Mr. Miller then knowingly gave a false statement to police. He has never been charged with anything, despite his obvious lies. Miller and his girlfriend have lied since the moment my son died. Neither will take a polygraph because they already know what the results will be and so does the Kingston RCMP, who helped them get away with their crimes against me in the first place.

Monday, March 8/21– After someone from Truro Housing hid our application paperwork for two weeks, I was unable to continue to pay for our Truro motel room. As a result, we were back on the streets, scrambling for a solution. The true story behind us, still being hidden by NS media, is believed to be the motivation for whoever was told to hide our paperwork. I was privately told that our paperwork was actually found under an unopened package of printer paper, not in the wrong basket as was told to us originally. With help from a friend through Twitter, we were able to secure a temporary home in Amherst, NS.

Thursday, April 1/21– After everything we’d been put through for three years, we finally had our own home again. It has taken me this long to gain the strength to come forward with the full true story regarding the demise of my family and why.

Thursday,March 23/23–Bridgetown RCMP make both a startling and contradictory announcement to me. With former lead investigator, Alexander Martinez Arana, NOW “no longer” working from the Bridgetown RCMP detachment, their story regarding our investigation has dramatically changed. As this article is being written, Bridgetown RCMP now claim they had a 2 1/2 year investigation into our arson. This is despite the “fact” Arana had already closed our case on November 27/28, due to a complete lack of evidence. No new evidence means the Bridgetown RCMP are now lying, most likely to try and protect reporter-turned-officer, Larry Powell. Powell’s original article immediately obstructed the 12-week-long police investigation. At one time that was a crime. Now, certain Valley media outlets are writing whatever they want, just like Larry Powell did to me and my sons. Powell’s Saltwire article left us to live between a crime that wiped us out, his media lies, and all our neighbor’s angry friends who believed, via Powell’s article, that I burnt down my own home. It appears as though NS media considers themselves to be above the law.

This story is for all our fellow NS citizens. Let this be a reminder, to look out for each other in these ever changing times. Valley school E.A., Ms. Nogler, once told me, “For every problem in this Valley; there’s 100 people trying to make it better.” She was right. There are many Valley-based “Neighborhood Watch” programs operating. I hope their efforts will work to make their communities better and safer, but they can’t do it alone. With changing times, hopefully more citizens will come forward to help with investigations. The Valley folks deserve better, as do all our fellow Nova Scotians. May God have mercy on our province. Amen.

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