Len Ber & Frens are just another CIA “Targeted Justice” Psy-op.

This BONUS ARTICLE is not a segment or even part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. For that, I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanism Agenda” from the top. This is just part of a mini-series entitled “Fren’s of CIA Dupe Len Ber” SPM

In September of 2023 a reader emailed me to ask about Ozone Therapy promoted by Dr. Len Ber. While I do not remember the original email I received, Dr. Len has since said he does not promote Ozone. I have received numerous emails from this man, and he even recently had me on his podcast to discuss this article. 1 I am not surprised Len’s ego had me on the show, and I am even less surprised that this error in judgement has led to interesting discoveries.

Leonid “Len” Ber received his MD degree in the former USSR where he specialized and practiced as an endocrinologist. Now a US citizen, Len is one of the few US civilians to ever be officially diagnosed with Havana syndrome. Robert Duncan is a self-proclaimed “renaissance educated man from Harvard & M.I.T with a focus on medical sciences, engineering, computer science and more specifically genetic algorithm optimizations of neural networks. He has worked on projects for DARPA, the CIA, the Navy, and Army.”

Len Ber and his “scientist” “fren’ who has worked with DARPA and the CIA on Mind Control both now claim to expose DARPA, CIA and Mind Control? 2 The thing is, Robert Duncan is not a scientist and is not exposing anything. That is completely fabricated disinformation. 3 Both Len Ber and Robert Duncan are on the board of Targeted Justice, an organization they operate claiming to be fighting for justice for Targeted Individuals of EMF weaponry. Targeted Justice is a 501(c)(3) (tax exempt non-profit).

Dr. Ber has also presented with Richard Lighthouse, another Targeted Justice board member and a former NASA employee. 4

Richard Lighthouse, whose real name is Winter Owen Calvert, is a former NASA scientist and has a mechanical engineering degree from Stanford University. He wrote a book on Ed Snowden and Julian Assange that states they were being tortured using microwaves. 

Targeted Justice has been accused of being textbook Cointelpro:

“The fixated and facile use by Targeted Justice of the term “gangstalking”–as evident in its Cease and Desist letter—is further evidence to this writer, sustained by earlier encounters with various Targeted Justice Board members, of Targeted Justice as a set-up, front organization posing as an activist organization while publishing Disinformation and harming all it purports to represent, as well as gatekeeping, censoring, and character-assassinating real activists and journalists exposing targeting crimes, matters addressed earlier in articles here, including “The Consequences of Infiltration” 5, “Massive Heart Hits…” 6, “Midge Mathis of Targeted Justice Promotes Targeted Smear” 7, and “Ramola D Reports | Report # 144: CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell & Ramola D: Grandstanding, Disinfo, and Containment Ops in the TI Community” 8.”

I have consistent concerns about what I consider mischaracterization of the GQD neural interface technology. This author believes the same thing was happening when Targeted Justice “whistleblowers” were coming forward with their testimonies. I am also concerned about Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) techniques attempted in my interview with Len through voice and slide images, and interviews I have seen on other shows.

NLP Backstory: Clathrin GQD (Graphene Quantum Dots) 9 co-developer Gordana Vitaliano 10 also helped develop the NLP Neuro-Linguistic-Programming or induced hypnosis in 1994. 11 12 13 The central task of our New Integrative NLP model (Stanojevic-Vitaliano 1995), whether experimental or applied, is the understanding of the nature of human consciousness. In order to understand normal and altered states of consciousness (Tart 1969) – dreaming, light and deep sleep, relaxation response, hypnosis, trance states, meditation, neardeath experiences, psychedelic drug experiences, some psychopathological states, inspirational and some religious states, to name a few of them – this model explores different, relatively separate areas of human behavior. These can include perception, learning, language, emotional and cognitive processes, and motor skills. As our understanding of these different areas of study in psychology grows, we continue to uncover the structures of human consciousness.

Objectively, this level is characterized by respiratory suspension, heart rate deceleration and suspension, hypo-metabolic state with a drop in oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production, and by maintenance of vigilance. This is the final integration of all the levels – Rational, Symbolic, Emotional and Perceptual – into one Trans-individual level. This state of awareness can be achieved in Integrative NLP  after long practice of prayers and meditation (Stanojevic-Vale , 1993).

That said, I am concerned about the Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) techniques.

“Targeted Justice Board members Dr. Katherine Horton and Richard Lighthouse were both putting out Disinfo regarding the technology, and that Midge Mathis was blindly supporting them, despite, most especially, Dr. Katherine Horton’s well-reported and widely-known petty, juvenile, but profoundly injurious and sinister smear attacks, sabotage-activities, calls to violence, and echo-stalking/mirroring displays-in-plain-sight of her Intel Neuro-Linguistic-Programming efforts, the latter aimed directly at me, earlier described in “The Consequences of Infiltration” 14, “Swiss Cheese and Bayonets” 15, and “The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum: The Real Backstory” 16.” 17

Dr. Katherine Horton is a scientist who studied physics at Oxford University, where she obtained her Masters of Physics and then went on to get her PhD. She is a high energy physicist and system analyst. She worked for years at CERN in Geneva. There is a whole section on Dr Katherine Horton misinformation campaign reported here: 18

There is a lawsuit against Richard Lighthouse: 19

John “Jack” Christiana has filed lawsuits against Winter Owen Calvert (alias Richard Lighthouse) and Targeted Justice. TWO main areas:
1. Injunction and Declaratory Relief to stop Winter Owen Calvert, using an alias Richard Lighthouse, from alleged crimes related to terrorism and publishing alleged threats to law enforcement – and it is being alleged that Lighthouse is working with the FBI to discredit targeted victims, aka Targeted Individuals, so the targeting abuse program can continue.

2. Defamation of both Libel and Slander. Because Christiana is trying to end the targeting abuse program, and this includes current day CointelPro of discrediting Targeted Individuals, Richard Lighthouse has, just as a plant or perp would do, defamed Christiana to discredit him, sending emails with false information, making phone calls with lies, and publishing on websites false information. This is defamation and the remedy is to go to Court. This is especially important because Christiana is fighting for his freedom to end the targeting which includes currently damaging his eyes. More information to follow.


Additional background on Disinfo agent Richard Lighthouse: 21

Richard LightHouse, Robert Duncan and Dr Len Ber are board members of Targeted Justice so is Dr. Ana Mihalcea. 22 23

Here is Dr. Len interviewing Dr. Ana Mihalcea. 24 Dr. Ana Mihalcea. 25 What a small club.

Well frens, with all the drama and mischaracterizations, looks like Targeted Justice is just another Targeted Psy-op.

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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