Project Sanguine:  Project Kill Switch? Project Great Reset.

This equation was posted on Telegram by ETheFriend and shared in my chat room.

“Let’s begin with how they want to target you currently. The end result of -Project Sanguine- aka “project kill switch”

“It will be dense science, but as we go, I will break it down.

ETheFriend continued:

“By utilizing these mathematical equations, we can quantify and compare the impact of a customized bioweapon on the population with the genetic marker “GeneX” (targeted) versus the population without the marker (non-targeted). This allows us to assess the effectiveness and consequences of a weaponized virus with absolute precision. 

“And this, is how you are targeted.

“Or, more appropriately, how they intend to target you

“What you are looking at, is the full scientific breakdown of how they use smartdust as a biomonitering tool and then adapt viral agents around genetic biomarkers. Effectively allowing them to terminate people at will based off of unique markers that could be racial, gender oriented, or individualized etc etc.”

I asked two questions…

“Where does this equation originate?  From what I’ve found, this is the first mention of it on the internet.” 1

This is a very specific and from what we can tell, a highly accurate equation. It is an honest question to ask where it came from. After all, ETheFriend offers no footnotes ever.

Next question…

“Targeted vs non-targeted….and they are looking at alleles! Non targeted have either one or two ccr5 delta 32 alleles!!  Only a geneticist and statistician would know the computational analysis of this bioweapon activation….and here it is!

Aryan Mafia of CCR5 Supremacists Made Up of AshkeNazi Jews!2

I was banned immediately by the E! 

Say hello to your new FREN.

The equation is legit from excerpts or having seen it in it’s entirety through our research. Why post it? And why pretend to be here for the people and that all information must be free? And then permanently ban me? Cover for his true masters?

In true psy-op style, ETheFriend is flooding the zone with shit. He is purposefully dealing out nebulous. I approach his statements with raw facts supporting his statements and BOOM. I am memory holed once again.

Now, the equation itself is the kill switch. AI needs a Kill Switch. 3

And since humanity is being reduced to biological androids, humans will also need a kill switch because WE ARE NOW MACHINES TOO!

No humans. No AI.

Kill Switch – Engine Icon.

Engine Kill – Malware Icon

Even JASON Group’s Project Sanguine front man, Elon Musk has given the signal. 4 He should know, X is the shadow behind the agenda intent on harvesting you mind, and transitioning you into the biological android. 5

Of course, Xanadu, home of the NWO’s Quantum Matrix is flashing the the NWO gang sign, as well. 6

Odd, ETheFriend didn’t mention anything about the Quantum World? And no one even asked what they were planning by installing five Quantum Computers? 7 (Good read.)

The equation was first published by ETheFriend on Telegram. 8

Then republished on Above Top Secret, in the post  “Operation Trust” Disinformation Campaign Repeated Now -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions —ASCENSION”, page 135 (abovetopsecret.com)”. 9


It was also posted by JQHN SPARTAN at INTEL Q Force, INTEL Q is CIA. 10 They got it from “E” (just a friend).

ETheFriend responded To JQHN SPARTAN:

“The things I’m going to teach you over the next few days will probably make you angry.

“I apologize for that.

“I thought it was appropriate, as a first step, to expose the clandestine program of biological targeting of your enemies and reveal the methodology behind it in its entirety.
No one has done that yet.

“We will travel a strange terrain, but if you are wise, you will stay and learn until the end.

“I have to teach you how lost you are before I can show you the exit.

“Stay strong and don’t be afraid.

“You are not alone.

“Tomorrow, we will have to hold on, a lot of ground will be covered at once.”

Complete QAnon jibber jabber.

JQHN SPARTAN promotes TRUMP and ELON so does ETheFriend! Example:

“Ukrainian terrorist puppets are now furious that Elon Musk refused to let them use Starlink satellites to launch a major drone offensive.

“Elon’s reasoning? We do not want nuclear war scenarios to happen.

“For posterity, I will add that Russia was aware of the plans and that the attack would have ultimately failed anyway.
But congratulations to Elon for always refusing to allow his company to be used to commit a major act of war.

“At least someone has common sense.”

Yeah right, Elon has common sense. Talk about giving cover to the New World Order. X is the pinnacle of Private Public Partnerships. 11

Too funny. And this one:

“Here is evidence of what our U.S. government is doing in #Ukraine. These are war crimes.

“I have a responsibility to share with the world this damning information that I have discovered.

“@FBI @CIA @DHSgov @realDonaldTrump”


“The @joeBiden administration collaborates with and protects violent Nazis in order to commit war crimes in Ukraine and stir up Nazi movements in the United States during an election year as part of a color revolution aimed at removing President Trump from the White House by blaming @realDonaldTrump on Nazi and white supremacist movements in the United States.”

Unbelievable. So much cover for Ashkenazi Nazi Jews in Ukraine, and Trump’s precious Chabad. 12 As a reminder, Russia announced the Denazification of Ukraine as their stated goal of invading. 13

They are still pushing the unvaccinated are safe narrative:

“Just to add, what happens when they ramp up that 5G? Who is affected? It won’t be the unvaxxed.

“5G combined with vax = MARBURG.”

Sorry folks, swabbed and infected are just as susceptible as the vaccinated. And it’s not Marburg, it’s the living two way neurological interface and the beginning of humanities transition. 14

The 5G combined with vax = MARBURG narrative has been trending through social media and message boards.

Todd Callender, attorney, appears to be the progenitor. 15

Todd is explaining virus’ will be released from within nanotubes using 5G. The fact is, no virus required. For instance, Marburg like infections can be created with the same 18GHz pulses alone. 16 Nanotech not required.

I believe Todd is intentionally misleading. I find it curious how many people say they have access to the tech (which we all do) and that they mischaracterize the technology. It’s everything about “Kill Shots” with this group, and nothing about the neural lace itself. It’s also always about FEAR FEAR FEAR.

Quit the FEAR.

As for the graphene shell, yes, it is a “viral like particle” that contains the mRNA. We are talking about 15 billion nanoparticles, 4000 plus enzymes, 29 glycoproteins comprising 15 billion nanoparticles. We are talking about an organism, not some robot or capsule that opens up. It is not like that. The technology is carbon and human proteins and genes, it becomes one with us. The Mechanism for our Great Reset.

Todd has given us the date of October 4, so at least he has given us an end date of his prediction.

Look, they’ve infected us with all these proteins… gp120 HIV, sv40 Cancer, Marburg, MERS, SARS, Influenza, Ebola, … all of it is there. A greatest hits box set from Fauci’s Fort Detrick. 17 It’s all part of a larger system. But if they are giving us information like this, it is safe to assume that the NWO is about to increase the GHz frequency. Their tech needs more bandwidth and more power. They know humans can withstand a higher rate of heat shock.

Speaking of heat shock, in this video posted by ETheFriend, he is alluding to CoVFeFe being some sort Trump master plan. 18

ETheFriend does not even reference what CoVFeFe is. Allowing for more nebulous for people to think Trump is in control.

Let’s not forget that CoVFeFe is the tech that harvests magnetic fields from the power grid and directs them into the population. 19

5G Solenoids = CoVFeFe

Unleashing CoVFeFe (5G) and Operation Warp Speed (mRNA) are Trump’s greatest crimes, and Transhumanists greatest victory. 20

Solenoids are required to produce the magnetic fields that activate Clathrin Graphene Quantum Dot technology.

mRNA + 5G = Operation Warp Speed Great Reset Neural Interface.

Donald Trump is the Operation Warp Speed mRNA, CoVFeFe 5G Kill Grid Champion! 21 And Chabad Ashkenazi’s Champion, too! 22

Honestly, when it comes to controlled opposition, where does the truth ends, and the psy-op begins? Trust your judgement people. Learn to discern… Literally, use your conscious brain as much as possible to work this shit out, and mind harvesting becomes very difficult. They need you in FEAR, they need you reduced to your primal mind, into your subconscious.

Solution: Stop the smart dust from coming down, stop eating processed foods. I suspect foods labeled as Kosher is laced with Graphene Oxide. Private airports need to be closed down. Stop the smart dust!!!

In the meantime, don’t forget to mitigate your 5G/EMF exposure to deactivate Graphene Oxide. Don’t allow yourself to become part of their matrix.

A Scalar Wave Field Generator, or Torus, will Decouple your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface.
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