BREAKING: Trudeau Behind Trucker’s Freedom Convoy Insurrection!

Just Trudeau has just enacted the Emergency Powers Act against all who protest his mandates which includes the power to put a stop to all protests and seize peoples’ bank accounts and assets. Canada has now become a police-surveillance state where everything you do is under scrutiny. How did this come about and just who exactly was behind the “Freedom Convoy” that has led to such drastic measures?

Not too long ago CIN investigated the WEXIT movement and its’ main organizer Peter Downing. At the time we knew Pat King was also a founder of the movement and it is only through the Trucker’s “Freedom Convoy” that the den of vipers has truly been exposed.

Peter Downing, #Wexit IS George Soros. (Seriously.)

While WEXIT’s founders are hell bent on establishing the narrative that they’re an anti-globalist party from the west, it should come as no surprise that Peter Downing and the WEXIT movement were propped up by ultra-conservative media with Diane Francis as their biggest supporter.

Francis is an American-born propagandist who has been the editor of Canada’s National Post magazine since the late 90’s. National Post became a subsidiary of the US owned PostMedia during PM Stephen Harper’s government . The Americans put a Canadian face on the deal by selecting Paul Godfrey as Postmedia’s CEO. Not by coincidence, Godfrey is also a diehard Tory. Diane Francis also sits on the board of the Atlantic Council, a well-known globalist outfit. Despite these obvious ties to globalism, the team at Wexit has absolutely no qualms about having her cheerlead and endorse their cause.

The Atlantic Council is a Ukrainian-tied globalist organization known for interfering in the electoral process throughout the Americas and Europe. To give you an idea, it was the Atlantic Council which founded CrowdStrike, the firm used to cover up the source of the DNC/Clinton email leaks after the US’s 2016 Presidential Election, in turn blaming Russian hackers for the data leak.

The Atlantic Council, a US-based globalist swamp think tank which was formed in 1961 which is behind the latest impeachment coup against Donald Trump. It is an organization that brings together George Soros, the Clintons, leading defense contractors, a powerful lobbying firms along with notoriously biased media outlets such as CNN and Reuters, all under the same umbrella! The Council is funded by and partners with Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that paid Joe Biden’s son Hunter $83,000 a month to serve as a consultant.

You see, in Canada, we have what is merely a perception of government with Globalist-run think-tanks controlling their political puppets! All parties are corrupt and this goes without exception!

George Soros is a major financier of the Atlantic Council. WEXIT is nothing but a Globalist propaganda machine with it’s leaders now intricately tied to the main organizers of the “Freedom Convoy” itself. The“Freedom Convoy” is but an extension of the NWOs plan to implement a police state. You have all been duped!

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NWO’s Convoy to Famine

So what is the relationship between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and ultra-rich billionaire George Soros? The Trudeau government opened the door to Soros’ Open Society Foundation in Canada by implementing programs they have helped to steer the NWOs political policy of our country from academia to immigration.

And George Soros’ relationship with Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland runs even deeper.

How is Trudeau tied to the Atlantic Council? The Atlantic Council is an America think tank founded in 1961. It manages policy programs related to international security and global economic prosperity with headquarters in Washington D.C. It is a member of the Atlantic Treaty Organization; an umbrella organization which draws together political leaders, academics, military officials, and diplomats to support the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The Atlantic Council was formerly called the Atlantic Council of the United States (ACUS). The founding sponsors included: Government organizations (i.e. NATO, US Military, European Union), Corporations (i.e. General Dynamics, Boeing, Exon) and Foundations (i.e. Rockefeller, Open Society, Ford Foundation). Because of its’ role with NATO, Canada is a sponsor of the Atlantic Council with a center located in Canada and sponsored by NATO, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of National defense.

In 2017 Justin Trudeau was also given the “Global Citizen’s Award” by the Atlantic Council. Guest speaker at the occasion included Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.

Who else funds the Atlantic Council? In September 2014, the New York Times reported that since 2008, the Atlantic Council had received donations from more than twenty-five foreign governments. They stated that the Atlantic Council was one of a number of think tanks that received substantial overseas funds and conducted activities that “typically align with the foreign governments’ agendas”.

The Atlantic Council’s full list of sponsors also includes many military, financial, and corporate entities. And in 2018 leading donors in 2018 were Facebook and the British government.

The Atlantic Council has, since its inception, stated it is a nonpartisan institution. Despite its connections, the Council is by charter independent of the government and registered as a non-profit organization. However, this could be farther from the truth since the Atlantic Council is closely aligned with the United Nations and staffed with former Chretien, Harper and other United Nations enthusiasts. Yes, the Atlantic Council is a den of vipers and they have now entrenched themselves into the “Freedom Convoy” with what appears to be a façade for the implementation of the NWO government. Has Trudeau then organized his own insurrection? Everything points to that direction!

This article was deleted from the internet so we thought we would preserve it.

The Wexit Movement is also seeking help from the United Nations. This is an odd alliance since many Wexiters are opposed to the United Nations Global Compact on Migration. Peter Downing also wants a referendum about bringing the UN into the Wexit fold. He said an independent country in the middle of the Prairies could take advantage of the United Nations Convention on the Right to Sea to gain access to a pipeline: (21)

“As an independent country, we have more freedom to channel our resources on the coast than in Canada,” he said after the election. We will have the best of both worlds: we will keep our money and we will have access to the coast. ”

Whistleblowers have come forward stating that the Trudeau government has even paid the anarchist group Antifa $45 million dollars to create major problems, disruptions and injuries within the convoy. Other participants at the rally are suggesting explosive devices may have already been planted in some buildings in the vicinity. The stage is being set and just like his father before him who enacted the “War Measures Act” in the 1970 October FLQ Crisis, Justin Trudeau will not hesitate to invoke the “Emergency Measures Act” which will have similar consequences: the complete suspension of civil liberties of Canadians who will be labelled “enemy aliens” leading to mass arrests and detentions without charges or trials. Just watch him!

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