NWO’s Convoy to Famine

The NWO Truckers Convoy to World Domination has Arrived!

What can I say? The excitement of watching all my fellow Canadian Patriots has had me cheering by the sidelines and shedding tears and shaking in my bed at night knowing full well where this “Freedom Convoy” is heading.

I know you all wish and pray for salvation; to see happier times for your family, your children and friends. But following blindly is not the solution. Many are asking for answers they really don’t want to hear.

Whether you are watching at home from your television sets or following livestreaming or social media accounts or if you are experiencing it live in Ottawa, make no mistake you are doing so because the NWO elite and their media manipulators want you doing that!

Step back now and let’s think outside the box… seriously!

When many nations have already decided to stop all mandates and passports, Canadians are out in sub zero temperatures supporting a Freedom Rally whose organizers stem from the Western Maverick Party who want to see the West separate from Canada. A freedom Rally for Canadians pushed by separatists. And if you look closely you can bet that Stephen Harper, Maxime Bernier and yes… even Justin Trudeau have a hand in this! The Desmarais Corporation marriage to the Rothschild Corporation, has always and will always dictate the politics in Canada!

So what will come from this convoy? My guess is several arrests will be made of those supporting and signing up to help out in the Convoy. You have already been declared a terrorist entity by the Federal government! And just like his father before him who enacted the “War Measures Act” in the 1970 October FLQ Crisis, Justin Trudeau will not hesitate to invoke the “Emergency Measures Act” which will have similar consequences: the complete suspension of civil liberties of Canadians who will be labelled “enemy aliens” leading to mass arrests and detentions without charges or trials. Just watch him!

What else will come out of this Convoy? Organizers already stating they will not leave Ottawa until the government is replaced. My guess is that will never happen; first the government is not even in Ottawa right now and secondly the government holds the “electoral” mandate to govern. So unless the “Truckers Convoy” has a few Generals and Militia in its back pocket, which I seriously doubt, this protest is going to cause more damage to Canadians than they realize.

Why? The convoy is threatening to shut down cities, airports, and border access which will bring the entire economy and supply chain to a complete halt! And with this comes consequences; the “Freedom Convoy” might as well be called the “Famine Convoy!”

How is this tied to the NWOs Agenda 2030? Not only will “The Freedom Convoy” compromise the health and safety of millions of Canadians it will also weaken us as a nation allowing NWO powers to invade our sovereign state under the guise that they are helping. A very convenient United Nations mandate that was coincidently drafted by former Liberal Party leader now Soros puppet Michael Ignatieff, and was approved and ratified by all UN members in 2005 called the “Responsibility to Protect. ”

R2P redefined state sovereignty; the report argued that sovereignty entailed not only rights but also responsibilities, specifically a state’s responsibility to protect its people from major violations of human rights and stated that assisting populations at risk within their own country was “basically a question of striking a balance between sovereignty and solidarity with people in need.”

The R2P report further asserted that, where a state was “unable or unwilling” to protect it’s people, the responsibility should shift to the international community and “the principle of non-intervention yields to the international responsibility to protect.” The report argued that any form of military intervention is “an exceptional and extraordinary measure”, and, as such, to be justified it must meet certain criteria, including:

  • Just cause: There must be “serious and irreparable harm occurring to human beings, or imminently likely to occur”.
  • Right intention: The main intention of the military action must be to prevent human suffering.
  • Last resort: Every other measure besides military invention has to have already been taken into account. (This does not mean that every measurement has to have been applied and been shown to fail, but that there are reasonable grounds to believe that only military action would work in that situation.)
  • Proportional means: The military means must not exceed what is necessary “to secure the defined human protection objective”.
  • Reasonable prospects: The chance of success must be reasonably high, and it must be unlikely that the consequences of the military intervention would be worse than the consequences without the intervention.
  • Right authority: The military action has to have been authorized by the Security Council.

And who is in charge of the UN Security Council? The permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (also known as the Permanent Five, Big Five, or P5) are the five sovereign states to whom the UN Charter of 1945 grants a permanent seat on the UN Security Council: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, each having both voting and veto power. The other Non-permanent members include: Albania Brazil Gabon Ghana India Ireland Kenya Mexico Norway United and Arab Emirates. All of which are currently lobbying for voting status.

Who supplies the UN Security Council with Military personnel? China provides more than 90% of all UN’s Military soldiers and police.

UN Police Training Center is in… China!

Do you see the problem yet? Should the west fall, our future has already been placed in the hands of despot nations, many Islamic, and dictators that do not embrace civil rights, human rights and freedom! So when the World Economic Forum’s leader Klaus Schwab says you will have nothing… YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING!

The Great Reset: Prepare for De-Industrialization Winter 2021!

Klaus Schwab, in short… “we need a Great reset!”, and we’re using China to do it.

Are Russian Actors involved? Today, media suggested that “Russian Actors” are behind “Truckers for Freedom” and they weren’t too far off target. This is one time we all should be praying that this is “Fake News” but unfortunately it is not. The “Freedom Convoy” is being mobilized not just in Canada but in other Western Nations. And with it will come disruptions in supply chains world wide: food, medicine, fuel, water, medical supplies etc. This will be a dark winter for all freedom-loving nations. The West will fall!

Still think this wont happen? News Flash: The majority of Truckers across this nation work for corporations with trucks supplied by the corporations themselves! This is not the “Peoples Movement” this is the NWOs movement! Until the sheeple wake up and realize that their actions and beliefs are directly influenced by the social media their brains are fused to… you will never have any freedom! You have already been captured, branded and you already belong to the NWO! You’re their bitch!

Who exactly is leading this “Freedom Convoy?” NWO organizations and puppets directly tied (and funded) by the NWO; Maxime Bernier, Randy Hilier to name a few. This is “Controlled Opposition!” Welcome to the revolution they planned and implemented! This is their end game… but it doesn’t have to be yours!

While the Sheeple dance around their NWO Masters and play “follow the leader” the NWO is basically building their troops for the revolution! Here’s the “Vaccine King” himself promoting the Canadian Truckers who were anti-vaccine mandates! The Sheeple want a hero and the NWO is giving you their hero whose goal is to blindly lead you all to anarchy and destabilization in order to usher in their NWO government; a police state consisting of self-appointed masters and impoverished-bound slaves!

This was the NWO’s call to arms this week; a rhyme of lore describing the Rings of Power in J. R. R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” The Rings were created by the malevolent being Sauron in what is called “Black Language” to subjugate the races of Middle-earth. And it appears the Canadian Truckers hero Elon Musk is on board!

You want to survive the NWO? Throw out your fucken cell phones install a landline…. No tracing… No passport… No 5G! Make sure you remove any GPS tracking system. Photocopy your IDs as they have tracking chips and put them in faraday bags. Use cash. Do not join groups promoted by social media, instead build your own community! People need to go back to the basics if they want to survive the NWO…. Even if it means having only ZERO CELL PHONES in the house!

If you accept you are being programmed by the state…. the solution is clearly attainable!

What else will come from this Convoy? The spread of the Omicron variant! Yes the virus is real. The sheeple should be wearing N95s. Still thinking the virus is fake? Then why is the NWO propaganda pushing for the use of Ivermectin if the virus is fake? Is it just a coincidence that protests are currently underway world wide against government mandates in the middle of the fifth wave? Why is the NWO promoting the Omicron virus as merely a common cold? A virus that can be easily overcome by “Natural Immunity”? Why has the government stopped all PCR testing and has now given out free rapid antigen testing? Why are schools opening up during the wave? Why aren’t infection numbers being recorded?

Fact: The NWO runs the science, the data, the variants, the numbers and the NWO has reached maximum #HerdTransmission. What has the vaccine brought us? HIV, Autoimmune disease, blood clots, MS and Cancer. The depopulation phase is just starting! God help us all!

Omicron Variant is HIV Seroconversion! #HerdTransmission #COVIDisAirborne #AirborneAIDS Mother Fuckers!

Why is this significant? Soon, before the death toll to Omicron rises and Citizens are fully alerted to the irreparable damage done by these vaccines, NATO’s main G7 countries will more than likely be placed in a precarious position with both China and Russia. Our guess is that war will be declared soon against both China and Russia. The G7 is an informal grouping of seven of the world’s advanced economies: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union. They are also key NATO allies all participating heavily in vaccine rollouts! News outlets are already indicating that war is on the horizon! The Rubicon has been crossed . Pray for humanity!