PPC Convoy To Civil War: The UN Takeover Begins!

The NWOs PPC Convoy to a United Nations takeover has arrived!

What can I say? The excitement of watching all my fellow Canadian Patriots has had me cheering by the sidelines and shedding tears and shaking in my bed at night knowing full well where this “Freedom Convoy” is heading; the enslavement of humanity by the NWO.

How is this possible? To start it looks like the “non-partisan” Freedom Convoy has turned into a PPC Political movement that protestors did not sign up for! At this weeks press conference, organizers of the convoy clearly stated to the media that the movement was “strictly non-partisan” and their goal was to “nudge” politicians in order to change the political landscape in the future. This was far from accurate.

Few things claimed in this interview: – organizers are fully vaccinated – willing to stay in Ottawa for weeks or months, until all mandates removed – this is a cultural & not political movement (not affiliated or associated w/ any parties as they all failed us)

So what is really going on? What we are witnessing on social medial is an entirely different story. Randy Hillier, an independent MPP from Ontario, formerly a member in Doug Ford’s Conservative Party, and currently the leader of the Ontario PPC Party along with Maxime Bernier leader of the federal PPC Party have commandeered the command center for the “Freedom Convoy” and are instructing truckers what to do on the ground.

How is this problematic? Canadians donated to a cause, not a political insurrection! Under federal law, it is a crime to incite, assist, or engage in such conduct against the government. Such actions come with grave consequences such as felony charges for treason and imprisonment for all those participating and/or funding the movement. Has the PPC now orchestrated a political coup against the sitting government? Canadians watching, those that donated and those actively protesting on the ground have the right to know that they have been duped! Trudeau has already openly declared protestors terrorists in the media. If they are reading this, please do not proceed any further with this rally unless given legal advice.

Meanwhile in the province of Nova Scotia the premier has made it illegal to donate or participate in the trucker’s “Freedom Convoy with fines up to $10,000! Seriously!

Who exactly are the organizers of the “Freedom Convoy?” The organizers listed on the GoFundMe page are Tamara Lich and BJ Dichter. Tamara Lich was “an organizer for Yellow Vests Canada, a regional coordinator for the separatist “WEXIT” movement in Alberta, and now as the secretary for the Maverick Party – another separatist movement and fringe political party. When asked to comment on the intent of the Convoy she said, “This (convoy) is not about vax or anti-vax or covid… It is about restoring Canada’s rights and freedoms.”

BJ Dichter, a former Conservative candidate in Toronto-Danforth, is a strong supporter of Maxime Bernier and a member of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC). In 2019, Dichter spoke at the first People’s Party of Canada conference held in Gatineau, Que., where he railed against “political Islam” and argued that the radical left in Canada is working with Islamic groups to undermine the Canadian state.

Patrick King, also listed as a contact for the North Alberta group participating in the convoy, has regularly espoused anti-Semitic views on social media and distorted facts about the Holocaust. King was quoted as saying last month, “The only way that this is going to be solved is with bullets.”

Another group associated with the convoy, Canada Unity, has written a “memorandum of understanding” which it plans to present to the Senate and governor general, demanding an end to vaccine mandates and other pandemic restrictions. In drafting the MoU they worked directly with the PPC. The memo is clear; they want to replace the elected government with themselves without an election.

What else will come out of this Convoy? Organizers are already stating they will not leave Ottawa until the government is replaced. My guess is that will never happen; first the government is not even in Ottawa right now and secondly the government holds the “electoral” mandate to govern. So unless the “Truckers Convoy” has a few Generals and Militia in its back pocket, which I seriously doubt, this protest is going to cause more damage to Canadians than they realize.

Why? The convoy is threatening to shut down cities, airports, and border access which will bring the entire economy and supply chain to a complete halt! And with this comes consequences; the “Freedom Convoy” might as well be called the “Famine Convoy!” And rest assured the government, and it’s military will intervene. The RCMP has already started arresting truckers blocking the Canada-US border.

NWO’s Convoy to Famine

How is this tied to the NWOs Agenda 2030? Not only will “The Freedom Convoy” compromise the health and safety of millions of Canadians it will also weaken us as a nation allowing NWO powers to invade our sovereign state under the guise that they are helping. A very convenient United Nations mandate that was coincidently drafted by former Liberal Party leader now Soros puppet Michael Ignatieff, and was approved and ratified by all UN members in 2005 called the “Responsibility to Protect” or R2P.

R2P redefined state sovereignty and argued that a nation’s sovereignty entailed not only rights but also a responsibility to protect its people from major violations of human rights. The R2P report further asserted that, where a state was “unable or unwilling” to protect it’s people, the responsibility should shift to the international community, namely the UN Security Council. The report argued that any form of military intervention is “an exceptional and extraordinary measure”, and, as such, to be justified it must meet certain criteria, including:

  • Just cause: There must be “serious and irreparable harm occurring to human beings, or imminently likely to occur”.
  • Right intention: The main intention of the military action must be to prevent human suffering.
  • Last resort: Every other measure besides military invention has to have already been taken into account. (This does not mean that every measurement has to have been applied and been shown to fail, but that there are reasonable grounds to believe that only military action would work in that situation.)
  • Proportional means: The military means must not exceed what is necessary “to secure the defined human protection objective”.
  • Reasonable prospects: The chance of success must be reasonably high, and it must be unlikely that the consequences of the military intervention would be worse than the consequences without the intervention.
  • Right authority: The military action has to have been authorized by the Security Council.

And who is in charge of the UN Security Council? The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council are: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, each having both voting and veto power. The other Non-permanent members include: Albania Brazil Gabon Ghana India Ireland Kenya Mexico Norway United and Arab Emirates. All of which are currently lobbying for voting status. Should this happen the balance of power will move from Western nations to other countries that do not have the same democratic structures in place. Many of these countries have already formed alliances with China.

Who supplies the UN Security Council with Military personnel? China provides more than 90% of all UN’s Military soldiers and police.

UN Police Training Center is in… China!

Do you see the problem yet? Should the west fall, our future has already been placed in the hands of despot nations, many Islamic, and dictators that do not embrace civil liberties, human rights and freedom! So when the World Economic Forum’s leader Klaus Schwab says you will have nothing, he means it literally!

Klaus Schwab, in short… “we need a Great reset!”, and we’re using China to do it.

How does Maxime Bernier fit into all this? Maxime Bernier was the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time the “Responsibility to Protect” document was ratified by Harper’s government in 2006-2007. This was his portfolio so he dealt directly with the United Nations on both the UNPA (United Nations Parliamentary Assembly), home of the future NWO government and the “Responsibility to Protect” that would give the UN military and policing powers within a sovereign nation. Make no mistake about it, R2P in the context of the New World Order is about invasion, enforcing “rule of law,” mandating universal vaccinations and the complete control and enslavement of sovereign citizens. And as it stands, Maxime Bernier is not the “Albertan from Quebec” but rather a diabolical agent of the NWO who is committed to implementing the UNs mandates! He is “The Great Reset!”

Dossier: Maxime Bernier and UNPA

Meet Communist Maxime Bernier

The “Freedom Convoy” has been Highjacked by the NWO. Canada’s Truckers who have inspired all of us these past few days have been duped! They have walked right into the hands of the NWO whose intentions are far more nefarious than they were lead to believe. God keep our Patriotic heroes safe and grant them safe passage back home to their loved ones. Go home patriots… go home! Nothing good will come of this.

What’s happening on the ground? The NWO has infiltrated the convoy and placed moles that are there to cause problems and instigate false flag operations intent on pinning blame on the truckers. Whistleblowers have come forward stating that the Trudeau government has even paid the anarchist group Antifa $45 million dollars to create major problems, disruptions and injuries to the group. Other participants at the rally are suggesting explosive devices may have already been planted in some buildings in the vicinity. The stage is being set and just like his father before him who enacted the “War Measures Act” in the 1970 October FLQ Crisis, Justin Trudeau will not hesitate to invoke the “Emergency Measures Act” which will have similar consequences: the complete suspension of civil liberties of Canadians who will be labelled “enemy aliens” leading to mass arrests and detentions without charges or trials. Just watch him!

What are our predictions? The question is not whether the UN will intervene but rather when it will intervene. The longer these protests continue the graver the situation will be across Canada especially in major city centers that will feel the impact of food and fuel shortages in the middle of a Canadian winter. The protests will further act to destabilize both our medical infrastructure and economy. Expect more rallies across all Canadian cities. False flags are being set up now in Ottawa which are implicating hate groups within the truckers convoy. What may have started off as a “Freedom Rally” has been highjacked by NWO saboteurs who are intent on portraying this as a “fringe minority” group terrorizing the country. These are tactics that dictators have been used to incite violence and revolution in many third world countries. The United Nations sustainable development goals called for “equity” among nations and the NWO is complying. Welcome to Canadistan!

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We have seen this before both in both US Politics and in the Canadian Political landscape. In 2017, Chicago County Commissioner Richard Boykin, who has ties to former president Barack Obama, asked the United Nations to provide peace keeping forces to intervene with the escalating violence in Chicago.

And in 2021, Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq First nations chief requested UN peacekeepers ahead of lobster fishery:

Canada’s January 6th Event has arrived: William Ray of Storm Haven Media

“It is almost certain that the brave Canadians now driving on Ottawa in a bid to take back our country will likely face an attempt to manufacture an “event” that will allow the Trudeau junta to invoke the Emergency Act. We have seen this exact scenario played out in Washington DC in the now fully exposed government operation that gave the US Democrats the excuse to declare Marshall Law in their capitol and turn their security services loose on anyone who opposes their dark ideologies. The Liberal party of Canada and Justin Trudeau share the exact same masters and operatives.

It is certain that as I write this agents of the RCMP,CSIS and the Canadian Forces are already embedding themselves in the convoy. They will worm their way into positions of trust and when the time is right try and create the event their filthy masters require. Sadly you should expect zero loyalty from these institutions, both the RCMP and Canadian Forces have proven themselves corrupt beyond repair, they will carry out their masters orders without regard.”

CINs Analysis of the Situation:

CIN is not a fan of Justin Trudeau and/or any other political party for that matter. In 2019 we came out with our analysis of the political landscape in Canada and concluded that “All Parties are Corrupt.” That said, undermining the democratic process thereby overturning the Canadian Constitution with which this country was built upon, would only serve to destroy this great nation. Revolution is not the solution. Replacing electoral candidates controlled by the NWO with true patriots that represent the people would be. Instead we are witnessing the sheeple run from one NWO Master to another NWO “Controlled Opposition Puppet.” Patriots, is this the hill you’re all choosing to die on? Maxime Bernier is neither a patriot nor the “white hat” you perceive him to be. Because what I see is lambs being lead to the slaughter! If you want your country back then remove the NWO puppets running the political parties you are financing and replace them with true salt-of-the-earth patriots not associated with political families, connections to masters of industry or corporations! Let your voices be heard not theirs! You and only you have the power to cut off and disentangle yourselves from the strings of the puppet Master! In destroying the constitution, the very fabric that empowers “the people” you only destroy yourself!

All Parties Are Corrupt: Harper & Trudeau In League With UN & Soros

Update: And here it is! The Trudeau government refuses to communicate with the protestors demands. The RCMP was instructed to draw the line in the sand. All protestors refusing to leave will be arrested and their trucks confiscated by the crown. The problem with Trudeau’s ultimatum is that Canada is already facing a trucking shortage. Furthermore, Tow truck drivers stand in solidarity with the truckers. So how will those trucks be towed? How will supply chains be reassumed if there are no trucks and drivers?

You see… the governments intention was always to create a humanitarian crisis and they will achieve it regardless if the truckers are there or not! All western countries have now followed the NWOs narrative and are organizing their own convoys; all orchestrated by “Controlled Opposition” in league with corporations and the government. Encourage the truckers to return to their families and prepare for the UN invasion! A Humanitarian crisis is coming regardless!

Canada’s NWOs Police State is Here!

Canada Inc. Convoy to Civil War!


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    1. They won’t have a choice in the matter when the supply chain fails… winter is here and there will be no food, fuel, medical supplies, farmers without seeds, fertilizers, supplies equals NO CROPS in a few weeks. Why would anyone organize a trucking convoy in the middle of winter? The people didn’t…. the NWO did!

      The humanitarian crisis they wanted is coming and that will trigger the NW using UN peace-keeping military! Many govt leaders on the ground are already suggesting going to the UN! Who is the UN Military? CHINA!

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