The Official response to “Project Cactus” from the Founder & Spokesman of the #ppcPurge2019

Off the top, in no way, shape or form has the #ppcPurge2019 team ever collaborated with Warren Kinsella, Daisy Group, or their proxies STAMP, ARCollective, Anti-Hate Canada or ANTIFA. In addition, we condemn the actions, methods, and the individuals involved 110%. They are a stain on our country and our collective conscience.

Be that as it may, the #ppcPurge2019 was started long before the PPC had ever formed as a party, and before the CPC convention that had ultimately led to schism of Scheer vs Max, which was festered by Maxime Bernier’s CPC leadership staff after his removal as Shadow Minister in the CPC caucus. Despite the claims of Bernier and even Scheer as to the reason of the removal of Bernier from the Shadow Cabinet being his criticism of “multiculturalism”, we have reason to believe that Maxime and his group of supporters where planning a break from the CPC the minute Andrew Scheer won the leadership race; all that was needed was for Maxime to pay off the debt of his leadership, and he would be gone, which was exactly what had happened.

From the get go, many people, not necessarily CPC hardliners, but conservative-minded folks all over Canada quickly remembered the last time we had two “right-wing” parties in Canada: the Progressive Conservatives vs the Reform vs Alliance party. That led to consecutive Liberal governments, which at the time, was a centre-right party under the leadership of Chretien and Paul Martin, but those days are long gone. Under the Trudeau Regime, Canada has turned into what was once the Zenith of the British Commonwealth, into a “genocidal-racist-Alt-right-former-nation-state”, at least according to Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Butts. In 4 short years, many people feel the Trudeau Regime has done irrevocable harm to our nation, our culture and our legal system. And that 4 more years of Justin Trudeau or some form of “progressive” coalition would leave Canada absolutely unrecognizable to its former prestige.

Fast forward to today. The work being done online by the #ppcPurge2019 team was not to make the PPC seem racist, quite the opposite, because from the very get-go, Social Conservatives were not invited to take part in the PPC. It’s founding executives were, for the most part, members of Maxime’s failed leadership bid and a hodgepodge of failed provincial Libertarian/Marijuana party candidates the likes of Caleb Voskamp & Ethan Erkiletian. I don’t want to go into too much detail about these two, but the fact that they both have profited from bringing refugees into Canada should be alarming to a party that only in the last few months switched from a Libertarian-minded party into a Social Conservative/lower immigration party on the turn of the dime.

However, that being said, does the CPC campaign represent everything that Social Conservatives stand for? No, they do not. But this is a campaign in a country where 70% of people vote progressive, yet only about 40% of popular support is needed to form a government. So essentially every Conservative campaign that I’ve been alive for in Canada has targeted those 10-15% of voters who swing “both-ways” so to speak. This is, for better or for worse, how our democracy works in Canada. It is and will always be a game of “optics”.

Before I begin ranting and raving all about the state of “Conservatism” or “Populism” in Canada, I feel I should end this blog before the main points get scrambled, so I will end this post in referencing what has come to light since the breaking of ‘Project Cactus’ to the public. ‘Project Cactus’ is an embarrassment for the CPC, no doubt about it. The fact the same party that is being sued by CBC would partake in such campaign against another right-wing party is disheartening and hypocritical to say the least. The grievances that PPCers have of the CPC, and CPCers have the PPC is real and organic and should be dealt with in a mindful and productive matter, as opposed to name-calling and muck raking.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

But here we are, two days away from what might be the most important election for the future of Conservatism in Canada, and we cannot afford to spend 10 years in limbo putting our houses in order. I’m seriously concerned for the future of this Great Country, but I’m not concerned about the future of any one political party. United we stand. Divided we fall.

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  1. I’m having a hard time deciding what angle to view this scandal from. Why would the Conservatives hire someone described as political shrapnel? If Bernier is compromised as some of us suspect then was this article dropped to discredit the Cons because Bernier didn’t successfully split the vote?
    Very strange times…

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