Agenda 2030: Why have food when you can have weed?

Originally 4/20 (or April 20) was a counterculture holiday to protest the social and legal stigmas of marijuana (1). There are those that also believe the date is a celebration of Hitler’s birthday on April 20, 1889 (2). Now, the cannabis movement has merged with Earth Day which officially occurs on April 22 (3). The organizers are now calling it “420 Earth Day” or “Weed-Earth Day,” with emphasis on how cannabis cultivation can help reverse climate change, and linking cannabis to sustainable development and Agenda 2030 (4)(5).

The irony is this: according to new research, indoor marijuana cultivation, the kind that accounts for the vast majority of medical marijuana sold in Colorado, accounts for an astonishing 1 percent of the country’s electricity use. That’s enough power to fuel two million typical U.S. homes and produces the same amount of greenhouse gases as three million cars (6). The same holds true for the commercial cultivation of marijuana where “marijuana Monsantos” have dominated the industry, an industry that will use vast amounts of water, electricity, fertilizers, and land.

Examples showing how 4/20 is being merged with Earth Day

In British Columbia, marijuana “green rush” farmland is either converted or sold for marijuana cultivation (7). In 2015, B.C.’s Liberal government decided to allow federally-licensed medical cannabis operations on protected farmland, which opened the door for businesses looking to cash in on the green and rush to scoop up the Agriculture Land Reserve (protected farmland intended for food security) at a cut rate compared to commercial property (8). This is raising fears that the grow operations will cause irreparable damage to prime farmland and threatening B.C.’s food security for generations to come (9). After all, why grow food when you can grow weed?

And what better way to expedite Agenda 2030? By merging the two “green movements,” George Soros and Earth Day founder Maurice Strong representing the United Nations, have doubled the social justice warriors required to usher in a New World Order (10). All tied to the United Nations sustainable development goals for cannabis!

Jack Herer inspired the documentary Bringing it Home, which is about building houses with hemp (11)(12). When Chris Conrad was asked how he would observe 4/20, he said, “Smoking Out at Earth Day with my wife (13).” Conrad founded the Family Council on Drug Awareness, where he promotes marijuana use and needle exchange programs in the USA and Canada and received funding from George Soros Open Society Institute (14)(15).


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