Pope Commemorates Moloch Statue at Roman Colosseum, Symbolizing Child Sacrifice Still Exists

Colorado Public School Forces Students to Recite Pornographic Poem Praising  Pagan God Moloch -
Image on the chest of the idol that Pope Francis allowed to be placed at the entrance to the Colosseum in Rome

“Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god …, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon” Acts 7:43

A statue of the pagan deity Moloch, to which children were sacrificed in the ancient world, is now stationed at the entrance to the Colosseum in Rome, which had been designated as a sacred site because of the Christian martyrs who died there (1)(2).

The statue of Moloch outside the Colosseum was billed as celebration of Carthaginian culture and art. To celebrate Carthaginian culture at all is disturbing, since it has been proven from archeological research that children were indeed sacrificed there (3)(4). Carthage was also considered one of Rome’s greatest enemies (5).

“A reconstruction of the terrible deity Moloch, linked to Phoenician and Carthaginian religions and featured in the 1914 film ‘Cabiria’ (directed by Giovanni Pastore and written by Gabriele D’Annunzio) will be stationed at the entrance to the Colosseum to ‘welcome’ visitors to the exhibition,” a press release states (6).

Despite the fact that the pope approved the placement of the statue himself (7), many faithful Catholics are outraged that a representation of the pagan god sits outside a place where Christians were brutally tortured and killed, Life Site News reports (8).

“We were so excited the day we decided to go to the Colosseum,” Alexandra Clark told the outlet. “But the moment we got there the sight that greeted us was horrifying! Standing guard over the entrance was the colossal pagan statue of Moloch. It was placed in that prime spot so that everyone that entered into the Colosseum had to pass it,” she said, noting that it felt as though it was placed there to mock where the martyrs were slaughtered (9).

The false god ‘Moloch’, was historically worshiped by both the Canaanites and the Phoenicians. It is referenced many times throughout the Bible, from the book of Leviticus (the third book of the Bible) all the way up until after Jesus’ death and resurrection (10)(11). For a Catholic pope to want to celebrate something like this, it is made clear that we really are dealing with a post-Christian pope (12)(13).

And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.

Leviticus 20:3

According to the Jewish commentator Rashi, the Canaanites would give their children to pagan leaders who made two massive bonfires. The child is carried by his legs between the two fires. The Torah prohibits the ritual of giving over one’s children to these pagan leaders to pass through the fire (14). Archaeological excavations since the 1920s have produced evidence for child sacrifice in Carthage as well as inscriptions including the term MLK, either a theonym or a technical term associated with sacrifice (15)(16).

The Moloch statue now in Rome is the statue featured in the move Cabiria.

Cabiria is a 1914 Italian epic silent film, directed by Giovanni Pastrone and shot in Turin. The film is set in ancient Sicily, Carthage, and Cirta during the period of the Second Punic War (218–202 BC). It follows a melodramatic main plot about an abducted little girl, Cabiria, and features an eruption of Mt. Etna and heinous religious rituals in Carthage (17).

The movie was directed by Giovanni Pastrone and written by Gabriele Annunzio (18)(19). Gabriele Annunzio was an Illuminati member and 33rd degree Freemason deeply involved with sexual magick practices. He contributed to the screenplay, writing all of the intertitles, naming the characters and even the movie itself. He is responsible for spreading Fascism to Mussolini and Hitler (20). In 1919, he declared himself the leader of Fiume, Italy. The city became a haven for “all kinds of Illuminati misfits like occultists, futurists, practitioners of free love and, of course, satanists (21),”

The statue, once used in the ancient world to perform child sacrifice to, then used to film Cabiria, now sits in a very holy place in Rome. This is an indication of what our world is coming to. This is not the first time the pope has approved of or engaged in pagan rituals. In October, an “ecological ritual” was performed in the Vatican garden, where people bowed down to pagan idols while the pope watched. He then blessed one of the statues (22). He is now even considering adding “ecological sins” to the list of sins according to the Vatican, not the Bible (23).

Cabiria was released in Italy on April 18, 1914 and in June, 1914, Cabiria became the first motion picture to be screened on the lawn at the White House, and viewed by President Wilson and his family from the porch and lawn chairs (24). A film that was known to depict children being sacrificed to Moloch was shown at the White House.

Interestingly, the Babylonian “goddess” Ishtar would conduct human sacrifice at her temple, known as the White House (25).

If there is any doubt we live in a time when the Babylonian Mystery Religion reigns supreme, one must only look to the Statue of Moloch that now greets EVERY visitor to Rome.

Moloch may have a connection to Canada’s Frank Giustra, who has been covered in previous articles (26). As we have seen, Moloch is depicted as a bull. In an image from Giustra’s website, a mural is pictured that contains a pedophile symbol. The symbol seems to be held by a bull. Is this a sign that Giustra may be involved with sacrificing children to Moloch?

A bull holding a pedophilia symbol from Frank Giustra’s Radcliffe Foundation website (27)

The following movie offers a clear explanation as far understanding the concept of Babylon. It also points to the fact that the Vatican fits all ten of the criteria for the beast from the book of Daniel. The portion of the video that explains this begins at the 53 minute mark. The creators of this film, School for Prophets, will be releasing Part 2 on November 24th (28). If you haven’t repented yet, now is the time!



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