Remdesivir: George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug!

As drug manufacturers speed up their efforts to find a new treatment drug for the coronavirus outbreak that has devastated China and has caused a world-wide panic, a Chinese drug company just announced that it has started mass-producing an experimental drug from Gilead Sciences that has the potential to fight the novel coronavirus (1).

BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology, a Suzhou based company (2), just announced that it has developed the technology to synthesize the active pharmaceutical ingredients of Remdesivir, the drug developed by Gilead Biosciences. Its stock price surged 20% in Tuesday morning trading in Shanghai (1).

“While BrightGene said that it intends to license the drug from Gilead, its move to start manufacturing at this early stage is highly unusual and a potential infringement of the American company’s intellectual property.“(1) This comes a week after Chinese researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology filed an application to patent Gilead’s drug Remdesivir to treat the new coronavirus, a bid that would give China leverage over the global use of the therapy to fight the outbreak (1)(3)(4).

The decision to seek a patent instead of invoking a “compulsory license” option that lets nations override drug patents in national emergencies, signals China’s commitment toward intellectual property rights. The timing is uncanny! Right? Gilead will retain the global rights to market the antiviral medication, once approved (3). Gilead has also announced that it is partnering with the Chinese Health Authorities on the clinical trials of Remdesivir as a treatment for coronavirus (5). Remdesivir was originally developed in 2016 by Gilead as a treatment for the Ebola virus (13). Many have argued that China stole the patent from Gilead due to a technicality, but you will soon see that this is indeed not the case (14).


And who exactly is Gilead Biosciences? Gilead is partnered with Wuxi Pharmaceuticals (Wuxi AppTec) owned by New World Order philanthropist and mass manipulator himself, George Soros (6)(7)! Here is a printout of Soros Fund Managaement Portfolio which will confirm this (8)!


Wuxi Pharmaceuticals is conveniently located in the epicenter of the outbreak near Wuhan Institute of Virology that has been implicated as the bioweapons manufacturer of this coronavirus (10)(11)(12)! Does China have both the bioweapon and the therapeutic? And let’s not forget the patent on the treatment drug! How charitable do you suppose China will be with the west?

But this story doesn’t end here. George Soros also owns Gilead Biosciences (15).

According to The Gateway Pundit, doctors at Providence Regional Medical Center successfully treated a coronavirus patient within hours using Gilead’s drug Remdesivir (16). Given the current outbreak that has taken the world by surprise, it’s important to look at all the current players. How is Gilead Biosciences tied to this viral outbreak?

Gilead endorsed and is involved in a drug purchasing group called UNITAID  whose mandate is to create a “patent pool” for pharmaceutical companies to share their “drug patents” with other companies in order to produce generic drugs for distribution to poor African nations (17)(18). The royalties from the sales of these generic drugs are then paid to the patent holders (19). UNITAID emerged from the United Nations 2000 Millennium Declaration, which has now evolved into the UN Global Compact (20)(21). Their internet timeline shows that the UNITAID website Unitaid.org is also linked to Refunite.org an agency partnered with the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR that helps to connect refugees with their families using the internet (22)(23)(24)(25)(26).


UNITAID has several financial backers including: WHO, UNAIDS, Global Fund, and the Roll Back Malaria Partnership. In addition, UNITAID has corporate sponsorship from pharmaceuticals with the “Medicines Patent Pool” (28).


One billionaire investor behind UNITAID is George Soros himself (29). But why stop there? UNITAID is also financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and also involves a partnership with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) (30)(31). And interestingly enough both UNITAID and Gilead Biosciences supported Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 (32)(33).


UNITAID’s objectives are to exclude high and middle-income countries from “drug pool” while allowing “developing” countries to benefit from lower drug prices (35). In 2009 UNITAID’s board voted to exclude China and other more lucrative nations when considering targeted nations outside of Africa. However, since then all that has changed and UNITAID has now included China in its “drug pool” (36).

Minutes of the Executive Board of UNITAID dated December 5-6, 2018 in Marrakesh Morocco (which coincided with the signing of the UN Global Compact on Migration) stated the following (37)(38):

THE REPRESENTATIVE OF WHO informed the Board of a recent meeting coordinated by WHO with several global health partners (GPEI, GFF, Gavi, Unitaid, Global Fund) to support the development of a common health narrative. With regard to parliamentary engagement, he informed of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between WHO and the Inter-parliamentary Union and encouraged Unitaid to build on this commitment in its country work. He underlined the important role of Board members in supporting the Unitaid Secretariat by opening new doors and leveraging existing political and other connections. He also gave positive feedback on the recent Unitaid-WHO visit to China, which explored opportunities for engagement.

A year later we now have a Global Pandemic emerging from Mainland China and the Chinese are the holders of the patent for the treatment drug and they are also included in the United Nation’s UNITAID initiative that will see them benefit with lower drug pricing. Furthermore Gilead, a main supporter of UNITAID (39), has also announced that it is partnering with the Chinese Health Authorities on the clinical trials of Remdesivir as a treatment for coronavirus (5). And once approved, Gilead will retain the global rights to market the antiviral medication (3).


UNITAID is the UN and this is bio-warfare, where they control the drugs. China did not steal Gilead’s patent; Gilead was a willing participant, they are even working with the Chinese government on clinical trials. The question remains, how will this impact western nations that are excluded from the acquisition of lower-priced treatment drugs? Will our economies be held hostage to Chinese imperialism? And has the coronavirus outbreak been the vehicle for George Soros, Bill Gates, and the United Nations to implement the New World Order? It sure look’s like it! Checkmate!


Fauci spearheaded the research on Remdesivir! Since 2002 Anthony Fauci has been collaborating with USAMRIID in Fort Detrick where GILEAD developed Remdesivir!


USAMRIID was under investigation by the FBI as the potential source of Anthrax Bioterrorism!


USA taxpayers paid for the Remdesivir Research NOW being gouged by Gilead and…. China! Over a virus China created! FFS… Lock them all up & take over the patent!


What do we have here? The Clinton Group Inc? In Canada with Desmarais ties? Do the CLINTONS have private ownership in Gilead with Soros, Gates & China?




“The analysis revealed that Remdesivir, methyl-β-cyclodextrin, rottlerin, and Bis-T can effectively inhibit Clathrin, HMG-CoA reductase, actin, and dynamin I GTPase and are more potent in inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 than chloroquine. CME inhibitors for SARS-CoV-2 infection remain understudied.”

What have we been saying since February 2020, Remdesivir for the win! Why else would the Chinese scientist from Canada be working in Fauci’s laboratory?

Remdesivir also binds to the spike protein.


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230 thoughts on “Remdesivir: George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug!

  1. I’ve been avoiding your website for a while… instinctively the ‘corona virus’ seemed to indicate ‘crowning’ to me.. as though something bigger is going on and they are signalling the return of the legitimate Monarchy in UK – Greg Hallett’s work I have followed for many many years and realized recently that my blog that was ‘neutralized’ in 2012 by the Occupytards/hackers/haters promoted him.. considering all the attacks he has suffered/attempts on his life and my request that you at least cover him at your site http://kingof.uk and the ‘media snubbing’ he has experienced I was pleasantly surprised to find this today: https://russia-insider.com/en/still-no-white-deaths-coronavirus-why-wont-media-talk-about/ri28302

    1. Read my book The Royal Secret on the New World Order and its plot to selectively eliminate half the world population.

      1. Excellent book by the way. The codes of Sir Francis Bacon juxtaposed with the contemporary modern day plots to enslave and eliminate our species. We know who and what they are. The bible spoke of two Adam’s (mankind’s). One was the image of the original. I postulate that is the up and coming AI version.
        The Bible is very specific about Gilead.
        8 Everyone in Gilead is evil;
        your hands are stained
        with the blood of victims.
        9 You priests are like a gang
        of robbers in ambush.
        On the road to Shechem
        you murder and commit
        other horrible crimes.
        10 I have seen a terrible thing
        in Israel—
        you are unfaithful
        and unfit to worship me.
        11 People of Judah,
        your time is coming too.
        Hosea 6 http://www.bible.gen.nz/amos/bible/hos6.htm#8

          1. Hosea 6:1-11
            King James Bible
            Israel and Judah are Unrepentant
            1 Come, and let us return unto the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up.
            2 After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.
            3 Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.
            4 O Ephraim, what shall I do unto thee? O Judah, what shall I do unto thee? for your goodness is as a morning cloud, and as the early dew it goeth away.
            5 Therefore have I hewed them by the prophets; I have slain them by the words of my mouth: and thy judgments are as the light that goeth forth.
            6 For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.
            7 But they like men have transgressed the covenant: there have they dealt treacherously against me.
            8 Gilead is a city of them that work iniquity, and is polluted with blood.
            9 And as troops of robbers wait for a man, so the company of priests murder in the way by consent: for they commit lewdness.
            10 I have seen an horrible thing in the house of Israel: there is the whoredom of Ephraim, Israel is defiled.
            11 Also, O Judah, he hath set an harvest for thee, when I returned the captivity of my people.

    2. If you believe this is rooted in fact (as I do) or at the very least that it should have precipitated an indepth inspection. One must ask, if you have managed to access its content, reality dictates that by default it has been available to those that have authoritative responsibility. Thus it follows that either they fear retribution, or they are covertly complicit. In either case it would necessitate the acquisition of a basic Chinese tutorial, for your children and/or grandchildren, in order to provide them with necessary responsive language skills…. 
      “Shi de zhuren”!

  2. I don’t think I like it at all; the hair rising on the back of my neck tells me so. I have no trust with the billionairs when it comes to the “New World Order” Commie Bastards comes to the forefront!!!

      1. I want nothing to do with anything tied to George Soros or Bill & Melinda Gates. They funded that Wuhan Lab where the virus was started and came from. They are working on killing off people all around the globe, especially the older people. They figure they can control the younger ones coming along after us. They are a bunch of commies. People better wake up before it’s too late.

        1. They probably have all the money they could ever want. However, there is a lust for power that makes simple greed look like nothing. Greed is for the “little guys”. The big ones want power over everything and everyone. Sort of the same problem Satan has.

        2. Money is for them a non-essential factor; what they seek is the “New World Order” domination, at which time those of their ilk become the
          New Aristocracy

      1. Since you posited such trash, it is up to YOU to first substantiate your trash before you deserve to have your question addressed. You won’t because you can’t.

        1. I upvoted you for irony.
          “THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. And welcome to Dan O’Day, CEO of Gilead. You know what that is because it’s been in the news and the company has been in the news, and it’s a great American company that’s done incredible work on HIV and hepatitis C. And I hear that — that’s what’s happening with hepatitis is the great — a great medical story. Really, a great medical story. I’ve been hearing about that. It’s fantastic, Dan.”
          Would you call that complicity? There is of course much more, btw, regarding HCQ, vaccine manufacturer indemnity (in february, when America had 11 cases) etc, which the Trump administration “aided”.
          Moderna got that nice $1b funding, for instance. And Blackrock, what’s happening there?

    1. Kelly your fears are well founded! Sinister evil comes in every walk of life .
      Faith , honor and prayer will see us through in these troubled times .

  3. I have suspected the Gates foundation from the beginning, considering the location of the core breakouts and first deaths in America. Kirkland Washington being a stones throw down the shoreline of the Gates foundation home on Lake Washington. I remember the hype of the Zika virus and the Gates involvements.

  4. Sounds like we must resort to returning the favor stealing intellectual property rights if our own citizens will not invest in solutions domestically . Touche

  5. All George Soros cares about is destroying the USA and the entire world if he can. I find it shocking that Bill Gates supports such an effort. Does no one remember when Soros tried to take over the world at BBC the time Obama was elected? We need to have longer memories in this country. Soros was born with evil in his heart and psyche. He is an incredibly dangerous human to the entire world.

      1. Please do not blame innocent Chinese People, who have suffered horribly under the government there. Please read the book The Shadow Party, and know who George Soros is, and help expose him.

        1. Not blaming Chinese people. I have Chinese friends. The country the COVID19 began in was China. They just happen to have Chinese people.

          1. Dear Nadine:
            You are vastly more correct than you can imagine. At the beginning of this beyond absolutely proven biowarfare engineered virus a CCP PLA General openly stated that the CCP wants to kill off at least half of the Chinese people in order to make the rest easier to control and more submissive. This was freely and openly published all over the world but never, ever by the New York Times or Washington Post. Look at who owns them both.

          2. China has been incorporated into the Rockefeller medecine hoax since decades…
            The disastrous one child policies also came from America!
            These zionist globalist critters are all collaborating to destroy the Western world. Especially whites. Especially Christians.
            In 1994 Gorbachov warned that America would be taken down and be turned into a communist hell hole, and that Russia would become a capitalist nation…
            NOTHING happens by chance.
            And Covid-19 and -21 (etc.) are just the ultimate weapons these global psychopaths have been planning for and are disseminating.
            Read the Georgia Guidestones: they are envisioning a world population of a permanent 500 million…

        2. No one is blaming the Chinese as a people. You are subject to the exact same totalitarian oligarchy America is presently fighting to subvert. Sadly for you, your hopes for a free and noble experiment in democratic rule was hijacked by a communist revolution in 1949.
          The American experiment began 240 years ago. We do not want to go the route of China and I am faithful enough Americans will not be fooled by the snake oil the Democrat Party is trying to sell, and will in a few days (November 3rd, 2020) solidly rebuke the socialist revolution they are trying to foist upon us.

          1. One slight difference between the Chinese and the us Americans.” The Second Amendment.” Question is whether we have the will to use it when the stuff hits the fan. I have maintained for a long time–we don,t shoot enough people You kill a snake by cutting it’s head off.


        1. RIGHT-ON.

        2. I can’t understand why our country hasn’t identified Soros as a threat to our country!? Had him arrested, killed, imprisoned, all US assets seized. The only answer?
          Elements of our government: congress, FBI, CIA etc are protecting him!
          He has single handily brought our country into chaos…financing BLM, Antifa, bought off every DA in the country and releasing repeated rioters and looters that are never jailed but released after a few hours then released again and again.
          Our Justice Dept seems to be part of the deep state!

          1. Jim, The deep state has people in every department of our government. Can you tell me which department of our government is working with President Trump?

          2. Yes , it is !!! That’s why crooks like Soros are having a free run …!! Money will buy anything ….!! The root of all evil ….!!

          1. Thank you, Joan. Soros does not represent Jewish people. He is an embarrassment to Jewish people. In fact he himself is an anti Semite and does not consider himself Jewish, nor does he believe in God. He worked as an errand boy for the nazis in WW II.

          1. He lives in your country , screw you all …like the rest of the world & I don’t understand how come no one has ever done him a lead injection …!!

          1. You cannot be an atheist because “a theist” , “no god” cannot be proven.
            So you most likely are “ag nostic” “no belief” in something (god)

    1. Bill Gates has been planning this culling of people for several years. He and Soros are very much invested in Eugenics research, aka: population reduction via biological applications of vaccinations and introduced viral technologies & pathogenic proliferation in controlled populations. He brags about it in the TED talk a few years ago. Another thing that Bill Gates research has been doing and paying for, is the aerosol atmospheric spraying above our heads. They could have been testing the efficacy of aerosolized viral compounds dispersed over cities, and it seems that they have found their bug of choice. What’s weird though, in my opinion, is why the Hell are they working to come up with a drug for the Chinese first… It looks like Gates and Soros most definitely have major controlling shares in the very industries which respond to major health crises like this… Luck and coincidence?? No. I don’t think so…

      1. Why the Chinese first??
        There are over 1.6 billion Chinese, the most densely populous country on earth. Good place to start the cull.

        1. In China, according to 2019 the population was 1,400,000. (one billion 400 million.) And India in 2020 has 1,326,093,247 people. So they both come close to the same number. So why Chinese first? It’s your guess.

          1. You are missing the main element. China has control of the killing device and jointly have planned to control the human race. mRNA

          2. The key word used is “ sustainability” on the sense that the world
            must control population to continue to exist. Some of the ways would
            be to control food supply, fewer cattle, less corn, fewer children allowed.
            The new world order- sound familiar?

        1. Renee, the clinton clan is responsible for the death of over 50 people,unfortunately it seems they are immune to jail and arrest.There is alot of criminal action in our government which President Trump is trying to control but with great difficulty as a result of the democratic party and dishonest polititions.I never thought i would see our country split like this,and people trying to obtain a single world power,this is truly awful.

          1. PAUL, YOU ARE RIGHT!

          2. New to this site. However, depending on the outcome of the election on Nov3, this may very well morph itself into a conflict of armed violence. The Second Amendment is the only thing that stops Clinton, Soros, Gates, the MSM and the Democratic Party from creating its own tyrannical form of government. Watch for deployment of a Second Army armed as well if not better than our current Army force to smother civil disobedience actions by conservative forces. Remember, during the Obama days the Fed. Gov put out request for pricing and availability of millions of rounds of 7.62, 40Cal, Win 308, .223/556 ammo. The orders were to be for the IRS, State, HUD, HEW and almost comically the TSA. It all blew up when the news hit the web. If we are not careful, we could leap right into The Civil War II. When they come to get the guns, diplomacy has gone out the window.

    2. He Soros was a Nazi and still is, so is Bill Gates, both are working hard to bring in the Nwo sit tight enjoy the show

        1. Sorority is a user he hates America and Bill Gates is purchasing just about any land he can fine. He Owens more farmland then anyone else in the US. Now why would he need this much land — about 250,000 acres. .??

      1. biblical prophecy shows that when the AntiChrist is destroyed by Jesus Christ upon his return to earth at the Battle of Armaggedon, the antichrist and false prophect are cast into the everlasting Lake of Fire for ever and ever. Satan is bound for 1000 years and then released for a short season. Then he joins the antichrist and false prophet forever and ever in the eternal lake of fire.

    3. He is a jew that was saved by someone lying and claiming as his own. He helped gather their belongings instead. He has no shame in it. Said it didn’t bother him, “if it wasn’t me, it would have been somebody else” 🤬

      1. Soros said (verified) that his days in Hungary as a 10 yr. old exposing fellow Jews hiding in his neighbor’s houses were the “Best Days Of My Life !” The Nazi Jew hunters were paying young George (Real name Schwartz) to rat on his neighbors who were hiding Jews in their houses !

      2. He did more than just “gather their belongings.” He somehow (yes, at a very young age) managed to get placed as one (or more?) in charge if extracting the gold and silver from corpses in the death camps (I don’t remember which one or it was not defined to me). This is how tight he was with the Nazis. Guys like that find ways to spirit out a piece of the action. He is evil incarnate. Worse than Pablo Escobar as he has so much wealth he has people in every strata of our country’s Federal and states governments. He’s like a roach, you can’t get rid of him – I’d give up everything I own and my life to see him eliminated.

      3. Soros was saved by his father having a gentile friend who took him in
        and raised him as a non-Jew. His involvement with anything Nazi was
        To work sorting Jewish belongings left after they were shipped off to
        “Concentration camps”. His family was lost in the “ process “.
        He was only 12-13 years old at the time. I believe he is banned from
        his home country of Hungary. His organizations are active both in the
        USA and many other countries attempting to bring down existing

      4. So watch the video again 60 minute interview on YouTube! In this video he isn’t saved by anyone he was living with his Nazi officer Godfather most believe was his grandfather a four star Nazi General his job was confiscating Jewish people’s Wealth George Soros job was writing down the theft’s and where it went! At this time his name was George Schwarze! This man has broken several Countries including Great Britain Russia Argentina etc. breaking the currency’s worth in said countries! He pays off politicians for programs that steal taxpayers money’s from many countries! Broke in debt countries have less power!

      5. Why don’t people read and/or do research any longer? Seems they wait for others to answer their questions, the ridicule them on their answer!?! Laziness…….

    4. Soros was guilty of execacuting Jews in Hungary back around WWII as he became friends with Himmler as Soros lied about his age (14) as he claimed
      he was 20. Himmler wanted Soros to prove he wasn’t a Jew….

    5. Birds of a feather flock together. The one good thing we can count on for sure is that someday they will die and all of their intricate ideas and thoughts will die with them simply because no two minds truly think alike.

      1. Agreed but they will all go to hell. If you listen to Sid Roths people who have died and returned they speak of the hell they visited and the well known people who are in there. As life is very short on this earth I would be very worried . even if they have sold their soul to the devil they will be deserted by the devil as they are continually tormented. What a future to look forward to.Gates is already wanted for murder in India and Africa, for the murder of little children who were paralysed or died after Gates vaccines given to them. there is even a picture of Gates giving the children the vaccines. he is the devil incarnate.


        1. Nadine: Good on you! .Antisemitism is never an excuse for anything. Perhaps over simplified, but to think Jews one must always include Israeli Jews as part of the diaspora.

    7. Susan, I agree totally. Soros is the devil incarnate, and while a Christian, I cannot wish him death, but I do wish him an eternity in the fires of hell. He is evil and his actions affect many innocents. May God intervene and take Soros away.

    8. So are Bill & Melinda Gates, their support financially & otherwise has caused the sterilization of a large portion of the African young girls’ under the guise of vaccines that have Gates sponsored sterilization drugs mixed in them. Bill & Melinda Gates are Evil people.

    9. You have leaders in this world that are good but you have bad leadership also in this world.But who is in charge God .Keep faith in God.

  6. So now what, who will arrest these traitors and prosecute these assholes to the fullest extent of the law, they deserve the death penalty, you know the penalty they are trying to do away with.

  7. Pawns in the game by William Guy Car covers the New World Order back in the 60″s. It’s an interesting read!

    1. The Royal Secret novel traces the NWO back to its Freemason origins in the times of Elizabeth 1st and its plot by the NWO followers of today to eliminate half the world population.

  8. George Soros is a dangerous maniac, please do not blame this on innocent Chinese People, Janet. Please work to get him exposed!

    1. No, we do not blame the Chinese people only the ruling communist party. It’s really hard to trust them because they coming over are supposed to spy for China or something bad happens to their relatives. Because of that, they should never work at any military place. No place where they can spy or steal important documents. Like Feinstein driver for 20 years. The Buch family we’re friendly to the Chinese. And the wife of Mitch the leader for the Republicans.

    1. Has anyone ever thought about evangelizing George Soros?! After all, “God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

      1. I believe that the heart of George Soros has become so hard just like that of Pharoah that he would never accept the salvation offered to him.

  9. I have always had a gut feeling that Soro’s would have something to do with this. But just like other people are saying. Satan can’t take him soon enough. All of these horrific events we are going through and still believe the Lord will be there for us will make it go away sooner. JUST PRAY.

  10. Didn’t Bill Gates meet with misc selected xl Market Players , to study…show how the Market (?)..would react to 😳👉🏻 A Breakout of The Corona Virus 😳👉🏻 From Wuhan China…??? ..and is releasing a movie about that topic, now+- ??

      1. check out youtube … something? 201 I can’t remember what the first part is but it tells all about the Johns Hopkins meeting and the play out of a pandemic happening and what could be done about it. This was done through WHO and others including people from Bill Gates.

  11. It would seem to me that there are laws that George Soros has broken where he can be indicted and charged with. Law(s) that he cannot buy his way out of. The man needs to be put away in a federal prison for what little life he has left.

    1. Soros needs to be put away – perhaps even executed – along with his evil sons. Or they will continue his evil ways!

      1. entierely 100 % right . One thing about the NWO you are all talking about . Look at the US $ 1.00 note ( only on that one , none on any of the others ! ) , $ 1.00 that all of you are holdin may be 100 times a day . On one side is the portrait of G Washington the 1 St US president , & on the opposite side on the left hand side of the words ONE , is a depiction of the pyramid with an eye atop of it ( the logo of the iluminatis , logo on Rothchild & Rockfeller palaces !! ) & underneath in Latin , the words : Novus Ordo Seclorum ” which in plain English mean New World Order . At the base of the pyramid , are written the roman numerals : MDCCLXXVI , which translate into :
        M : ( 1000 ) , D ( 500 ) C ( 100 ) L ( 50 ) X ( 10 ) V ( 5 ) & I ( one ) . Translate this to :
        1776 . time where they partener with the free masons .

  12. Well, if this is true, and there really is a vaccine, screw China’s patent right and have any and all drug companies produce it. What are they going to do? Sue them all? This would be a justifiable and necessary action.

  13. I can understand why Soros is involved in a scheme as alleged, and I can believe it is true. I don’t want to reach the same conclusion regarding Bill Gates and his wife without some proof of the alleged alliance and objective. Is the Democratic party also involved? Why doesn’t the U.S. justice d Department start a lawsuit?

  14. Another name jumped out on that list of Soros owned companies… Abbott Labs, maker of the tests. How much are we paying for these tests? How much is Soros making off this?

    1. For Gods sake, Soros retired from Soros Asset Management in 2015, gave $18B to the philanthropic side, is now managed not by a manager with a completely different management philosophy. His sons broke off to create their own companies.
      And yeah, the fund owned Wuxi Labs and Gilead stocks. So did scored of other com0anies. HE OWNED A HEDGE FUND, for God’s sake. A hedge fund INVESTS IN COMPANIES…surprise, surprise.
      Get your heads out of the woo-woo zone, and get some financial knowledge.

      1. For Gods sake Linden wake the hell up and stop trying to defend these evil doers. Why the hell do you even give people hope by saying crap like that when you know Soros, Gates, Fauci, Obama & the evil crowd are out to destroy the US? Unless you’re one of “them”. Your financial knowledge would bring this country to its knees. How about getting your head out of your ass and waking up!

  15. There must be a way to arrest Bill Gates. His plan is tyrannical and is similar a Nazi regime. No one is going to tell be how to live my life and how to be healthy. I’m a law unto myself. His past atrocities and future plans are criminal. ARREST GATES

  16. #COVID19 ? MicroSoft Patent 060606 the goal is the data CHIP disguised as a new RNA vaccine. COMPLETE SURVEILLANCE, CCP-style. Mark of the Beast. NWO slavery. Look it up. This is the big picture.

    1. Really.
      The 5g platform will allow the complete control by a central world wide system.
      There will not be any ability to buy or sell without the central control system.
      This is just around the corner.

  17. I was diagnosed of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis a couple of years ago. I was given medications which helped but only for a short while. I decided to try alternative measures and began on ALS HERBAL TREATMENT from Herbal HealthPoint, It made a tremendous difference for me (Go to w w w. herbalhealthpoint. c o m).  I had improved walking balance, muscle strength and improved vision. I am symptoms free.

  18. Interesting research. However, even the Chinese acknowledge this Remdemsivir is mostly a piece of garbage. It doesn’t really work. It is only for very sick hospitalized patients, and by then most of these people are too far gone. Trials were cancelled early to HIDE the fact that the drug DOES NOT work and people know. Hydroxychloroquine is much cheaper and a good prophylactic or early treatment benefit for most patients. And by the way, aside from the fact that Remdemsivir is ineffective…it has side effects like any drug, they are a little harder to tease out given the patient population and comorbidities, but with increased use, it will, without a doubt have far more and more concerning side effects that Hydroxychloroquine. Don’t buy stocks on Remdemsivir, the honeymoon will soon be over.

  19. Trump just announced today in his press conference (July 29, 2020) that nursing homes will be receiving Remdesivir. There is no “left” or “right”, they all grease each other’s wheels.

  20. Maybe it would be better to say Chinese Communists Party or Chinese Communist Military Dictatorship, something along those lines. Ultimately, it is the Chinese doctors that warned the world and most of them seem to have gone missing for their good deed so its about reducing the generalizations.


  22. As the Bible predicts, a one world government is coming so there is no way to stop it. This article just adds proof to the prophesy.

    1. Mary (9/08/2020) please inform us . . . where in the Bible is the one-world government predicted? I’m not doubting you, I just would like the info for reference and ammunition.
      Thank you

      1. It can be found in chapters 11-13 in the Book of Revelations. The “See” and the “Land” will become one, and that is when the Anti-Christ will take over. The “See” which is religion, and the “Land” which is govt. come together as one. We are there.

  23. So let’s think about this logically instead with a conspiracy mind
    1. – why would the gates foundation try and stop famine, aids, and malaria in Africa is that is sure to help in the eugenics BS?
    2. – look at the figures and holdings of the stock. – do those look like they are controlling interests? No? Hmmm.
    3. – WUHAN- does anyone realize that having a bio pharma lab and research in same city is commonplace? This is due to the ability to attract new employee talent.
    Last, taking a bunch of loose facts and stringing them together in some conspiracy is really tiresome and for the weak minded. Try working harder at your day job and putting less time into BS like this.

  24. Google Ralph Baric, UNC Chapel Hill, virus patent, Shi Zhengli, Xing-Yi Ge, Gilead also. The money leaves a trail. Anyone who dies fails to pay. Anyone who gets a vaccine pays well. Gates has been selling “anti-virus” for years. Soros has been wrecking economies for decades.
    How many ‘coincidences’ can you ignore???

  25. A bit more than a week ago I shared a
    (dream/vision) t6hat came to me over a week ago. It seems appropriate that I share that data here.
    Heavenly Father, forgive my poor writing skills. Please show those intended to understand the message you have given me to see the truth as you have shown it to me. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Time is short. I did not want to be given this message and like Jonah, I shirked my responsibility. Unlike Jonah God did not punish me, the Lord merely tormented my dreams until I obeyed. Not all who read will understand and may go about their business. Those that understand and feel compelled to answer the call will know who they are.
    Our God is a God of spirit and is desirous to be worshiped as such. Satan also is spirit and is presently mobilizing his forces to destroy America and God’s creation. The massive protests and riots across the country today are only a sample of what is to come. According to the vision I received, the plan was to provoke the President into invoking Martial Law. He did not take the bait. If the Liberals win in November, Joe Biden WILL invoke Martial Law and we will lose both our first and second amendments with a single stroke of the pen and they will cheat, make no mistake, they WILL CHEAT! They cheated in 2016 and lost anyway. They will not make the same mistakes this time. People have recently referred to the deterioration of civility in America by claiming that we are becoming “Ameri-Zuella.” If the progressives win the November election it will become more akin to “Chi-Merica.” considering Biden’s cozy relationship with China.
    Let us not forget Child trafficing., Jeffrey Epstein and Pedophile Island, and the other associates of the Clintons and the Bushes and the worlds 50 million aborted children since 1973 they may as well have been sacrificed to Molech and perhaps they are.
    and likely is already here.
    Ephesians 5:This is why it is said
    14“Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you. ”15Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.17Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”
    Between 2014-17 Obama/Biden contributes from $600,000 to $3.7 million to Wuhan Virus lab.
    Even Snopes admits that the story is “partially true, but quibbles about the actual amount.
    In recent years it has come to light
    Is Bill Gates the Anti-Christ? Probably not, but certainly, he surely is one of Satan’s minions. His plan, along with his associates, is to eliminate that part of the human brain responsible for communicating with God. Your unborn children will not have the ability to know that God exists, or even know to ask to be saved. Gate’s purpose, he claims, is to eliminate radical extremists in the Middle East through gene therapy, deliverable via vaccines and viruses. It may already be too late as COVID-19 is on the rampage. I will die with many others as I am a senior and suffer from severe respiratory disease. My time is short. All who answer the call of this message must read all documents and watch all videos linked here to understand the danger we are all facing. May God bless you all and keep you safe.
    Prophetic Knowlege of the Higher Worlds (1917)
    Bill Gates, Dean Hamer, [Harvard Medical School & Jeffery Epstein’s million$, Drew Gilpin Faust and Mathematician / Biologist’s George Church and Martin Nowak], Leon Black and From Lebensborn to Eusociality, Evolutionary Dynamics. FUNVAX George Church, Edward Boyden, Jennifer A. Lewis C Ting Wu “GEONOMICALLY ENGINEERED ORGANS” The Harvard/China connection.
    ThinkTarot / Rudolf Steiner: Part 1: Fallen Spirits of Darkness and A Handmaids Tale
    Proverbs 3:13
    Blessed is the one who finds wisdom and the one who gets understanding
    A PERSONAL NOTE: (Not part of my vision.)
    I am not a very good Christian, I don’t like to “turn the other cheek” I refuse to kneel meekly before the lion’s den. My advice to those who feel called by this message is to buy a firearm, in fact, buy two, with sufficient ammunition to become proficient and have enough left over to protect yourselves and your families.
    Castle Rock, WA·Updated Aug 20, 2020

  26. Check out the Thesis by Zebigeniew Brzezenski (Mika Brzezenski, his Daughter, Joe Scarboroughs co/host MSNBC) (The Tri-Lateral Commission) mid 70’s) later came the T.P.P. Trans Pacific Partnership, not by Z.B., others of like mindedness. It is all about sacrificing America for the “Greater Good” of humanity! Yeah right! It’s all about power by the Elitists who were fortunate enough to have acquired great wealth on the backs of the working Middle Class..Check it out. Also, google (the eight stages of great civilizations) you will get the picture as to what is going to happen to America if the Socialist Democrats get in control. Too Bad to say the least. A Revolution is on the way. You can see it now in what is going on. The BIG Insiders like Gates and Soreos are not ever giving up. Throw in Tom Steier an Michael Bloomberg…

  27. It is CORRUPTION at every level. There is not one person on this list that is not anti-American and wants to destroy our way of live. They hate America. They hate the Flag. They hate the Constitution. They hate us. The are bitter, hateful and mean-spirited people.

  28. At the outbreak of COVID-19 I were naieve enough to believe the lies of the mainstream media and the politicians. As far as I am concerned, if you buy this nonsense that govt is shutting down for our benefit, you must also believe in the easter bunny. A brilliant initiative I joined https://AntiLockDown.org will alert you of upcoming demonstrations that you can help them in your area. really brilliant content, you should definately take a look!

  29. Please be advised that there is a chance the SARS 2 Covid19 was actually created here in the USA. Please go to DOJ.org and Type key words Harvard Professor and we the story of the Arrest of a Harvard Prof who has worked with US AMRID and his Graduate Students were intercepted boarding Airline in Toronto carrying live viruses bound for Wuhan Level 4 Containment Research Lab. Further Bill Gates is reported to have a patent on a Corona Virus so that he may profit. There are two fundamental problems with Gates: 1) one cannot obtain a patent for that which occurs in nature, 2) to manufacture a bio-weapon such as a deadly virus is universally an illegal act under weapons of mass destruction laws. So, what in the hell is actually going on and who has the most to gain from this pandemic and you shall find the wizard or wizards behind the curtain controlling this historical event unfolding before us

    WHEN WILL HE DIE??????? HOPE SOON!!!!!!!!

  31. All this sounds like conspiracies to me and I look forward to having this fact-checked!!! This is not bringing our divided world together but driving it apart, much like trump has done for 4 years! Talk about a Lucifer!!!!

    1. You have a point as Trump has stirred things up , but so have the progressives and the media. You argue agains dividing people but you leave out the great dividers, the MEDIA who continue to repeat lies and stories based on ” unnamed sources” which turn out to be falsehood. Then Adam Schiff, head of the House Intelligence Commitee who for four years stated he had evidence Trump was a Russian operative, even though he later testified that this was not true that he never had such evidence. It has been such an aggressive campaign that now everthing is suspect and no one trusts the media to report the truth on anything.

  32. Hey Doctor Don,
    Have you read anything at all in these responses? Everyone but you agrees that Biden and Sorros and the clintons and Obamas are ALL EVIL. They are all in this together.These people have given different sites to check these facts. why don’t you check them out and maybe you’ll get an eye full. For your information Trump has done his best to defend us and to protect us. What are you a left winger? You want to call someone Lucifer call the one who is a liar and check out facts about Biden’s son and Biden and his creepy running mate who is a big time liberal and baby killer. He has been in politics for 47 years and did nothing to help this country, the American people and when he was vice president to Obama all he did was help Obama divide this country. Trump wants to keep our country free, our insurance choices free, our freedom of religion and he wants to stop abortion and help children that are being abused for sex trafficking so why would you call him Lucifer? You should get your facts straight before accusi
    ng Trump of anything.

  33. All I have to say Is that there are a lot of twisted minds out there.
    Closely followed by alarmists with nothing better to do than steer up the minds of the gullible.

  34. This sheds light on the whole “Event 201” ordeal back in October just prior to first COVID cases being documented. The event involved none other than Mr. Bill Gates and was an exercise involving a COVID pandemic release. When I first heard and read about this, I thought no way this could happen under our noses. Now, in light of all the events that have occurred since last October, you really have to consider all the facts. To deny the evidence in front of you would be the same as saying Hunter Biden’s laptop was planted by Russia. The facts are the facts and the last time I checked, hard evidence is always identifiable as the proverbial “smoking gun.” Someone else asked the question, why isn’t Soros in prison for treason if all this evidence is available. My question is, how do we stop this? First step, get Trump re-elected but then what? If the senate flips and the radicals retain control of the house, another round of impeachment is surely on the horizon and this time they would have the means to remove Trump. I sure hope that enough of our country has opened their eyes heading into next Tuesday. If not, then there may not ever be a way to prevent what would happen next.
    Then, there is of course the biblical matter that seems to be getting somewhat overlooked and that is the whole “peace in the middle east” and what that represents. It may very well be that this thing we see that has been set in motion may not be stoppable at all.

  35. While Soros has a long history of trying to ruin our democracy, there is still hope here. There are multiple drug companies testing vaccines and cures. Thus, the free market (in theory) will lead us to the best and most cost effective drugs. The challenge comes when government involvement overturns free markets by blessing a single drug for Medicare funding.

  36. At last, the Mail on Sunday has broken the story
    Take a look at G News dot org ( no spaces ) for an update
    And then post this as often as poss

  37. I read the article by the escaped Chinese Scientist describing the design of this man-made virus structure such that there were specific points in the molecular chain where splices existed and other points where it appeared other molecules could be joined. Would it not be interesting that these are the locations that remdescivir attaches to that neutralizes this virus.
    Just a thought. Anyone going to check it out?

  38. Back in the mid-90s, a doctor at NIH told a friend to invest in Gilead, as they were developing a new AIDS vaccine. Fauci is very familiar with Gilead. And remember when Bill Gates travelled to NIH to meet with Fauci? Hmmm.

  39. Having read these sometimes alarming letters, I lean on identifying the truth, which is often difficult to localize. Check before buying…whether comments or advice, and lean fully on
    the wisdom and grace of God Almighty.

  40. What do you want to bet that BIDENS COVID TEAM has some of the same players! By the way the odds in Las Vegas were for Biden, you know Nevada had to have votes that favored BIDEN. How do you like the way he is acting like he is President already…..?

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