FDA & Pfizer Confirm Vaccines Shed, but only in “Miniscule Amounts”!

There are some fake versions floating around, so here is a link to the original document listed on Pfizer.com. Pfizer’s confirms shedding found in their own patent application. That questions that I have… Who had time to even read that? And why did social media spread that document around like a bad case of herpes? It sure did cause a lot of drama!

Here is a short summary: A clinical trial protocol is a document that describes the rules for a clinical trial. All clinical trials must have a clinical trial protocol before they begin. The protocol outlines the goal of the study, explains how it’s designed and provides instructions for the health care providers conducting the study.

On page 67 of this document, there’s a section titled “Regulatory Reporting Requirements for SAEs.” SAEs stands for Serious Adverse Events. In this section, the document lists events that should be reported, including various types of exposure. “Exposure” just means that someone somehow came in contact with the substance being studied. And “study intervention” refers to the vaccine itself – the medicine (intervention) being studied..


Also, John Hopkins is “confirming” mRNA vaccines shed.


I’m not going to get into this next document in too much detail. This document produced by the FDA as a “guidance for industry” is all the detail to know how you are contagious after you’ve received ANY vaccine.


The Inventor of mRNA Technology Dr. Luigi Warren states “Spike Proteins” are released in “Miniscule” amounts!

“It’s certainly true that people vaccinated with mRNA vaccines do shed spike proteins, but in miniscule amounts that almost certainly can’t cause disease/malaise in others.”


This is also confirmed in a recent study of vaccinated subjects whereby the IgG antibodies present against spike protein cleared up post-vaccination on day 15! And when they were tested at day 56 there was also no spike protein present! So what is going on here? Why is social media causing this frenzy? in one word… FEAR!

NWO Shills Promote “Toxic” NAC Treatment & “Spike Protein Toxicity”!

The majority of people are so oblivious to this misinformation that they have been brainwashed to believe and fear each other! The pro-vaccine group strongly believe that the anti-vaxers are Nazi and anarchists that will cause the destruction of the human race because they have not been vaccinated, while the anti-vaxers fear they will succumb to “Spike Protein” toxicity simply if they are near a “vaccinated” individual. This has started to cause intense friction within our society; it’s divided both friends and family and accounts for heightened anxiety!

Spike proteins should not be able to alter your DNA; there is NO GENETIC MATERIAL because they are proteins made up of amino acids. Can you breathe them in? Probably? Touch them? Sure. But are they living pathogens like virus and bacteria? No! Can the human body produce them? Yes, in those that are vaccinated within their cell and even shed them in “miniscule amounts” on their skin, and in the blood itself. But they are only present during the first two weeks following vaccination! If you read the articles below it will confirm this… but again the NWO likes to put misleading titles even on their scientific studies! Look for yourself!

  1. Study finds rapid increase in IgG and IgA antibody following COVID-19 mRNA vaccination…. they conveniently left out that they plateau out 18 days post vaccination! Yes folks… NO SPIKE PROTEINS WERE DETECTED after 18 days!


2. Circulating SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Antigen Detected in the Plasma of mRNA-1273 Vaccine Recipients…. Again, yes the IgG antigen against spike protein was present initially but they could no longer detect it after 15 days! They also checked at 56 days… NO SPIKE PROTEINS! Dr. Byram Bridle and other “NWO: Doctors for the Controlled Opposition” are having their moment-of-fame on social media! CIN plans to rectify that soon!


The very same day Dr. Luigi Warren posted his comments on Twitter… his account was suspended! This was “Pure Theater”! And a lot of us fell for it! Look at how social media NWO trolls put a spin on his tweet? Do you see the problem now? They used his tweet, left out the part about “miniscule” and “can’t cause disease” and emphasized “Spike protein shedding”! There were hundreds of “blue dot” twitter accounts that did the same thing… with millions of followers! The seeds of fear are easily planted on social media!

The NWO wants you to believe there are millions of vaccinated people running around shedding toxic “spike proteins” everywhere the truth is that there are millions of vaccinated people who now have a faulty immune system that if activated will more than likely kill them!

These spike protein, unlike the HIV virus that causes AIDS, do not contain genetic material! They are NOT living organisms that can cause infection!  But what will they do you you? That’s the BIG question. Are they chemically active? This we don’t know. One thing is certain, their effects will be far more detrimental to those that are vaccinated. The rest of us… well… we will have our natural immunity to ward off these “spike proteins”.

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