It is considered mutiny in the Canadian military to have a vaccine conscience.

Considering we are in a “state of emergency” and governed by the Canadian Quarantine Act, I am not surprised about this at all. The Canadian Quarantine Act was written by the World Health Organization, after all.

2005 Quarantine Act, Health Acts: Our Federal and Provincial legislation on this was actually written by World Health Organization, and passed off domestically. We’ve been sold out by all parties. Your sovereignty has eroded without a single missile fired.

Welcome to the New World Order, where your freedoms no longer apply.


Another element worth exploring, is the fact the federal and provincial governments entered into agreements with private military contractor Palantir.

At time of press, Palantir is looking to take over Canada’s health care system.


Time for military and law enforcement alike to ask themselves, “Who do I serve?”

3 thoughts on “It is considered mutiny in the Canadian military to have a vaccine conscience.

  1. We are in a state of confusion, a state of fear, and a state of shock … it could last years.
    I will continue to remind people that we have a new King in the UK … many naysayers ramble on about ‘ we don’t need a King or Queen ‘ but I ask you this: what the fuck is the alternative at this point because the nazis and commi are fighting it out with the jesuits, masons and jews and jihadis… at least a new King is a figurehead that stands for something I can support which is the return to a common law system and magna carta which is about individual rights.. many don’t even wanna talk liberty at this point and so much media in Canada is bullshit and controlled gatekeepers… grifting their way thru life…. and that’s fine but at the end of the day the monarchy in Canada is either worth preserving or removing in favour of what exactly? Blue Apple could never answer my questions and she slithered away.. where ever you are Annette I hope you don’t mind me reminding you that I’m just here to do what the CBC will not do: tell people a man in England has claimed Kingship and its kind of a big deal. https://kingjohnthethird.uk/ … I did share the meme on this blog post last year with Greg Hallett which he put on his Facebook and then all hell broke lose with the ‘nova scotia mass shooting’ fake false flag event because McNeil and his mason buddies lost their minds no doubt… by the way Frank Magazine is a shill org for the masons too . in case you thought they really gave a shit about anyone but their little secret handshake club .. http://indiemediaeastcoastcanada.blogspot.com/2020/03/frank-magazine-atlantic-stephen-mcneil.html .. I stand by my commentary that the maritimers are intellectually speaking a few bricks short of a load.

  2. “Medicine” is not medically sound if they need the fists of the military to enforce vaxx on people who do not want to be inserted shit into their veins! The corruption is complete. They believe they have won…. I believe they played their hand this past 16 months too hard and too fast and they woke a lot of otherwise malleable people up in the process. This will get interesting as people figure out ways to work around and evolve out of this disgustingly destructive system. Have faith in humanity and the goodness of people… I’d seen a comment before on CanuckLaw’s website left by “Mike” about this group and wondered if anyone had looked into what they are doing and who is behind them… seems suspect and the likelihood that its not another subversive tactic makes me dubious but I’m curious. Any thoughts on this from your enlightened CIN readers? https://www.battlegroup-301.ca/

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