Worlds Leading Vaccine Developer, Dr. Kobinger, Flies A False Canadian Flag

Dr. Gary Kobinger, former Chief of Special Pathogens at Canada’s National Microbiology Lab, in Winnipeg, is hot on the trail of another vaccine break through. This time, COVID19.

Recombining the 1918 Influenza!

In 2007, Kobinger looked at the 1918 Spanish Flu Influenza viral response in primates. They found that the virus launched an aberrant innate response against the body causing the monkey to die. To simplify: They found that 1918 virus triggered the body’s immune system to attack the body itself! This is consistent with recent research suggesting that the Covid vaccine acts the same way; causing the body’s innate immune system to fail to prevent infections (i.e. fungus, bacteria, virus) but also fail to launch an “immune attack” against foreign invaders! If this is the case, then this response is triggered by the vaccine that contains the 1918 sequence within the spike proteins. According to comments posted on the first paper out of India, that indicated there were 4 HIV-1 inserts in the Covid spike protein sequence isolated by the Chinese, there was also speculation at the time that it also contained the 1918 Spanish flu insert or active site.


Luc Montagnier Discovered HIV. Nearly 30 year later he discovered HIV in our COVID19 vaccine.

MSM Confirms! ALL COVID Vaccines Use Spike Protein Sequence Isolated By Chinese Military. Inserts Are HIV.

Winnipeg BSL4 Lab

In 2009, Kobinger was appointed Chief of the Special Pathogens Biosafety Level 4 program (literally, “Special Program of pathogenic level 4”) and works at the National Microbiology Laboratory (located in Winnipeg in Manitoba) and the only level 4 microbiology laboratory in Canada when research collaborations were made with China and pathogens were “stolen”. The laboratory is supervised by the Canadian Armed Forces which means the RCMP would have had zero jurisdiction! Wonder how the RCMP investigation is going? LMAO!

Ebola Vaccine & Dr. Xiangguo Qiu

In 2018, Dr. Kobinger and Dr. Qiu presented the first Ebola vaccine to the world. Which we covered here…

USA, Canada & China collaborated to bring us COVID19. No spying. No stealing. All administered by the WHO… and Dr. Tam was complicit!

Qiu Security Clearance Theatre

On May 12, 2019, the Globe and Mail reported two sources saying CSIS had first tipped off Public Health about the pair of Chinese Scientists (Dr. Xiagguo Qiu and her husband Keding Cheng), raising concerns about their contacts in China and the possible transfer of intellectual property. The Globe, which did not name the sources, reported the decision to pull the couple’s security clearance came at the suggestion of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

So far, Iain Stewart, President of the PHAC, has instead sent hundreds of pages of overwhelmingly censored documents to the House special committee on Canada-China Relations, saying it is bound by rules respecting employee privacy.

“As public servants, we’re bound by law to keep confidential information confidential… We are disclosing as much as we can within the limits of the law.”

What does this mean? The Qiu incident would have been 100% theatre. Kobinger developed the drugs with “Chinese spy” Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, who was no spy at all. Furthermore, although the Chinese, American and Canadian labs have military oversight, the administration would be WHO, and NATO! The NWO controls the research, the collaborations, the Level 4 BSL Labs, the military and the narrative! This entire production is like Harper’s private FIPA agreement with China; where Canadians are left in the dark on a “need to know” basis regardless if we “want to know”!

On an aside….

Want some more theater? Here is the director Canadian Security Intelligence Service, David Vigneault, informing the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Ottawa about the about National Security problems in Canada!

“Historically, spies were focused on obtaining Canadian political, military and diplomatic secrets. While these secrets are still attractive, today our adversaries are more focused on intellectual property and advanced research held on computer systems in small start-ups, corporate boardrooms, or university labs across the country… he also minced no words when he said “China” presented “a direct threat to our national security and sovereignty.”

Who and what is CIGI? Friends meet the face of the CIA in Canada! Indeed… Canada’s top spy reported to Canada’s top spy agency! LMAO!

WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Group

In 2020, probably because of his experience in laboratory administration and the success of Ebola treatment, Gary Kobinger is recruited by the World Health Organization (WHO) to take up a position in the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for Infectious Hazards (STAG-IH, literally “Strategic and technical advisory group for infectious risks”).

The WHO conveniently deleted the page… I recovered it, but why delete it?

See for yourself…. The WHO deleted it? My guess is that any and all affiliations with the WHO are being deleted on the internet in order to give these “top scientists” more credibility as being legitimate members of the Scientific R&D community! What-a-joke! The NWO controls the universities, the research, the scientists and their vaccines!

Kobinger: The world doesn’t really need humans

Would you take his vaccine? Kobinger believes “the planet doesn’t really need humans”!


And here is Dr. Gary Kobinger being cited by the “depopulation group” The Canadian Association for the Club of Rome:

COVID-19: Canada—not swift

The Club Of Rome Canada established the zero growth depopulation agenda which would be pursued for the next 40 years by the oligarchy. Pierre Trudeau helped to design Agenda 21. It was Trudeau, Pitfield, Lalonde, Maurice Lamontagne and Rhodes Scholar Governor General Roland Michener, along with a batch of Malthusians from the Privy Council Office who founded the Club of Rome Canada in 1970.


Development of COVID19 DNA Vaccine

While developing the “vaccine and treatment for the deadly Ebola virus Kobinger worked at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, and has decades of experience co-ordinating with global colleagues on vaccine development.

He is now working with labs in Canada, the United States, Chile, China, Europe and Africa on their various candidates for a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, the strain of coronavirus that causes the disease now known around the world as COVID-19.”

Kobinger made headlines last year when he walked out on the Canadian Vaccine task force. His main concern was Canada was investing in mRNA vaccines, and he was pushing mDNA vaccines. Even with all his bluster, he still praised Tam for the work she was doing.

Kobinger is working on his own vaccine project and is doing testing on vaccines developed by Medicago in Quebec City, as well as Inovio in Pennsylvania, which is developing a DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) vaccine. Medicago’s plant-based vaccine uses virus-like particles, a technology employed in the HPV vaccine. “That would be the first candidate I would look at,” Kobinger said. Oh, but of course! Wonder if we can see your investment portfolio?

Health Canada is considering this “Quebec” vaccine!…. watch it be a shell… and there you have it! The Parent Company of Medicago Inc. is Mitsubishi with corporate offices in China!


GlaxoSmithKline is also collaborating on this experimental Covid-19 vaccine with Medicago, a biotechnology company also partly owned by tobacco giant Philip Morris International Inc. The U.K. drug maker is contributing its adjuvant technology to multiple partnerships rather than developing its own vaccine candidate; The University of Oxford, working with AstraZeneca Plc, as well as Moderna Inc. and CanSino Biologics Inc. After all, Science now tells us that we can mix-and-match our vaccines in the kool-aide jab!

Adding Glaxo’s system to Medicago’s technology could allow the companies to manufacture about 100 million doses by the end of 2021. By the end of 2023, a large facility under construction in Quebec City, Canada, could deliver as many as 1 billion doses annually.

Rothschilds Chinese Pharmaceutical Circle Jerk

DID YOU KNOW? The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan, Wuhan National Biosafety Lab, is owned by GlaxoSmithKline. Glaxo coincidentally also merged with and owns controlling stakes (68%) in the company Pfizer, which is currently developing a C0VID-19 vaccine. Pfizer coincidentally manages the finances of a company called Black Rock. Black Rock coincidentally also owns stakes in both Pfizer (8%) AND AstraZeneca (6.8%), another company currently key in developing a C0VID-19 vaccine. GSK also has controlling interest in the Sanofi vaccine… and Sanofi is China through Blackrock and Vanguard!

FYI: Kobinger is just playing games pretending Canadian vaccines are legit because they are “MADE IN CANADA”. Well done Quebec! You truly are a distinct society… for the NWO!

Kobinger defends everything about Chinese scientists and their “life saving” work.

“The Chinese, do you see the science they’ve been generating in the past 5 years?” he asked, adding most of the research is published publicly.

“The Chinese – they have so many scientists, it’s unreal. What we can do in six months, they can do in a month. There is nothing, nothing, nothing that I can see from my side that they would benefit from us in terms of knowledge, in terms of re-agents,” Kobinger said. “They have better access to pathogens, everything else, the vaccine, therapies, everything.”

Kobinger does not believe Qiu was involved in economic espionage:

In the end, it all comes from China.

Additional Notes:


In December 2020, he criticized governments for having waited too long before requiring the wearing of masks at work and in public places. He believes that if the Government of Canada had an advisory group of independent experts, it would be better equipped to manage crises of the magnitude of the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada 17 . “Even the Public Health Agency of Canada – which has done exceptional work – is unfortunately an arm of government. I think they would have done better with the masks, the travel, if they had been independent 17 . ” – Gary Kobinger

kobinger is founder of GuardRx….

His staff currently includes: Bruce D. Clark PhD, President and CEO, Medicago Inc., Marc-Antoine de La Vega, Secretary, Treasurer, and Scientific Coordinator (worked with the WHO and was on the Ebola Research Team, Larry Zeitlin, Ph.D., President Mapp Biopharmaceutical and LeafBio, Inc. (who also collaborated with the CCP’s – aka Chinese Military – Mabworks for the Ebola vaccine), Philippe Boutin, Director of Operations, and Brad Goble, Co-Founder and Executive Director of GuardRx (He worked for the UN and the WHO…. and he looks really scary!)

Guard Rx the company he founded is also called Guard Environment Inc.

Here is the Co-founder of GuardRx, Brad Goble:

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