“HIV Variant”… My Ass!

More and more research is coming out that supports what we have been trying to say since February 2020! COVID-19 was always Airborne AIDS! There were HIV inserts on the spike protein. Although infection rates were lower, since the vaccine rollout started covid infection rates have soared! What the NWO scientists termed “Breakthrough infections” were in actuality HIV “seroconversion” and “Omicron” is the airborne viral particle now being emitted and circulated within our communities. Yes… Airborne AIDS! What they are now calling the new VB variant should be termed “Vaccine Booster” variant!

Understanding how the “Spike Protein” Works.

What we know so far… say good-bye to your immune system!

Science Confirms mRNA Vaccine Causes HIV-dependent AIDS!

The NWOs plan to depopulation was in itself a plan of pure genius; meticulously implemented over the span of two years. The first year there were viral outbreaks, mainly in controlled healthcare environments where people were living in close quarters. The elderly were first to get infected along with individual households where family members were in close proximity to one another. Using media, social media, controlled opposition and fear, the NWOs Psyop was now in play. By 2021 people started taking the vaccine and those refusing the jabs were led to believe the pandemic and the virus was a hoax. What may have initially started as a low transmission rate has now snowballed through vaccinations! There are now more and more people transmitting the virus and more people getting infected!

Gain-of-Function Experiments: TheSARS-CoV-2/HIV-1 Story

SARS-Cov-2 is HIV and Dr. Anthony Fauci Holds the Patents!

The Club of Rome & The CIA Depopulation Program at Fauci’s Fort Detrick

Nazi Big Pharma, FDA & Los Alamos National Laboratory Hold the Keys!

How convenient that the Canadian government has now chosen to stop all PCR COVID testing, promoted the “omicron variant” and a mild flu-like cold and has stared to open up the community while easing restrictions!

And the fools parading around pushing the NWO “anti-mask” narrative can kiss not only their freedoms goodbye, but they might as well be purchasing their wooden caskets! When Klaus Schwab said you’d be eating bugs… he literally meant it!

Progenitor of study, Oxford.

Professor John Bell’s turf.

VIDEO: AstraZeneca Developer Blasts Canada’s Vaccine Approach, Wants His Vax “whack[ed] in arms” immediately.

VIDEO: AstraZeneca Developer In Monumental Slip, Covid-19 Vaccine Meant to Sterilize the Population

Pharma Pimp Sir John Bell Makes Canada His Bitch.

Oh sure, they say early treatment is key.

The explosion of press the day before the Oxford study came out. Mostly, around 2pm est. I’ve included them in Further Reading.

We also saw this video pop up the same day on MSM:

This doctor discussing how patients with COVID have extremely low lymphocytes. Could it be that the jabs have destroyed their immune systems altogether? CIN warned about this months ago! The vaccines are akin to the “Dooms Day Clock” and the clock is ticking!


Alex Jones had a great presentation also on a day later. Sounded like he was reading our articles. Articles I know he received.

Bill and Melinda Gates partner with Moderna (DARPA) to make mRNA HIV vaccine that has already begun injecting volunteers. What could possibly go wrong?

The world is seeing such an explosion in HIV, that majority pill producer China is running our of meds. Why? Doctors worldwide are using HIV meds to treat COVID. Why? SARS-CoV-2 is HIV, COVID-19 is Warp Speed AIDS.